Lynn Whitfield is an actress from the United States. She started her acting career in television and theatre before moving on to cinema supporting parts.

Whitfield, a Golden Globe nominee and Emmy Award winner, embodies elegance, beauty, flair, and Southern charm.

She was hailed as one of the most successful black singers of her era as well as a significant civil rights activist.

Lynn Whitfield is an evergreen celebrity who rose to prominence in a short period of time.

  • Born: Feb 15, 1953
  • Birthplace: Baton Rouge, LA
  • Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Net worth: Approx $3 million.
  • Spouse: Brian Gibson (1990 – 1992), Vantile Whitfield (1974 – 1978)
  • Children: Grace Gibson (Daughter)
  • Siblings: Valerian Butler-Smith (Brother)
  • Parents: Valerian Smith (Father), Jean Butler (Mother).

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Best Lynn Whitfield Quotes

I have always been part of a family with a great appreciation for the arts. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

I never studied interior design, but I’m a creative person. And what we surround ourselves with is very important – what makes you feel happy, what makes your senses feel good. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

When men age, their love interests get younger. It doesn’t stop them from doing different genres of stuff. As women age in film, you know, they go from the woman in charge to the mother, the grandmother… off a cliff somewhere. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

Lynn Whitfield Quotes

I am very loyal to the women I am fully licensed to. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

We did a play in the third grade all about Winter not wanting to give over his throne to Spring. That was my first title role, and I took full advantage of it. I felt like there was no one else on that stage but Ms. Spring. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

I would love to do espionage like ‘The Thomas Crown Affair,’ that kind of thing. And I’ve always had a fascination with madams. It’s interesting to me what that institution is like, how those women are. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

I think that huge Christian institutions deal a lot with corruption. You see it happen with so many institutions. We’ve seen the questions with Catholicism, we’ve seen the questions with some other mega churches that really do exist. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

Even the toughest people have a backstory, and villains don’t feel like they’re the bad guys. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

The metamorphosis of people is so interesting. I guess that’s why everybody loves before and afters, throwback Thursdays, and all that kind of thing. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

Top Lynn Whitfield Quotes

What I’m really praying is that we, as a people, understand that we are interdependent upon each other. We don’t want police to leave; we want policing in our world. But I think that people aren’t comfortable with each other. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

I wouldn’t want to be a mother that put blinders on and didn’t see what was going on with my child. There can be huge consequences to such a thing. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

Apparently, I hear from people I always play strong women. I don’t see them that way. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

I wanted to do what I was seeing Dorothy Dandridge doing, what I saw Marilyn Monroe do, what I saw Bette Davis do. I wanted to do that: to tell stories. I wanted to make people laugh, make people cry. I wanted to be a storyteller. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

Many of the people I know and that you know are very complex human beings, and it’s not all about race. Everything isn’t a question of race. Everything isn’t a question of economics at the very base level. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

At consignment shops, I can collect things reasonably, and it’s joyful. My dining room table was $75, and I’m so proud. It’s beautiful. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

Funny enough though, despite what Donald Trump has to say and the way African-American people are portrayed so often in media, African-American people can have a leaning to be very conservative. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

I think Marvin Gaye is one of the greatest American music icons. His ‘What’s Going On’ is as fresh today as when he did it. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

Law enforcement agents need to be vetted more thoroughly and psychologically and emotionally to see who they are, if they’re really built for fairness in all communities. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

A spiritual relationship to me is much more about making your own connection to the divinity that you believe in and much less about the person – the shepherd – who’s overseeing it all. ~ Lynn Whitfield.

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