80 Princess Mononoke Quotes for Anime Fans

Hayao Miyazaki’s 1997 masterpiece, “Princess Mononoke,” weaves a captivating tale set in Japan’s Muromachi period.

This Studio Ghibli animation features Prince Ashitaka caught in a battle between forest gods and resource-hungry humans, spotlighting themes of environmentalism and Shinto beliefs.

With a curse threatening his life, Ashitaka seeks healing, encountering enigmatic characters like opportunistic monk Jigo, fierce wolf goddess Moro and the human girl San (Princess Mononoke) along his journey.

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The epic unfolds in Iron Town, revealing tensions, betrayals and hopes for healing and redemption as it ventures into the realms of the supernatural and the profoundly human.

I have made a list of the top quotes from Princess Mononoke.

Best Princess Mononoke Quotes

You’d risk everything on one last battle. That’s just what the humans want. ~ Moro

You cannot win against the humans. Their guns will destroy you all. ~ Moro

Lord Okkoto, you must stop! They aren’t your warriors, don’t you understand? ~ San

What do you say we give ’em a little demonstration of how fast we can run, huh? ~ Jigo


Quiet! Watch what you say, you filthy pig! ~ San

I’m not afraid to die. I’d do anything to get you humans out of my forest! ~ San

There’s a demon inside of you. It’s inside both of you. ~ Prince Ashitaka

The legends say the blood of the Great Forest Spirit can heal anything. ~ Lady Eboshi

When you’re going to kill a god, let someone else do your dirty work. ~ Jigo

Please keep it with you, brother, to protect you. You must take it with you. Please, I want you to have it, so you won’t forget. ~ Kaya

Famous Princess Mononoke Quotes

Moro, please ask the Forest Spirit to save you! ~ San

Relax, kid, I have bigger fish to fry. Your secret’s safe with me. ~ Jigo

I can deal with forest gods, it’s humans I’m worried about. Remember, you can’t trust men. ~ Lady Eboshi

Ugh, I smell like a human. ~ San

Disgusting little creatures. Soon, all of you will feel my hate, and suffer as I have suffered. ~ Nago

I knew that from the first moment I saw you. ~ Prince Ashitaka

Do as you must. You know, that boy wanted to share his life with you. ~ Moro

Well, I give up. Can’t win against fools. ~ Jigo

Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed, but still, you find reasons to keep living. ~ Osa

No! I don’t wanna become a demon! ~ San

I hate him! I hate all humans! ~ San

That curse will spread throughout your whole body, bone, and flesh alike, and finally kill you. Now, leave this place at sunrise. Return and I shall kill you. ~ Moro

Look, everyone! This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It’s eating me alive, and very soon now, it will kill me! Fear and anger only make it grow faster! ~ Prince Ashitaka

I did not want them to kill you. That’s why. ~ Prince Ashitaka

You’re too slow! Get on! ~ Moro’s Cub

You scared me half to death! Don’t you ‘little flower’ me! ~ Toki

I understand. You’ll live in the forest, and I’ll help rebuild Irontown. ~ Prince Ashitaka

I’m sure she’ll make a lovely wife for you. ~ Lady Eboshi

Don’t worry about her ladyship. I will be protecting her. ~ Gonza

That’s what we’re worried about. ~ Townswoman

And I’m not afraid of you! I should kill you for saving her! ~ San

Popular Princess Mononoke Quotes

Give me back my daughter, demon! ~ Moro

Why did you stop me from killing her? Tell me while you are still alive. ~ San

This is my garden. None of the townspeople dare to come here. ~ Lady Eboshi

Stay your hand. The girl’s life is now mine. ~ Prince Ashitaka

I have lived long enough, San. Soon, the Great Forest Spirit will let me rest forever. ~ Moro

No, I want you to keep it, so you won’t forget your little sister. ~ Kaya

I wish the wolves had eaten you! Then maybe I could’ve found a real husband. ~ Toki

It feels like I must have been asleep for weeks. I had a dream that San was by my side, nursing me. ~ Prince Ashitaka

Kaya, you know I could never forget you. ~ Prince Ashitaka

My arm, it doesn’t hurt. It’s healed! ~ Kohroku

Don’t touch him. He’s no longer a god. ~ Moro

Inspirational Princess Mononoke Quotes

You’re beautiful. ~ Prince Ashitaka

All these years, you’ve defended the Forest Spirit! He must save you! ~ San

Now, watch closely, everyone. I’m going to show you how to kill a god. A god of life and death. The trick is not to fear him. ~ Lady Eboshi

Ugh, it’s that damn woman again. ~ San

You cannot alter your fate, my prince. However, you can rise to meet it if you choose. ~ Wise Woman of the Emishi

Nago was afraid to die. Now, I too, carry within my breast a poisoned human bullet. Nago fled, and the darkness took him. I remain and contemplate my death. ~ Moro

We’re grateful to you for bringing those men back to us. We don’t want to hurt you. ~ Rifle Guard

Cut off a wolf’s head and it still has the power to bite. ~ Lady Eboshi

What do you think you’re doing, boy? ~ Lady Eboshi

Top Princess Mononoke Quotes

I caught her human parents defiling my forest. They threw their baby at my feet as they ran away. Instead of eating her, I raised her as my own. Now, my poor, ugly, beautiful daughter is neither human nor wolf. ~ Moro

You go, before my fangs find you! ~ Moro’s Cub

The Forest Spirit gives life and takes life away. Life and death are his alone. ~ Moro

I walked in through this gate this morning. Now I’m going to leave the same way. ~ Prince Ashitaka

That’s enough! I’m not listening to you anymore! ~ San

Huh. I never knew the Forest God made the flowers grow. ~ Kohroku

Humans are everywhere these days. Go back to your mountain. Kill them there. ~ Moro

Ashitaka, can you save the girl you love? ~ Moro

The sooner we get this rice home, the sooner we’ll eat! Let’s move! ~ Lady Eboshi

I’m getting a little bored of this curse of yours, Ashitaka. Just let me cut the damn thing off. ~ Lady Eboshi


Don’t be a fool. It takes 10 men to open this gate. ~ Rifle Guard

You mustn’t give up! We’ll find a way! The Forest Spirit is with us. Go on planting the trees and someday we will beat them! ~ San

Lady Eboshi: What exactly are you here for?

That woman is evil, and there’s no one who can stop me from killing her! ~ San

What I want is for the humans and the forest to live in peace! ~ Prince Ashitaka

I was hoping you’d cry out in your sleep. Then I would have bitten your head off to silence you. ~ Moro

Short Princess Mononoke Quotes

To see with eyes unclouded by hate.

What is it, San? Want me to crunch his face off? ~ Wolf

Princess of the spirits, of ghouls, beasts, and ancient gods. The wolves stole her soul and now she lives to kill me. ~ Lady Eboshi

You will die! ~ Lady Eboshi

Your crystal dagger. Kaya, I can’t take this. ~ Prince Ashitaka

Ashitaka, you mean so much to me, but I can’t forgive the humans for what they’ve done. ~ San

Silence, boy! How dare you speak to a god like that! ~ Moro

Mother, I have to go. Lord Okoto is blind; I must be his eyes. Do you understand? ~ San

You see, everyone wants everything – that’s the way the world is. But I just might actually get it. ~ Jigo

I was saving my energy to bite off that damn woman’s head, but I must save San. ~ Moro

Even if you were a woman, you’d still be an idiot, so there! ~ Toki

You want some of our iron? Mine your own! ~ Townswoman

Well, they say that happy women make a happy village. ~ Prince Ashitaka.

So this ends our list of Princess Mononoke quotes.

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