67 Best Miguel Cabrera Quotes from Venezuelan Professional Baseball Player

Miguel Cabrera is a Venezuelan professional baseball first baseman and designated hitter.

Best Miguel Cabrera Quotes


It’s a beautiful thing, baseball. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


I think sports can help any country get together. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


I just try to find ways to help my team win. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


You’re going to remember all your life this time. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


To me, as long as I can play and I’m not hurting the team, I’m playing. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


People don’t realize a lot of things about me. A lot of things, they don’t know. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

When you grow up, people don’t speak the truth. You can see, when you trust people, you help them. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


If I worry about what everybody is saying, there is going to be a lot on my mind. I don’t want that. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I want people to think of me as one of the game’s greatest players. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


I think sports can bring a lot of happiness to people. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I don’t worry about my age. God gave me strength and the ability to keep playing. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


Detroit is part of my family and part of my life, my home. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I made a mistake and I’ll work in the season to be better. It’s part of life to be a man and don’t try to hide something if it’s broken. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Famous Miguel Cabrera Quotes

I want to be a Tiger. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

My wife says I don’t listen when she talks. But when people talk, I’m in my own world. I think – always thinking. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


We want to win a World Series for Detroit. That’s our goal. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

If you go to a game nervous, you make a mistake. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

You don’t know how long you can play this game, so you keep playing it until they tell you to stop. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

We have the great fans in Detroit. We’ve got a great ballpark, great stadium. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


I’m taking my time. I feel much more confident, and every day I feel like I’m getting better. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

The Triple Crown, or any of that stuff, is not my focus. My focus is on winning. I just hope people can be happy with that. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

When you’ve got guys on base, you have to hit. I concentrate on getting it done. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

First you help yourself, and then you can help everybody. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Doesn’t matter what people say, doesn’t matter what they are going to say about you. You gotta go out there and play your game. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

You can’t trust people. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


I want to do everything I can to play baseball. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

It happens sometimes, … I feel bad. It’s not going to happen again. When you’re late, you see what happens. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Top Miguel Cabrera Quotes

I love this game. I love to have fun. You’re playing a sport that you’ve loved since you were a kid, you get paid for it, and even if you’re 0-for-20 or 0-for-30, you still have fun. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

You have to respectfully listen to advice. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


We swung the bats very good tonight. I’m glad to see the guys swing like this. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I am comfortable talking about everything because I think you can’t hide it. I can’t hide what I’m doing. I can’t lie to people when they see something. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I always like to play. I cannot sit down and see what’s going to happen, because it’s boring. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Forget the veterans. They haven’t told me anything, and they better not come tell me anything, either. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


If you do something every day a little, the end is going to be big. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I feel like the same person, but I feel as if I need to work twice as much now. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I want to play with my heart. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I don’t like drama. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


It’s why this sport is so great. You learn something every day. Every day, something. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

When you see a guy play hard, it’s kind of like you want to follow him. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

It’s like there’s a moment that happens in baseball, and when it happens, I do everything to concentrate. When you do that, it can be good. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

When I was coming up, I just wanted to play baseball and I’m doing what I love to do most. How can I feel pressure doing what I love to do? ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Every day, you got to do adjustments. Every pitch. You got to do what it takes. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


Got to play, man. Got to play hard. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I think baseball can bring a lot of happiness to the people and people can be together. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

If you want to walk me, walk me. But if I see something close to home plate, I want to swing. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I love to play in Detroit. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Popular Miguel Cabrera Quotes

When I do something, I don’t want to be second best. That’s the right way. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

You’ve got to be flexible. If you want to win, you have to do whatever it takes. ~ Miguel Cabrera.


You play with pain. You don’t think about it. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I have a glove. I’ll play anywhere. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

When you leave your country, it’s hard to leave your family over there. My whole family is in Venezuela. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Days off always help. Even if people don’t like it when they give you a day off, you’ve got to take a day off because sometimes you’ve got to clear your mind. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I’m not mad when people talk bad about me; that’s the way it is. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I don’t want to just be the best player. I want to be a great person, too. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I was thinking, ‘Whoa,’ … I say to myself, ‘I better watch out. I’ve got to be ready.’ ~ Miguel Cabrera.

When you’re not doing good, the world’s going to be against you. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I learned so much from my mistakes. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Inspiring Miguel Cabrera Quotes

I think baseball is a very fine game, and you have to enjoy it. You have to go out there and have fun. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

High expectations don’t bother me at all. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

Swing at strikes. You’ve got to swing at strikes. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I focus on what I can do in this game. I don’t have speed. I’m not a guy who can have a stolen base. I wish I could, but I can’t. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

I try to be myself. Do anything to win games. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

How are you gonna score if somebody doesn’t drive in the runs? ~ Miguel Cabrera.

God blessed me with this talent, so why would I not want to not play? I want to play every single game. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

If a pitcher makes a mistake inside, I’m going to hit it. ~ Miguel Cabrera.

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