47 Penny Hardaway Quotes from American College Basketball Coach

Penny Hardaway is an American college basketball coach and former professional player.

Penny Hardaway is the head coach of the ‘Memphis Tigers’ men’s basketball team.

Best Penny Hardaway Quotes


It’s just hard to watch isolation basketball. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I want to finish my career on a high note. ~ Penny Hardaway.


For sure, I definitely feel like there’s a target on my back. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I was one of the best players in the NBA. ~ Penny Hardaway.


If I’ve learned anything, it’s that you can’t take anything for granted. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I was blessed to get the contracts I had. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Recruiting is tough because you have to stay in the battle. You’ve got so many guys that are going after a certain amount of kids. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I was an introvert. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I made it real clear I wanted to play in Orlando. Part of it was Shaq. But I also just liked Orlando. It’s not all glitzy and reminds me of Memphis. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I wasn’t trying to make First Team All-NBA. I just wanted to win. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Kobe has a different temperament than me. We’re both competitive, but he was much more outspoken. I would let anything roll off me. Nothing bothered me. I never complained. ~ Penny Hardaway.

When Grant Hill came back to Orlando after having all of his surgeries, I was the first person to call him and congratulate him for making it back. It seemed like nobody cared about what I was dealing with. ~ Penny Hardaway.


There are a lot of people who came out of adverse situations and made it. Use it as motivation. Use it to drive you. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Famous Penny Hardaway Quotes

The college kids are recruiting each other. When they go to a school, they start recruiting each other. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I didn’t care about titles unless they were championship titles. I don’t care about who the man is on the team. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I’m so thankful and blessed for the Heat organization. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I want the opportunity to play pain-free. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I like to speed teams up. I don’t like them to get in their rhythm. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I lived the dream. God blessed me to live the dream. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Orlando is my history. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Top Penny Hardaway Quotes

I feel like I’ve paid attention to all the great coaches who have coached me. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I love basketball, and I didn’t get a chance to finish my career the way I wanted. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Someone takes the challenge with me, I’m going to take it right back. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I’m so appreciative of Orlando. I am Orlando. Orlando made me. So when people link my name, they link my name to Orlando and nowhere else. I’ll always be indebted to Orlando for that and grateful at the same time. ~ Penny Hardaway.


The NBA is my history. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I think what makes a really good shoe is something that you can play ball in but also something that you can wear off the court as well. ~ Penny Hardaway.

For sure, I definitely feel like there’s a target on my back. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I don’t think about the money side. I just think about how I can create a culture of winning. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I want to finish my career on a high note. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I’ve coached grassroots for eight years, I coached middle school, and I coached high school. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Popular Penny Hardaway Quotes

It’s fun coming back home, playing against the Grizzlies and to have the opportunity to come back and see my family. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I want to contribute in any fashion to a great team. ~ Penny Hardaway.

With Shaq, you have to let him know that he’s the man. You have to do that with him. ~ Penny Hardaway.

People who weren’t watching basketball were still fans of Lil Penny. ~ Penny Hardaway.

It’s amazing to see these young guys come into the league and want to wear my shoes. ~ Penny Hardaway.

As an athlete, the body can fail you. I know. The mind and your education will be there to keep carrying you. ~ Penny Hardaway.

Great Penny Hardaway Quotes

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that you can’t take anything for granted. ~ Penny Hardaway.

My microfracture was handled like a routine arthroscopic surgery. They thought it was a 6-to-8 week deal. Now we know, from Amare Stoudemire to Kenyon Martin, that it’s a longer deal. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I want to leave a mark on society. ~ Penny Hardaway.

The thing I really want to do is make the All-Star team and have an All-Star season. If I do that, then I know my team is going to be winning. ~ Penny Hardaway.

It’s just hard to watch isolation basketball. ~ Penny Hardaway.


I am used to the hype because I played in the NBA. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I keep myself in shape. I love the game of basketball, and I really feel like it doesn’t matter about your age. ~ Penny Hardaway.

I think it’s a huge compliment from the younger guys understanding what I did for the game and wanting to represent me by wearing my shoes. ~ Penny Hardaway.

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