49 I Hate People Quotes and Sayings You Can Relate To

People are extremely judgmental, which makes me hate them.

I hate people who are constantly negative about everything and spread negativity around.


Top 10 I Hate People Quotes


I hate elitists. I hate conceited people. I hate pompous people. ~ Neil Cavuto.


I hate people. Do you understand that? I hate them. ~ Donald Trump.


Do you hate people? I don’t hate them…I just feel better when they’re not around. ~ Charles Bukowski.


I don’t mean to hate people, I just get forced into it. ~ Jon Richardson.


I hate being wrong, and I hate when people give up. ~ Jenna Morasca.


Why do I hate people? Who else is there to hate? ~ Florence King.


I hate people like that…who have no pride in themselves. ~ Katie Price.


I hate people in general, but you guys are cool with me. ~ Edward M. Wolfe.


I hate being forced to do things. I hate people telling me what to do, so I’ll do the complete opposite. It’s a bit self-destructive sometimes. ~ Sky Ferreira.


I’m free of all prejudices. I hate all people equally. ~ W. C. Fields.

Famous I Hate People Quotes

I’m so picky. People hate going to the movies with me. ~ Margaret Murray.


I hate people who think it’s clever to take drugs… like custom officers. ~ Jack Dee.

Those people, who hate you, envy your freedom. ~ Santosh Kalwar.

I know that you cannot hate other people without hating yourself. ~ Oprah Winfrey.


I hate people who say ‘Just to play devil’s advocate.’ ~ Seth MacFarlane.

I hate people who splash their own pain on covers, like the whole world should hear about them. Why are we all supposed to be interested in one individual’s suffering? ~ Andrea Corr.


I like someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. I hate people who are a bit uptight. ~ Louis Tomlinson.

People expect you to be this weird cartoon sometimes when you’re a musician. I hate that. I hate standing out. I hate people looking at me. I just want to be part of the crowd. ~ Katy B.


People try constantly to use me, and I hate it. ~ Tracey Emin.

Best I Hate People Quotes

I hate it when people just downright copy. I hate it. ~ Gordon Ramsay.

I love making people who already hate me hate me more. ~ Amanda Bynes.


I hate having people sit in on meetings. ~ Ivanka Trump.

It’s not about being upset about the things you might have said or done yesterday, which is quite appropriate at the moment. It’s about looking forward rather than looking back. I hate people who look back on the past or talk about what might have been. ~ Noel Gallagher.


Definitely 99% of the hate I get is from other gay people. ~ Steve Grand.

I hate people but I love gatherings. ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay.

I hate negativity. I hate people who say the phrase ‘I hate’. I really don’t like the word ‘hate.’ Dislike, frightened of, terrified of, or yukky – but not ‘hate.’ ~ Kevin McCloud.


I hate people eating on film. I hate it even worse on the radio, when people eat on the radio. I just can’t stand it. ~ Helen Mirren.

Normally I hate people who whine all the time, but in your case, it would be okay to complain. Be selfish, say what you want once in a while. It’s okay to let yourself be sad. ~ Natsuki Takaya.


I hate people. People make me pro-nuclear. ~ Margaret Smith.

I hate people doing an emotional striptease. It’s never genuine or they wouldn’t drag outsiders. ~ Evelyn Anthony.

Popular I Hate People Quotes


Sometimes people hate you not because you did something wrong but because you’re better than them and they cannot beat you. ~ Unknown.

I hate people walking down the street listening to the soundtrack of their lives which responds to them but not their setting. I hate the overspill of sound which metro and subway riders are oblivious to because they notice no one and nothing around them. ~ Margaret Heffernan.

I know that there are people who do not love their fellow man, and I hate people like that! ~ Tom Lehrer.

I hate people who cry around me. I’m not friends with them anymore. Especially girls. Cuz girls are crying all the time. It’s like, ‘Shut up.’ ~ Robert Pattinson.

Basically, I hate conformity. I hate people telling me what to do. It makes me want to smash things. So-called normal behavior patterns make me so bored, I could throw up! ~ Wendy O. Williams.


I hate people who act too cool for school. Just own up to it, dude. ~ Wayne White.

I hate people. ~ Maurice Sendak.

Suggesting I hate people with religion because I hate religion is like suggesting I hate people with cancer because I hate cancer. ~ Ricky Gervais.

Thought-Provoking I Hate People Quotes

The more I looked at people, the more I hated them. ~ Charles Starkweather.

I hate people saying anything stupid. I don’t really suffer fools very well at all. When people are acting like idiots, not that I’m not guilty of doing the odd idiotic thing myself from time to time, but when people say stupid things, it stresses me out. ~ Joshua Jackson.

I hate people who say, “Oh, I’m addicted to working out”. I just want to punch those people in the face. ~ Jennifer Lawrence.

I hate people who over intellectualize. It bores me deeply. ~ Carine Roitfeld.

Oh how I hate people! ~ Mervyn Peake.

The more people love you, the more there’s going to be people that hate you. ~ Kylie Jenner.


I love humanity but I hate people. ~ Edna St. Vincent Millay.

I’m a very private person. I like staying home and doing my stuff. I hate people invading on my privacy. I hate talking about my private life. ~ Gisele Bundchen.

I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them. ~ Oscar Wilde.

So these were the 49 famous quotes about I Hate People.

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