73 Nouman Ali Khan Quotes from Famous Islamic Speaker

The CEO and founder of Bayyinah, Nouman, is well-known in the field of Arabic studies.

He was exposed to Arabic in Riyadh and flourished there, earning a top-10 scholarship.

He received intensive training in the United States in 1999 from renowned Pakistani academic Dr. Abdus-Samie.

Nouman’s knowledge of Arabic grammar and his teaching methods were improved by this encounter.

Over 10,000 students from different schools, including Nassau Community College, have taken Arabic classes from him.

Nouman Ali Khan

Now Nouman devotes himself to a seven-year effort centered on an English-language Qur’anic Tafseer series.

In addition to his scholarly endeavors, he discusses important themes in his video lectures, such as Islamophobia and misunderstandings about Islam.

Let’s go through the top quotes by Nouman Ali Khan.

Best Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

Not letting our mood affect the way we treat people is a forgotten sunnah. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


The most important investment of our time is in our people and in our youth. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


To Allah there’s no difference between salah and iman. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


We live in a society where we wake up our kids for school but not Fajr. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

None of us gives up on the other one. None of us says about the other one. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

None of us gives up on the other one. None of us says about the other one. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

When ignorance is passed down for a long time without giving it a second thought, it leads to evil because you are doing it without knowledge. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Your sin is not greater than God’s mercy. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


Don’t expect from others, expect only from God. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Just because you’re a Believer, doesn’t mean your safe from the Hell-fire. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Death is a reality. We need to have a sense of urgency because we might not have much time left. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Sabr is not remaining quiet and allowing anger to build up inside you. Sabr is to talk about what’s bothering you without losing control of your emotions. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


People can put you down, and they will but Allah will never abandon you, so long as you don’t. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Every Hour has its own value. Every minute is precious. Every second is irreplaceable. Thank Allah for the time you have, be it little. If you thank Allah for something, He will surely increase it in its blessings. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Every relationship has tough days. Don’t let the grudge last. Be the first to try to make things right and stop waiting for an apology. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Famous Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

I look back and half of Ramadan is over in the blink of an eye. Before I know I’ll be saying that about my entire life. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


You can’t master the Quran, it masters you. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Forgiving someone isn’t just about doing good to another. It’s also about healing a scar in your own heart. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

If you believe in justice, surely you believe in the hereafter, because this world is not just. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

There’s a battle going on inside you in Ramadan, and for 30 days Allah gives you the power to win. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Allah will intervene into our emotional states. He can give you tranquility again; whether it’s anxiety, fear, grief, anger – whatever emotion, whatever thing that’s happened that has left you scared, Allah can remove that scar entirely. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Inspiring Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

Filthy language is used by people who don’t have the maturity or intelligence to express themselves with better words. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

The real Da’wah to Islam is the character of a Muslim. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


Backbiting in a text message is still backbiting. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Talk with your daughters, Play with your sons. You need to be a better friend to them than anyone else. This society offers lots of evil friends. Before they make those kinds of friends, they need to find their best friend in you. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

No good deed goes to waste. Do a good deed today and be confident and optimistic that God will reward you for it. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Low self esteem is rooted in many things. One of them is not spending time to appreciate the gifts we’ve been given. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


If doctors are paid the same salary as bus drivers, community would not be crazy about making their children doctors. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy because Allah is answering that person’s prayer through you. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Top Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

You and I are not Muslim, because we are born in a Muslim family. You and I are not Muslim, because you read a book about Islam, or saw a Youtube video and decided to become Muslim. We are Muslim, because Allah chose us. Allah chose us. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Our religion doesn’t demand perfection but instead a manageable strive to better ourselves. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


You train your heart to control your body. That’s what you do when you fast. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

If you have friends or family who are not practicing, give them your company and not your judgment. They need your patience and your love. Allah is sufficient for judgment and He subhanahu wa ta’ala is a perfect Judge. We are not. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

When you’re going through something hard and you start wondering where Allah is, just remember, the Teacher is always quiet during a test. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Allah says Jannah is awesome, imagine how awesome that is when the All-Knowing is calling it awesome. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Powerful Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

I’m grateful for believing in a religion that can naturally adapt to changing times yet uphold timeless values and principles. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

I should be grateful for the tough times because Allah chose me, thought I was good enough to go through it. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

The hypocrite takes good advice as an insult. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


Regret is a form of punishment itself. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Appreciate what Allah has given you, then Allah will take care of you! ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

People have no idea how true the promise of Allah is. Put your trust in Allah, and He will see you through. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Do not force the religion on your family. Show them the beauty of the Religion through your own practice. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Spirituality is impacted not only by remembrance but by diet, stress, sleeping and eating habits among other things. Take care of yourself. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Knowledge is easy, but acting on that knowledge is wisdom. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Knowledge in your head is not the same as knowledge in your heart. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

While you are hating your life because you can’t get what you want, someone is wishing to have a life like yours. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Popular Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

Guilt is a gift from Allah warning you that what you are doing is violating your soul. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

You can’t just pretend that the things you watch, and the things you hear, and the places you go will not have an impact on your character. They will. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

You can’t change someone’s behaviour, all you can do is remind them, and hope that Allah will change their heart. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

People run after respect in this world. We think respect will come from our money, car, the brand of our clothing, and the connections we have with powerful people. Dignity and respect will only come when we take Allah as our teacher. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

When you’re not patient, you start complaining. And the fact that you’re complaining is a sign that you’re not grateful. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

People of dua are optimistic by definition. They know that dua and thoughts like ‘unlikely’ or ‘impossible’ don’t coexist. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

A time when morality will keep shifting, you need something that stands straight and can stay in place. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Self restraint in speech, food, entertainment and vanity are the most essential fundamental of spiritual growth. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

The Heart is like a fuel tank, that you always have to keep filling up with Imaan. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

What you desire is what you want, what you have is what Allah wants. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

For those of you that use YOLO to justify sin: YOLO, you only live once, but then you burn in hell forever. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Find better company, find company of people better than yourself so you be surrounded with those best in character and so you may learn something. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Ultimate Nouman Ali Khan Quotes

Your relationship with Allah, depends on the heart being clean. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

When someone isn’t smart enough to express their frustration, they use dirty words. Those are words that describe a lack of intelligence. Smart people don’t use those kind of dirty words, because they find it an insult to their intelligence. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.


Islam is not a set of rules. It’s a way of seeing life and the world. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

If we show Allah just a little bit of gratitude, He tells us, ‘I will increase you, and increase you, and increase you, I swear to it. If you could only show Me the least bit of gratitude.’ ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Some of the toughest ayaat in the Quran have Allah’s name “ar-Rahman” in them to make it clear that just because Allah is the Most Merciful, it doesn’t mean He’s not going to carry out justice. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Be sincere in your aim and you will find the support of God surrounding you. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

There is nothing wrong with having a good job, there is nothing wrong with having a nice house, there is nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong when that is your goal. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

When Allah grants us the sense to ask Him for forgiveness, then He has granted us a huge favor. It’s a sign that He wants to forgive us. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

We have certain practices that have nothing to do with Islam today. And we consider them staple parts without questioning whether they are really part of the deen or not. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

Rain from above gives life to dead soil. Revelation from above gives life to the dead heart. ~ Nouman Ali Khan.

So these were the 73 top Nouman Ali Khan quotes and sayings on life, love, God and success.

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