45 Knute Rockne Quotes from the Coach of Notre Dame

Knute Rockne, born in Norway in 1888, became a legendary American football coach, establishing the University of Notre Dame as a dominant force in college football.

After moving to Chicago in 1893, he joined Notre Dame in 1910, playing football and excelling in track.

The 1913 game against Army, where Rockne played a pivotal role, popularized the forward pass in football.

After graduating in 1914, he began coaching at Notre Dame, becoming head coach in 1918.

Knute Rockne

Under his leadership, Notre Dame won 105 games and was declared national champions thrice between 1918 and 1931.

His promotion skills brought national attention to Notre Dame. Rockne endorsed products, most notably Studebaker automobiles.

His untimely death in a 1931 plane crash deeply affected the nation. His legacy was cemented by biographies and the 1940 film “Knute Rockne—All-American.”

I have noted down below some of the Knute Rockne.

Best Knute Rockne Quotes


If winning isn’t everything why bother to keep the score? ~ Knute Rockne.


Make the present good, and the past will take care of itself. ~ Knute Rockne.


There is no need for me continuing unless I’m able to improve. ~ Knute Rockne.


All the world loves a winner and has no time for a loser. ~ Knute Rockne.


I’ve found that prayers work best when you have big players. ~ Knute Rockne.


Football is a game played with arms, legs and shoulders but mostly from the neck up. ~ Knute Rockne.

No star playing, just football. ~ Knute Rockne.


Drink the first. Sip the second slowly. Skip the third. ~ Knute Rockne.

Let’s win one for the Gipper. ~ Knute Rockne.

Famous Knute Rockne Quotes


Leaders are like eagles… they don’t flock. You’ll find them one at a time. ~ Knute Rockne.

Play like you’re positive on the victory, even though they’re leading big now. ~ Knute Rockne.

Win or lose, do it fairly. ~ Knute Rockne.


One loss is good for the soul, Too many losses is not good for the coach. ~ Knute Rockne.

When you were riding on the crest of a wave, you were most likely to be missing out on something. ~ Knute Rockne.

You know, I’ve been attending so many banquets that I know what they’re going to serve before I get there. ~ Knute Rockne.

Inspiring Knute Rockne Quotes


I’m getting sick and tired of doing anything half-way. ~ Knute Rockne.

Never tell ’em how many lettermen you’ve got coming back. Tell ’em how many you lost. ~ Knute Rockne.


We can all be geniuses because one definition of genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains. ~ Knute Rockne.

The history or traditions of a school are a great thing to recite to your team, and to keep before them. Exaggerate these as much as you can. ~ Knute Rockne.

On the road we’re somebody else’s guests – and we play in a way that they’re not going to forget we visited them. ~ Knute Rockne.

Courage means being afraid to do something, but still doing it. ~ Knute Rockne.


If I flop, let ’em pan me. ~ Knute Rockne.

The best thing I ever learned in life was that things have to be worked for. A lot of people seem to think there is some sort of magic in making a winning football team. There isn’t, but there’s plenty of work. ~ Knute Rockne.

Top Knute Rockne Quotes

Four years of football are calculated to breed in the average man more of the ingredients of success in life than almost any academic course he takes. ~ Knute Rockne.


At home we’re the hosts, and I never liked the idea of being embarrassed in front of our friends. ~ Knute Rockne.

Winning too often is as disastrous as losing too often. Both get the same results, the falling off of the public’s enthusiasm. ~ Knute Rockne.

Generalities don’t count and won’t help you in football. ~ Knute Rockne.


The only qualifications for a lineman are to be big and dumb. To be a back, you only have to be dumb. ~ Knute Rockne.

An automobile goes nowhere efficiently unless it has a quick, hot spark to ignite things, to set the cogs of the machine in motion. So I try to make every player on my team feel he’s the spark keeping our machine in motion. ~ Knute Rockne.

We count on winning. And if we lose, don’t beef. And the best way to prevent beefing is – don’t lose. ~ Knute Rockne.


The secret of winning is working more as a team, less as individuals. ~ Knute Rockne.

I enjoy talking to my football men and my chemistry classes and I feel sure that they are quite interested in what I have to say. ~ Knute Rockne.

Boards, boards, boards. ~ Knute Rockne.

Popular Knute Rockne Quotes


Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points. ~ Knute Rockne.

The secret is to work less as individuals and more as a team. As a coach, I play not my eleven best, but my best eleven. ~ Knute Rockne.

It isn’t necessary to see a good tackle. You can hear it. ~ Knute Rockne.


If the coach insists upon hard play, but clean play, the team will do likewise. ~ Knute Rockne.

The morning we left South Bend, every student and professor was out of bed long before breakfast and marched downtown accompanying the team to the railroad station. It was the first time I’d seen anything like this mass hysteria generated on the Notre Dame campus over a football game. ~ Knute Rockne.

Great Knute Rockne Quotes

Yes, I know that you feel you are not strong enough. That’s what the enemy thinks, too. But we’re gonna fool them. ~ Knute Rockne.


I don’t want a football player who doesn’t take defeat to heart. ~ Knute Rockne.

The essence of football was blocking, tackling, and execution based on timing, rhythm and deception. ~ Knute Rockne.

One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it. ~ Knute Rockne.

I don’t like to lose, and that isn’t so much because it is just a football game, but because defeat means the failure to reach your objective. ~ Knute Rockne.

A coach’s greatest asset is his sense of responsibility – the reliance placed on him by his players. ~ Knute Rockne.

There is no economy in getting cheap service or equipment. Buy the best and cry only once. ~ Knute Rockne.

So these were the 45 top Knute Rockne quotes and sayings.

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