51 Paul Farmer Quotes from American Medical Anthropologist

Paul Farmer was a physician and medical anthropologist from the United States.


Top 10 Paul Farmer Quotes


I would say that, intellectually, Catholicism had no more impact on me than did social theory. ~ Paul Farmer.


The essence of global health equity is the idea that something so precious as health might be viewed as a right. ~ Paul Farmer.


If I am hungry, that is a material problem; if someone else is hungry, that is a spiritual problem. ~ Paul Farmer.


I think that looking forward it’s easy to imagine more constructive help for Haiti. ~ Paul Farmer.


People call me a saint and I think, I have to work harder. Because a saint would be a great thing to be. ~ Paul Farmer.


I critique market-based medicine not because I haven’t seen its heights but because I’ve seen its depths. ~ Paul Farmer.


The thing about rights is that in the end you can’t prove what should be considered a right. ~ Paul Farmer.


Some people talk about Haiti as being the graveyard of development projects. ~ Paul Farmer.


Equity is the only acceptable goal. ~ Paul Farmer.


If access to health care is considered a human right, who is considered human enough to have that right? ~ Paul Farmer.

Powerful Paul Farmer Quotes

For me, an area of moral clarity is: you’re in front of someone who’s suffering and you have the tools at your disposal to alleviate that suffering or even eradicate it, and you act. ~ Paul Farmer.

But if you’re asking my opinion, I would argue that a social justice approach should be central to medicine and utilized to be central to public health. This could be very simple: the well should take care of the sick. ~ Paul Farmer.


I feel it’s part of my job to make the problems of the poor compelling. ~ Paul Farmer.

I’ve been asked a lot for my view on American health care. Well, ‘it would be a good idea,’ to quote Gandhi. ~ Paul Farmer.

I’m one of six kids, and the eight of us lived for over a decade in either a bus or a boat. ~ Paul Farmer.


I’m not an austere person. ~ Paul Farmer.

You can’t have public health without working with the public sector. You can’t have public education without working with the public sector in education. ~ Paul Farmer.

Famous Paul Farmer Quotes


Everybody should be interested in access to primary and secondary education for everybody. ~ Paul Farmer.

Managing inequality almost never includes higher standards of care for those whose agency has been constrained, whether by poverty or by prison bars. ~ Paul Farmer.

If you look just at the decades after 1934, you know it’s hard to point to really inspired and positive support from outside of Haiti, to Haiti, and much easier to point to either small-minded or downright mean-spirited policies. ~ Paul Farmer.


That’s when I feel most alive, when I’m helping people. ~ Paul Farmer.

The human rights community has focused very narrowly on political and civil rights for many decades, and with reason, but now we have to ask how can we broaden the view. ~ Paul Farmer.


I’ve been impressed, over the last 15 years, with how often the somewhat conspiratorial comments of Haitian villagers have been proven to be correct when the historical record is probed carefully. ~ Paul Farmer.

The biggest public health challenge is rebuilding health systems. In other words, if you look at cholera or maternal mortality or tuberculosis in Haiti, they’re major problems in Haiti, but the biggest problem is rebuilding systems. ~ Paul Farmer.


I think we will see better vaccines within the next 15 years, but I’m not a scientist and am focused on the short-term – what will happen in the interim. ~ Paul Farmer.

Profound Paul Farmer Quotes

We want to be on the winning team, but at the risk of turning our backs on the losers, no, it is not worth it. So we fight the long defeat. ~ Paul Farmer.


We have to design a health delivery system by actually talking to people and asking, ‘What would make this service better for you?’ As soon as you start asking, you get a flood of answers. ~ Paul Farmer.

Anywhere you have extreme poverty and no national health insurance, no promise of health care regardless of social standing, that’s where you see the sharp limitations of market-based health care. ~ Paul Farmer.

Since I do not believe that there should be different recommendations for people living in the Bronx and people living in Manhattan, I am uncomfortable making different recommendations for my patients in Boston and in Haiti. ~ Paul Farmer.


The world is full of miserable places. One way of living comfortably is not to think about them or, when you do, to send money. ~ Paul Farmer.

In fact, it seems to me that making strategic alliances across national borders in order to treat HIV among the world’s poor is one of the last great hopes of solidarity across a widening divide. ~ Paul Farmer.

Wise Paul Farmer Quotes

60% of workers surveyed said if their employer took action to support the mental wellbeing of all staff, they would feel more loyal, motivated, committed and be likely to recommend their workplace as a good place to work. ~ Paul Farmer.


It is very expensive to give bad medical care to poor people in a rich country. ~ Paul Farmer.

It is clear that the pharmaceutical industry is not, by any stretch of the imagination, doing enough to ensure that the poor have access to adequate medical care. ~ Paul Farmer.

Civil and political rights are critical, but not often the real problem for the destitute sick. My patients in Haiti can now vote but they can’t get medical care or clean water. ~ Paul Farmer.


In an age of explosive development in the realm of medical technology, it is unnerving to find that the discoveries of Salk, Sabin, and even Pasteur remain irrelevant to much of humanity. ~ Paul Farmer.

A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization. ~ Paul Farmer.

Popular Paul Farmer Quotes

The basis of our preferential option for the poor to say: I accompany them not because they are all good, or because I am all good, but because God is good. ~ Paul Farmer.

I can’t sleep. There’s always somebody not getting treatment. I can’t stand that. ~ Paul Farmer.


I can’t think of a better model for Haiti rebuilding than Rwanda. ~ Paul Farmer.

The model of the teaching hospital, which links research to teaching and service is what’s missing in global health. ~ Paul Farmer.

The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world. ~ Paul Farmer.

Human rights violations are not accidents; they are not random in distribution or effect. Rights violations are, rather, symptoms of deeper pathologies of power and are linked intimately to the social conditions that so often determine who will suffer abuse and who will be shielded from harm. ~ Paul Farmer.

With rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others- or, in a word, partnership. ~ Paul Farmer.

I recommend the same therapies for all humans with HIV. There is no reason to believe that physiologic responses to therapy will vary across lines of class, culture, race or nationality. ~ Paul Farmer.

Best Paul Farmer Quotes

You can’t have public health without a public health system. We just don’t want to be part of a mindless competition for resources. We want to build back capacity in the system. ~ Paul Farmer.

I mean, everybody should have access to medical care. And, you know, it shouldn’t be such a big deal. ~ Paul Farmer.

The poorest parts of the world are by and large the places in which one can best view the worst of medicine and not because doctors in these countries have different ideas about what constitutes modern medicine. It’s the system and its limitations that are to blame. ~ Paul Farmer.


The only way to do the human rights thing is to do the right thing medically. ~ Paul Farmer.

I think, sometimes, that I’m going nuts, and that perhaps there is something good about blocking clean water for those who have none, making sure that illiterate children remain so, and preventing the resuscitation of the public health sector in the country most in need of it. Lunacy is what it is. ~ Paul Farmer.

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