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Quinn L. Cummings, born on August 13, 1967, is a multifaceted personality with accomplishments in acting, writing, inventing and entrepreneurship.

Rising to fame as a child actress in the film ‘The Goodbye Girl’, she later transitioned to business, creating the popular baby-carrying device, HipHugger.

As an author, she has written multiple books including ‘Notes from the Underwire: Adventures from My Awkward and Lovely Life’ and ‘Modest Blessings for Modern Times’, a humorous collection of life’s modestly grateful moments.


She also initiated a podcast, “Quinn Cummings Gives Bad Advice,” where she humorously responds to listeners’ questions.

An advocate against sexual harassment in Hollywood, Cummings has used her platform to bring awareness to the issue.

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A mother to a daughter, Anneke DiPietro, Cummings continues to juggle her multiple roles with a unique sense of humor and social consciousness.

I have made a list of the most famous quotes by Quinn Cummings in this blog post.

Top 5 Quinn Cummings Quotes


It was deflating to realize how much my own family’s quality of life might improve if I replaced myself with a Fundamentalist stay-at-home daughter. ~ Quinn Cummings.


More important…you’ve assembled a curriculum that works for him. It’s his education. I suspect he’s more likely to have a real education, an education that sticks, if he’s part of shaping it. ~ Quinn Cummings.


I was shocked, however, to discover that home-schooling is not allowed in the Netherlands. I could only imagine that after legalizing pot, prostitution and gambling, they had to outlaw something. ~ Quinn Cummings.


My brain works like an etch-a-sketch; even the slightest movement causes it to go completely blank. ~ Quinn Cummings.


All the home-schooling parents I know meet on a regular basis with other families. They organize field trips, cooking classes, reading clubs and Scout troops. Their children tend to be happy, confident and socially engaged. ~ Quinn Cummings.

Famous Quinn Cummings Quotes

I wanted her to stretch her mind and her self-confidence, but I also wanted her to play with friends, read books, listen to music and glaze over with the pleasant boredom of a long afternoon with no place to be and nothing to do. ~ Quinn Cummings.


Shouldn’t an important part of discovering yourself be discovering what you family was like? Whichever side you favour in the nature versus nurture argument, who your parents are certainly helped shape who you are. ~ Quinn Cummings.

Without knowing it, I had stumbled upon one of the basic postulates of homeschooling: Anything you do with a home-schooled child outside the home can be described as a “field trip”, thus rendering whatever activity you pursue a legitimate educational experience. ~ Quinn Cummings.

Homeschooling will certainly produce some socially awkward adults, but the odds are good they would have been just as quirky had they spent twelve years raising their hand for permission to go to the bathroom. ~ Quinn Cummings.

Most of the homeschooled children I know have about the same amount of after-school peer time as the rest of the population but, obviously, without that school day together, they do spend less time with their peers. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is still open to debate. ~ Quinn Cummings.

The process of socialization is nowhere near complete at age five or six, when modern children start spending up to half their waking hours taking their cues from other people’s children. Because they accompany their parents’ daily routine, homeschooled kids spend plenty of time interacting with people of all ages, which I think most people would agree is a far more natural, organic way to socialize. ~ Quinn Cummings.


I sometimes wonder if my last words on this earth will be something like, ‘Oh, I knew this wouldn’t work. ~ Quinn Cummings.

At the end of this experiment we call Alice’s childhood, I imagine if she’s as eager to move ahead with her passions as the graduates I’d just met, and as fond of her family as these kids seemed to be of theirs, I’ll have my answer. ~ Quinn Cummings.

I still have this nagging feeling that I’m supposed to know stuff without actually learning it, and that anything requiring a mental effort beyond snatching the answer from memory simply proves I was never that smart to begin with. ~ Quinn Cummings.

So these were the 15 famous quotes about Quinn Cummings.

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