75 Jojo Siwa Quotes, Sayings and Instagram Captions

Joelle Joanie “JoJo” Siwa is a YouTuber, singer, and dancer from the United States.

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Every girl’s a super girl. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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I just always wear bows. I always love bows, and it’s always been my thing. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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They got nothing on us. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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If there’s someone getting picked on, be nice to them and be helpful to them. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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I carry my camera with me everywhere. I’m a vlogger! ~ Jojo Siwa.

Won’t let the haters get their way. I’mma come back like a boomerang. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I wanna make these good times last. ~ Jojo Siwa.

By the time I left ‘Dance Moms,’ I’d made so many friendships. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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I really love Meghan Trainor and how she doesn’t care what people think about her. ~ Jojo Siwa.

We do it better when we’re together. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I should be on Broadway. You have to sing, you have to dance, you have to speak well, and I’m good at all of those! ~ Jojo Siwa.

I just want to make people happy and make a difference in people’s lives. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I feel everyone should feel empowered to live their best life. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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Lookout, we’re coming your way. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I get bullied a lot on social media, and it’s terrible. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Something’s going to happen and I think it’s really big. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Something’s going to happen and I think it’s really big. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I would love to be a pop star! ~ JoJo Siwa.

If you are wearing a JoJo bow, you are a Siwanator. If you are a Siwanator, then you are nice, powerful, confident, and believe in yourself. ~ Jojo Siwa.


I don’t let the haters get their way. ~ Jojo Siwa.

My thing with failure, just forget about it and get up and do it again. ~ Jojo Siwa.

When I plan ahead, I don’t just plan what I’m doing tomorrow. I also plan what I’m doing five years from now. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Dance Moms’ was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life! ~ Jojo Siwa.

Grey’s Anatomy’ is by far, by a landslide, my favorite show. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Dancing and singing are the two things that have stuck with me throughout my life. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I’m very proud of ‘Every Girl’s a Super Girl.’ I want all girls to know that no matter what size, color, or shape, whatever they are, that every girl is a super girl! They should be brave, confident, and have fun and enjoy every day! ~ Jojo Siwa.

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Everyone should just be kind to one another. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Top Jojo Siwa Quotes

It’s a very hard goal. But, what I want is to tell people who are getting bullied to stand up to the bully and not let it be OK – tell a teacher, the principal, or your parents. I want people to stand up and to be confident. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I really have been dancing my whole life. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I’m never givin’ up. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I’ve always kind of just had a big personality and a voice that I wanted heard. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I’ve always just worn bows. They just got bigger and better and sparklier – and then I became ‘JoJo with the bow bow,’ and it became a thing. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Honestly, it’s hard to deal with the haters, but something that has helped me is not to focus on the haters and to focus on the nice people! ~ Jojo Siwa.

Let’s dance like it’s nobody’s business. ~ Jojo Siwa.

People call me energy in a bottle. ~ Jojo Siwa.

One day, I can come up with 50 content ideas, and I’m like, ‘Boom, I want to do this idea, this idea, this idea.’ I have a YouTube notebook, and I write them all down. Then other days, I’m like, ‘I have no clue what I want to do today.’ I rarely have days like that. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Literally, ‘Dance Moms’ was so amazing, and I have the world to thank for that. They were so awesome – the set, the cast, the crew – it was amazing. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Always have a black bow, a white bow, a rainbow bow – those bows will match literally just about everything! ~ Jojo Siwa.

I think going on tour, having lots of songs and music videos would be super cool. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Anything can go wrong, but you can’t think about it all the time. You have to enjoy every moment. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I wake up saying every day’s another chance to rock it. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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Boomerang’ is all about coming back from the hate and not listening to the hate. It really tells a message. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I love doing YouTube. That’s where my heart is, and so it makes me sad when I can’t put a good, fun, energetic video out because that’s what I love to do – and that’s my passion. And that’s who I am. ~ Jojo Siwa.

MeToo is a strong movement in Hollywood, but a lot of my fans and demographic are younger, and they don’t really understand what’s going on with it. I wanted to put something out for them, even for those who are 4 years old, that every girl is a supergirl. No matter your age, your height, your weight, your color – whatever you are. ~ Jojo Siwa.

I have something called ‘Siwanators,’ and if you’re a Siwanator, you’re strong. You’re powerful. You stand up to the bullies. If you’re a Siwanator, you’re nice. And the way you can tell if someone is a Siwanator is if they have a JoJo bow in. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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I never really had experienced hate in school with girls and boys. What I do experience is social media, and so every day, people comment, ‘You’re fat, you’re ugly, you’re rude, you’re all this stuff,’ and I just don’t like it at all. I don’t want anyone to have to go through that. ~ Jojo Siwa.


We always dressin’ up, it’s better with some glitter on it. ~ Jojo Siwa.

There’s always time to grow older. You can never grow younger. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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I don’t think that people don’t succeed; I think that it takes time! Everyone will have their time to shine! ~ Jojo Siwa.

I think that is very important to me, that everyone loves everyone. ~ Jojo Siwa.

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I have experienced a lot of online bullying because I am homeschooled. ~ Jojo Siwa.

Jojo Siwa Instagram Captions

  • Catch me if you can.
  • Hold the drama, I just wanna dance.
  • Turn the music up louder.
  • We always dressin’ up, it’s better with some glitter on it.
  • We’ll always be on a roll.
  • I’ll follow your lead if you follow mine.
  • Nothings ever perfect that’s part of all the fun.
  • We do it better when we’re together.
  • Look out, we’re coming your way.
  • I wanna make these good times last.
  • I keep a lot of friends ‘cuz I’m loyal.
  • They got nothing on us.
  • Let’s dance like it’s nobody’s business.
  • Every girl’s a super girl.
  • Won’t let the haters get their way. I’mma come back like a boomerang.
  • But I’mma climb it to the top.
  • I wake up saying every day’s another chance to rock it.
  • Bigger, better, faster, stronger.
  • Gonna live the dream.
  • I’m livin’ that life, that’s what I do.
  • But I keep slayin’, slayin’.
  • I’m never givin’ up.
  • Something’s going to happen and I think it’s really big.
  • I’m my own kind of girl.
  • Gonna live the dream like a candy queen.

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