75 Zoe Saldana Quotes from the American Actress

Zoe Saldana was born on June 19, 1978 in Passaic, New Jersey.

She developed a love for performing while living in the Dominican Republic from age 10.

She honed her dance skills at the esteemed ECOS Espacio de Danza Dance Academy, laying the foundation for her acting career.

After returning to the U.S. at age 17, her passion for dance persisted and her interest in theater performance grew.

Saldana’s acting career started with the Faces theater troupe, performing in plays aimed at addressing teen issues.

These performances were not only an invaluable experience but a source of pride as she could influence young lives positively.

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Her dance training and acting experience led her to land her first significant film role as a ballet dancer in the film Center Stage (2000).

Saldana’s talent and determination have enabled her to participate in blockbuster films and work with notable industry figures.

She has earned the respect and praise of many co-stars, producers and directors for her range, concentration and determination.

Saldana is viewed as a rising star with limitless potential.

Top 10 Zoe Saldana Quotes


You have to be very committed and find happiness in the work that you do. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I don’t believe actors who say they don’t bleed into their characters. It’s absolutely impossible not to. ~ Zoe Saldana.


The biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome is being a woman in a man’s world. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I am hoping for a long career. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I get along very well with animals and children. I dig them, I get them. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I don’t like things like little sandals that look fragile. I like to look strong and commanding. ~ Zoe Saldana.


Science fiction is a genre that no everyone is keen on watching. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I love the anxiety, the pressure of the loud room full of yapping kids. But I’m a kid myself. ~ Zoe Saldana.


Before an actor can be this or be that, the actor must simply be. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I find it really frustrating when people go, I want to be famous and glamorous like you. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Famous Zoe Saldana Quotes

I always strive to keep a balance with my fears. I don’t like to be ruled by them. At the same time, I don’t like the idea of living my life totally free of any fears. I like having that moderation. ~ Zoe Saldana.

On the basis of being a woman, by playing an alien, I avoid playing someone’s girlfriend here on Earth because that’s a bit of a canker sore. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I knew who Leonard Nimoy was, and that he embodied what Star Trek meant to all the fans. But it wasn’t until I started doing my research for this movie, and started going to fan sites, that I began to fall in love with these characters. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I just want to be part of great stories that are told and for them to be relevant. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I know the responsibility that entails from telling a story. The one thing I despise the most is when I go to a movie and I see a whole bunch of lazy actors making me waste my time and money. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Happiness is nothing but temporary moments here and there – and I love those. But I would be bored out of my mind if I were happy all the time. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I want to have more sex, travel more, drink more wine and love life. ~ Zoe Saldana.

As an artist, I like working with filmmakers that have the balls to kind of imagine the unimaginable. Those are kind of the radicals that I identify with. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I love aging. Why would I want to be 21 for the rest of my life? ~ Zoe Saldana.

I’m a sci-fi girl. If I can have anything in life, I’d want tons of great science-fiction movies and stories. It’s so progressive, beautiful, and imaginative. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Our brains are very animal but also very strange and egotistical. We’re narcissistic. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I had to quit ballet because it felt like a part of me was dying inside. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I never really watched the TV series. ~ Zoe Saldana.

There’s nobody on this earth who can tell you that what you’re feeling is wrong. They can tell you it’s different to what they’re feeling. ~ Zoe Saldana.


Call me crazy – I love elk meat! ~ Zoe Saldana.

In Caribbean there is no middle class: you’re either rich or you’re poor. And the ladder to success is not really a ladder, it’s a chain; once you reach a certain level, you can’t go back and you can only keep going forward. ~ Zoe Saldana.

If there’s anything that I’ve always said about myself is that to me, it’s much more important for me to get to work with filmmakers that I’ve grown up loving and admiring. ~ Zoe Saldana.

As a woman, you spend so much time either cooking or getting ready to go somewhere. I like to have music when I’m doing either of these things. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I’m a very feminine person, but I have this hard shell, man, and I stay focused and don’t take things personally. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I’m learning the power of going away for the weekend and keeping myself company. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Every time an adult is going to write something for a teenager and you don’t have, physically, a person who is that, you are always going to be a little off. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Look at me. I’m skinny, I have a big nose, no tits and no ass, but in a room full of beautiful women, I would still leave with the most gorgeous guy. ~ Zoe Saldana.


It’s ok to say, ‘this is what I want’ and go after it. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I like to be around people who are very passionate. People that won’t fight but that will be very over-protective and outspoken about their opinion, their point of view, their ideas. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I’m so intrigued by women throughout history where the significance of what they were representing at that time is obscured by the fact a man saved them or they were prostitutes. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Inspiring Zoe Saldana Quotes

Music is a very big participant in everything I do, from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to bed. ~ Zoe Saldana.

There comes a day when you’ve become comfortable in your skin. But God as my witness, I am going to try to do everything I can to keep this ass together for as long as I possibly can – without going against nature. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I’m a girl from Queens. I’ve never gone, ‘What am I doing today? Oh, I’m gonna grab a gun and learn how to use it.’ ~ Zoe Saldana.

Not to settle. If you’re not happy with a person, leave. And wait until you find that one person who makes you feel good about yourself every single day and is not expecting you to change, but to grow. ~ Zoe Saldana.

As actors you have this trait to imitate very easily. I don’t want to imitate anything or limit myself of finding this creature, this woman because I’m looking at magazines and I’m reading comics, and I’m asking people that are avid readers of The Guardians. ~ Zoe Saldana.

For the actor’s wishes to be respected in terms of characteristics that your character’s gonna have, you have to work with good and intelligent and talented stunt people that not only can carry weapons well but can also carry a personality. ~ Zoe Saldana.


Physical roles give me a chance to learn something new. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Dancing for the length of time that I did, it centered me in such a way to be really in tune with my body, and I just feel like I’m physically able to do things because of my ballet background. Without ballet, I don’t think I’d look graceful at all on screen. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I love being in space. I love being challenged by great roles that a company like Marvel creates amazing movies that no only give audiences an adventure but also give us as artists an opportunity for us to be challenged to embody amazing, multilayered characters. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Best Zoe Saldana Quotes


When I act, a part of me goes into the character I am playing. ~ Zoe Saldana.

People think of Latina women as being fiery and fierce, which is usually true. But I think the quality that so many Latinas possess is strength. I’m very proud to have Latin blood. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I love wearing men’s clothing and underwear. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Fathers, sons, brothers, men everywhere: Your legacy will not perish if you take your partner’s surname, or she keeps hers. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I never like to get political, but when you have the ability, through your media, to influence a large mass of people, I would want to be a part of the evolving cycle of progress vs. keeping things the way that they are. ~ Zoe Saldana.

It takes a lot of courage to face up to things you can’t do because we feed ourselves so much denial. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I am fluent in Spanish and I understand French, Italian and Portuguese. ~ Zoe Saldana.

In dance you use every part of your body except your voice. I wanted to start acting because I wanted to use my voice. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I find it really frustrating when people go, I want to be famous and glamorous like you. It’s hard for me not to have a bad thought when someone says that to me, since if there’s anything this business is not, is glamorous. It’s only glamorous for maybe five minutes every now and then. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I love skin. I don’t believe the body is something to hide. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Wise Zoe Saldana Quotes

I have a hyper personality. ~ Zoe Saldana.


It’s insecure, and it’s immature. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I want to be the best daughter, sister, friend and wife I can possibly be – because when I die, I am not going to be buried with my Oscar. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I just want to be a part of great stories, whether I’m part of an amazing ensemble cast or I’m leading it or the antagonist or whatever. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Sometimes we have to be patient because the one thing that is inevitable in life is evolution. Whether it comes at the pace that we are expecting it or not, it’s inevitable. ~ Zoe Saldana.


It gets pretty boring when all you are is the support system for a male character. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Where people really base their principles has nothing to do with the color of someone’s skin, it has to do with money and their class. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Our censorship has sort of gotten a little too far. Too much censorship is just as bad as having none at all. Children need to be exposed to things, because if they don’t see it, eventually, it’s not like it’s not going to happen, but it’s just that there needs to be a balance. ~ Zoe Saldana.


I like to look strong and commanding. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I’m very accepting with my age. It’s like notches on your belt: experience, wisdom, and a different kind of beauty. There comes a day when you’ve become comfortable in your skin. ~ Zoe Saldana.

Profound Zoe Saldana Quotes

What doesn’t feel okay to me, what feels a little bit out of balance, is when you want to turn yourself into something else – when you want to be another person. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I don’t understand labels. I don’t need anybody to tell me I’m Latina or black or anything else. I’ve played characters that were written for Caucasian females, I just want to be given the same consideration as everybody else, and so far that has been happening. ~ Zoe Saldana.


Growing up, my dolls were doctors and on secret missions. I had Barbie Goes Rambo. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I think as an American society, when we’re paying too many taxes or dealing with war, we don’t want to see sad things at the movies. ~ Zoe Saldana.


Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin. ~ Zoe Saldana.

I love women. I worship women. Don’t want to be any other woman but myself. ~ Zoe Saldana.

So these were the 75 top quotes about Zoe Saldana.

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Short Biography of Zoe Saldana

Zoë Saldaña, born June 19, 1978, in New Jersey to Dominican parents with partial Puerto Rican ancestry, has become a prominent figure in Hollywood, particularly in science fiction films.


With starring roles in major franchises like Avatar and Avengers, her films have grossed over $14 billion globally, making her one of the highest-grossing actresses.

Saldaña, who started as a trained dancer and made her film debut in “Center Stage”, transitioned to acting with early roles in “Law & Order” and “Crossroads”.

Full Name Zoë Yadira Saldaña-Perego
Born 19 June 1978 (age 45 years), Passaic, New Jersey, United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 1999–present
Spouse Marco Perego-Saldaña (m. 2013)
Children 3
Parents Asalia Nazario, Aridio Saldaña
Siblings Cisely Saldana, Mariel Saldaña Nazario, Nipo

Her significant breakthrough came with parts in “Star Trek” and as Neytiri in “Avatar”. She’s also known for playing Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Raised bilingual in English and Spanish, she faced personal challenges, including her father’s death when she was nine.

Despite initially pursuing ballet, she shifted to acting, where she found great success.

Quick Facts about Zoe Saldana

  • Zoe Saldana was born on June 19, 1978, in Passaic, New Jersey.
  • Her full name is Zoë Yadira Saldaña Nazario.
  • She is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent.
  • Initially, Saldana trained as a ballet dancer.
  • She made her acting debut in the movie “Center Stage” in 2000.
  • Saldana gained fame for her role as Neytiri in “Avatar.”
  • She plays Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, and French, Saldana is multilingual.
  • She advocates for gender equality and women’s rights.
  • Saldana is a mother to three children.
  • She co-founded Cinestar Pictures, a production company.
  • Directors like James Cameron, J.J. Abrams, and Steven Spielberg have worked with her.
  • She played Lieutenant Uhura in the “Star Trek” reboot.
  • Saldana is known for her thorough preparation for roles.
  • She has received numerous award nominations for her work.
  • Saldana has a significant social media following.
  • She serves as an ambassador for various charitable organizations.
  • Saldana is skilled in martial arts.
  • She values her privacy and keeps her personal life away from the media.
  • Known for supporting fellow actors and artists, Saldana fosters industry camaraderie.
  • She portrayed Nina Simone in the biopic “Nina.”
  • Environmental conservation is one of Saldana’s passions.
  • She promotes diversity and representation in the entertainment industry.
  • Saldana has appeared on the covers of major fashion magazines.
  • She was an executive producer for the TV series “Rosemary’s Baby.”
  • Her relationship with her sisters is close-knit.
  • Prestigious awards have recognized Saldana’s contributions to the arts.
  • Her impeccable red carpet style is well-regarded.
  • Saldana has portrayed historical figures in several films.
  • An influential advocate for positive change, Saldana uses her platform to address social issues.

Top Questions about Zoe Saldana

Q: How did Zoe Saldana begin her acting career?

A: Zoe Saldana started in theater before landing her breakthrough role in the 2000 film “Center Stage,” where she played a dancer.

Q: What is Zoe Saldana’s heritage?

A: Zoe Saldana has a diverse background; her father was Dominican and her mother is Puerto Rican.

Q: What are some of Zoe Saldana’s standout films?

A: Notable films include her roles as Neytiri in “Avatar,” Gamora in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Nyota Uhura in “Star Trek,” and portraying Nina Simone in “Nina.”

Q: Is Zoe Saldana the top-earning actress?

A: As of 2024, Scarlett Johansson holds the title of highest-grossing actress, with Zoe Saldana ranking second before the release of “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

Q: Who is often mistaken for Zoe Saldana?

A: Thandie Newton, with similar features and stature, is frequently compared to Zoe Saldana.

Q: Does Zoe Saldana engage in charity work?

A: Yes, Saldana supports causes like the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer, and advocates for women’s and civil rights.

Q: Has Zoe Saldana received any acting awards?

A: Saldana has earned nominations and awards, including an ALMA Award for her performance in “Avatar.”

Q: What’s next for Zoe Saldana?

A: Expect to see her in a range of roles, from blockbusters to indie films, as she continues to make her mark in Hollywood.

Q: What role made Zoe Saldana famous?

A: Her role as Neytiri in “Avatar” propelled her to fame, showcasing her talents through groundbreaking motion capture technology.

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