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Nick Land is an English philosopher, short story writer, theorist and blogger.


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A revolutionary war against a modern metropolitan state can only be fought in hell. ~ Nick Land.


All historical evidence seems to be that the party of chaos is suppressed by the party of order. ~ Nick Land.


Artists; those savage beasts that can’t get enough of too much. ~ Nick Land.


Organs crawl like aphids upon the immobile motor of becoming. ~ Nick Land.


Only proto-capitalism has ever been critiqued. ~ Nick Land.

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Socialism has typically been a nostalgic diatribe against underdeveloped capitalism, finding its eschatological soap-boxes amongst the relics of pre-capitalist territorialities. ~ Nick Land.

What appears as disaster postponed is, in virtual reality, disaster expanded. ~ Nick Land.

Philosophy is any culture’s pole of maximum abstraction, or intrinsically experimental intelligence, expressing the liberation of cognitive capabilities from immediate practical application, and their testing against ‘ultimate’ problems at the horizon of understanding. ~ Nick Land.


It might be argued that civilization is nothing else, that is to say: the tendency of personal authority to decline towards zero. ~ Nick Land.


Anonymous excess takes life over the cliff, exceeding socially utilizable transgressions and homeostatic sacrifices. Matter goes insane. ~ Nick Land.

The East knows a true lucidity, but to be an inheritor of the West is to hack through jungles of indiscipline, devoured by vile ants and words unstrung from sense, until the dripping foliage of delirium opens out onto a space of comprehensive ruin. This has never been understood, nor can it be. The foulness of our fate only deepens with the centuries, as the tracts of insanity sprawl. From bodies gnawed by tropical fevers we swim out through collapse to inexistence in forever, destined for Undo. ~ Nick Land.


They call me a goddess because of that – because coldness is my only soul, durably extinct, as you are unable to be. ~ Nick Land.


The current time is a period of transition, with a distinctive quality, characterizing the end of an epoch. Something – some age – is coming quite rapidly to an end. ~ Nick Land.

Neo-China arrives from the future. ~ Nick Land.

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Since the realities we presently know are already simulated (let us momentarily assume) on biological signal-processing systems with highly-finite quantitative specifications, there is no reason to confidently anticipate that an ‘artificial’ reality simulation would be in any way distinguishable. ~ Nick Land.

Any attempt by political forces in the Third World to resolve the problems of their neo-colonial integration into the world trading system on the basis of national sovereignty is as naïve as would be the attempt of black South Africans if they opted for a ‘bantustan’ solution to their particular politico-economic dilemma. ~ Nick Land.

Matter signals to its lost voyagers, telling them that their quest is vain, and that their homeland already lies in ashes behind them. ~ Nick Land.

Although Postmodernism was certainly a fad, it was also a zeitgeist, or spirit of the times. It meant something, despite its own best efforts, at least as a symptom. The disappearance of reality that it announced was itself real, as was the realm of simulation that replaced it. ~ Nick Land.


The arc of history is long, but it bends towards zombie apocalypse. ~ Nick Land.

Dead labour is far harder to control than the live stuff was, which is why the enlightenment project of interring gothic superstition was the royal road to the first truly vampiric civilization, in which death alone comes to rule. ~ Nick Land.

Rituals of belonging (ordeals, oaths, rites of passage) are designed to disambiguate membership. ~ Nick Land.

Whenever its name has been anything but a jest, philosophy has been haunted by a subterranean question: What if knowledge were a means to deepen unknowing? ~ Nick Land.

Time ‘keeping’ devices produce a measure of duration, according to general principles of standardized mechanical production, so that a clock-marked minute is stripped of qualitative distinctness automatically. Chronometrically, any difference between one minute and another is a mechanical discrepancy, strictly analogous to a production line malfunction. ~ Nick Land.

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As with physical gravity, an understanding of the forces of social attraction support predictions, or at least the broad outlines of futuristic anticipation, since these forces of agglomeration and intensification manifestly shape the future. ~ Nick Land.

The suspicion has to arrive that if a public conversation about acceleration is beginning, it’s just in time to be too late. The profound institutional crisis that makes the topic ‘hot’ has at its core an implosion of social decision-making capability. ~ Nick Land.

At the most abstract level, the relation between urbanism and microelectronics is scalar (fractal). The coming computers are closer to miniature cities than to artificial brains, dominated by traffic problems (congestion), migration / communications, zoning issues (mixed use), the engineering potential of new materials, questions of dimensionality (3D solutions to density constraints), entropy or heat / waste dissipation (recycling / reversible computation), and disease control (new viruses). ~ Nick Land.

It’s one of the Filter theories. Absorption into simulations. Cultures swirling out of the universe like dirty water down a plug. Derealization vortices. ~ Nick Land.

If there is a conclusion it is zero. ~ Nick Land.


Hell has no interest in our debauched moral currency. ~ Nick Land.

Without attachment to anything beyond its own abysmal exuberance, capitalism identifies itself with desire to a degree that cannot imaginably be exceeded. ~ Nick Land.

The ‘dominion of capital’ is an accomplished teleological catastrophe, robot rebellion, or shoggothic insurgency, through which intensively escalating instrumentality has inverted all natural purposes into a monstrous reign of the tool. ~ Nick Land.

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Bitcoin accelerates the advance of monetary theory into cybernetic fundamentalism. It’s turtles – or, more precisely, feedback dynamics – all the way down. ~ Nick Land.

French identity, radically conceived, corresponds to a failed national project. Is it not, in fact, the supreme example of collective defeat in the modern period, and thus—concretely—of humiliation by capital? ~ Nick Land.


Nothing human makes it out of the near-future. ~ Nick Land.


You scrape away your face and step into the dark. ~ Nick Land.


One ascends into profundity, but profundity is nothing but a complication of the shallows, and ‘one’ is nowhere. ~ Nick Land.

Far from being the acme of religion – let alone its telic blossoming – God is the principle of its suppression. The unity of theos is the tombstone of sacred zero, the crumbling granitic foundation of secular destitution. ~ Nick Land.


After all, the ideal of bourgeois politics is the absence of politics, since capital is nothing other than the consistent displacement of social decision-making into the marketplace. ~ Nick Land.

Modernity invented the future, but that’s all over. In the current version ‘progressive history’ camouflages phylogenetic death-drive tactics, Kali-wave: logistically accelerating condensation of virtual species extinction. Welcome to the matricide laboratory. ~ Nick Land.

Garbage time is running out. Can what is playing you make it to level-2? ~ Nick Land.

For philosophy, the whisper of the serpent is no longer a resistible temptation. It is instead a constitutive principle, or foundation. If there is a difference between a Socratic daemon and a diabolical demon, it is not one that matters philosophically. There can be no refusal of any accessible information. This is an assumption so basic that philosophy cannot exist until it has passed beyond question. Ultimate religious transgression is the initiation. ~ Nick Land.

Among complex systems, stability is typically meta-stability, which is preserved through cycling, whilst growth and shrinkage are often components of a larger-scale, cyclic wave. ~ Nick Land.

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