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Keith Sweat is an early figure in the new jack swing musical style and an American singer, songwriter, and record producer.

“I Want Her,” “Make It Last Forever,” “I’ll Give All My Love to You,” “Make You Sweat,” “Get Up on It,” “Twisted,” and “Nobody” are among his many successes.

He’s released 13 solo albums and two with the R&B ensemble LSG, as well as discovering Silk and Kut Klose.

Sweat is the host of “The Sweat Hotel,” a nationally syndicated radio show.

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Best Keith Sweat Quotes

Everything I was feeling, all the hurt and the pain and the emotion I was going through, I put into my music. ~ Keith Sweat.

I tell people if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. ~ Keith Sweat.

Finding a solution is the way to go. ~ Keith Sweat.

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I’m living proof you can excel regardless of where you come from. ~ Keith Sweat.

Get off my back, save a heart attack, ain’t nobody humpin’ around. ~ Keith Sweat.

R&B is never going to be dead, it’s just going to evolve.

My goal was to bring good music back. ~ Keith Sweat.

Frustration is not the way to go. ~ Keith Sweat.

My strategy has always been to give people just enough of me, then pull back. That way, they’ll want more. ~ Keith Sweat.

Two people working on a relationship with the same energy & passion increases the chances of great results. ~ Keith Sweat.

Famous Keith Sweat Quotes

Nowadays, everyone has a camera phone, and you have to be careful about being caught out there looking crazy and ending up on the Internet. ~ Keith Sweat.

My process is always the same. Maybe that’s why I stay so consistent, it really doesn’t change. I only know one way to record and do things. ~ Keith Sweat.

If you fall, get back up. That’s what life is about. ~ Keith Sweat.

I’m syndicated on the radio – my show is called ‘The Sweat Hotel.’ ~ Keith Sweat.

The people that buy music might not be able to afford to buy music. It might not even be a situation where people don’t want to buy your stuff. It might be a situation where they can’t afford to buy it because food prices are too high. I can respect that. ~ Keith Sweat.

I’m trying to forget how much that cost, but I just had to have them. ~ Keith Sweat.

Don’t get caught up in the ‘look’ thing. Sometimes, we as men and women, the first thing that attracts us to someone is their physical appearance, and that’s not always a good thing because what’s good on the outside is not always good on the inside. ~ Keith Sweat.

People are still hearing your music. They might not be buying it, but they might be having it and you don’t know it. Your music is still out there. ~ Keith Sweat.

Top Keith Sweat Quotes

You can’t stop loving or wanting to love because when its right it’s the best thing in the world. When you’re in a relationship and its good, even if nothing else in your life is right, you feel like your whole world is complete. ~ Keith Sweat.

There are a lot of young artists that are dope. ~ Keith Douglas Sweat.

Out of all the R&B artists that have come out, I think my name has been used most in hip-hop songs. ~ Keith Sweat.

I treat my career like it just happened yesterday.

Just to be able to release an album back in the day when I came out was very gratifying. Most people were not given the opportunity. ~ Keith Sweat.

Before something great happens, everything falls apart. Just hold on long enough to get through the smoke screen. ~ Keith Sweat.

In terms of creating new music, I’m willing to even branch out and take a slight gamble, but I’m not going all the way far left. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel. ~ Keith Sweat.

My whole thing has always been as long as everybody else is going through it, I can go through it as well. ~ Keith Sweat.

If this is what you love and music is your passion, it’s always ways to get through things and find ways to get around things. ~ Keith Sweat.

Popular Keith Sweat Quotes

I grew up in Harlem Grant projects, and I didn’t have a whole lot then. I’ve always been good about only getting what I need, not what I want. Just because someone else has something, I don’t feel the need to. ~ Keith Sweat.

I’ve never done online dating, but first of all, I have a book out called ‘Make It Last Forever: The Do’s and The Don’ts,’ which led me to do the online dating thing. A lot of people respect my relationship songs, so they can pretty much trust me. ~ Keith Sweat.

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I look at music now as just something to keep you relevant. ~ Keith Sweat.

I’m not in the clubs; I’m a homebody. I go out when I feel I have to for work or if there’s a special function. You might catch me at the grocery store, but you won’t see me out and about in Atlanta. ~ Keith Sweat.

There’s nothing you can do about what social media is now or the internet. You just try to find other avenues to make yourself seen and heard. ~ Keith Sweat.

Today on social media, you can release anything and everybody will hear it. Back in the day, that was your only outlet, getting a deal with a record company and them distributing it around the world. ~ Keith Sweat.

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