43 Matthew Hussey Quotes from the British Life Coach

Matthew Hussey is a British life coach, YouTube personality, and writer.


Top 10 Matthew Hussey Quotes


Friendship language is, ‘You look nice tonight.’ Desire language is, ‘You look hot tonight.’ ~ Matthew Hussey.


If he doesn’t follow through with actions, he’s either selfish or a liar. Neither makes him sound like The One, does it? ~ Matthew Hussey.


Believe in your own value, and every good thing in life will follow. ~ Matthew Hussey.


Certainty turns out to be one of the sexiest qualities you can possess. ~ Matthew Hussey.


A little flattery goes a long way. ~ Matthew Hussey.


It’s powerful for a guy to know your exes have regrets. ~ Matthew Hussey.


Boldness is sexy, especially when it’s done with a wink. ~ Matthew Hussey.


Anything that a man hears is sexy is gold to him. ~ Matthew Hussey.


You know he’s invested when he doesn’t treat his ‘friend time’ and ‘girlfriend time’ as mutually exclusive. ~ Matthew Hussey.


Having integrity is about knowing what your own standards are and being completely comfortable with them. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Famous Matthew Hussey Quotes

A woman of integrity doesn’t compromise what she believes in simply in order to seek approval from others, nor does she let bad behavior slide in order to try to fit in. ~ Matthew Hussey.


If she is not getting what she wants or needs from a relationship, the self-confident woman will feel comfortable articulating her needs or walking away. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Even a woman who’s shy in public still sings in the car when she hears her favorite song. She has a side to her that others rarely see, a side that is silly, playful, and spontaneous. Likewise, there are strong, certain women who go nuts for expensive French lingerie, and playful, spontaneous women who’ve disciplined themselves to meditate for thirty minutes every morning for their entire adult life. Do all of their friends know this about them? Not likely. ~ Matthew Hussey.


Being sociable is both a learned behaviour and an attitude. ~ Matthew Hussey.

The difference is the tourist mindset. Tourists walk around inquisitively. They ask directions, they talk to locals when they meet them, they ask random people about the area, and often they get chatty when they go out because they want to meet people. Because of this everyone in the city seems friendly and responds to them by being warm and open. Tourists, unlike most locals, treat the city as a playground where they can meet anybody. ~ Matthew Hussey.


Being a great conversationalist is about two things: creating intrigue and interest, and creating emotional connection. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Guys don’t approach women who look like they are going to say ‘Sorry, no.’ ~ Matthew Hussey.


Ordinary things done consistently produce extraordinary results. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Once you just get curious about people and places, you lose all that anxiety about approaching people. You lose that ridiculous idea that every interaction has two possible outcomes: approval or rejection. ~ Matthew Hussey.

We are what we repeatedly do. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Best Matthew Hussey Quotes


Don’t just praise a guy’s achievements. Praise the personality traits that made them possible. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Often, when people advise, ‘Just be yourself,’ it’s a way of saying, ‘Don’t grow and change.’ What’s more, friends offer this advice when just being yourself has left you miserable and lonely. What they are really telling you is to stick with what you know, to stay with what is comfortable. And what I am telling you is that the new and improved you is you. You are not changing who you are, you are becoming who you are. ~ Matthew Hussey.

There will come a day, perhaps not far in the future, when you will look at pictures of yourself at the age you are now, and you’ll be shocked at how young and beautiful you were. Perhaps you will be amazed that you spent any time at all focusing on your perceived flaws and failings instead of pursuing the things you wanted. You will see a person who had all of her life ahead of her, a woman with so many possibilities, so many opportunities and choices. Take advantage of them now. ~ Matthew Hussey.

A simple thank-you goes a long way. ~ Matthew Hussey.


Uncertain people are followers, looking to others for approval. Frightened to say what they feel in case others don’t feel the same, they adapt to fit in with everyone else. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Remember, the pain of rejection is nothing compared to the pain of regret. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Every guy imagines the girl of his dreams as having a vibrant, interesting life that he wants to become a part of. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Research shows that making eye contact is a powerful draw for guys – even in photos. Just don’t mistake duck face for flirty. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Popular Matthew Hussey Quotes

The right man applauds your potential, he doesn’t stifle it. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Choose a guy who has a similar level of drive as you. There’s nothing sexy about being your boyfriend’s life coach. ~ Matthew Hussey.

The key to asking someone out is to not really ask. In other words, don’t feel your sentence needs to end with a question mark. ~ Matthew Hussey.

All that is good in your life needs continuous nurturing: your body, your profession, your friendships, your familial connections, and yes, your love life. ~ Matthew Hussey.


The easy way to make your texts sexier? Lose the question marks. ~ Matthew Hussey.

The best life is one in which we’re excited to wake up in the morning. When we have that, we ‘win’ no matter what happens in our love lives. With or without a person to share it with, we have a passionate, fun, exciting and emotionally fulfilling existence. Whatever happens, we become extraordinary, and the truth becomes clear: we don’t enter relationships hoping to create an amazing existence, we come to them to share one with someone else. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Instead of approaching a guy with the intention that he might be The One, do it with the notion that you will never see or talk to him again. ~ Matthew Hussey.

You invest in someone based on how much they invest in you. ~ Matthew Hussey.

That’s because genuine attraction is a complicated spectrum of the way we move, talk and gesture; of the beliefs we hold and the conviction with which we communicate them; the way our muscles move in our face when we smile; the subtle differences between a look of shyness and a look of playfulness; of our reactions to situations and the way we deal with life. ~ Matthew Hussey.

Powerful Matthew Hussey Quotes

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re successful. You are successful if you are happy. ~ Matthew Hussey.

The fantasy of what someone might be like when we talk to them online is meaningless unless we actually progress to the point of meeting them. ~ Matthew Hussey.

If I could, I would tattoo this on your palm: Every interaction with another human being is a possible gateway to some new world or experience, which could, in turn, introduce you to the love of your life. ~ Matthew Hussey.

If you are in a toxic relationship, that poisons you everywhere else in your life. ~ Matthew Hussey.


A guy should receive the amount of time and attention he earns. ~ Matthew Hussey.

I can’t say this enough: A guy must be evaluated based only on what he does for you. ~ Matthew Hussey.

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