37 Funny Russell Coight Quotes from All Aussie Adventures

Russell Coight, portrayed by Australian comedian Glenn Robbins, is a comedic fictional character known for his clumsy and inept survival skills.

Often finding himself in laughable predicaments due to his lack of expertise, Coight remains an endearing figure due to his enthusiasm and adventurous spirit.

He debuted in “All Aussie Adventures” in 2001 and quickly achieved cult status.

Coight’s catchphrase, “That’s not a knife, this is a knife,” is emblematic of Australian humor and his antics have left a lasting imprint on the comedy scene.

Russell Coight Quotes

This bumbling adventurer, despite his numerous mishaps, holds a special place in the hearts of fans.

I have listed some of the most adventurous quotes by Russell Coight.

Top 10 Russell Coight Quotes


I’m on a seafood diet, if I see food I eat it. ~ Russell Coight.


It’s hard to imagine the imaginable hardship they went through. ~ Russell Coight.


By now I only had 18 hours left. And as each hour passed…there was one less. ~ Russell Coight.


Looks like the only tools these guys brought are themselves. ~ Russell Coight.


Some of the animals are nocturnal, so the best time to see them is at night. Only you can’t see them, because it’s dark! ~ Russell Coight.


Endless plains that stretch as far as the eye can see… And with binoculars, even further. ~ Russell Coight.


Emus live in pairs, or alone, or in groups. They mostly feed at night.. or during the day. ~ Russell Coight.


This is the Mitchell Track, named after the person who first opened up this area: Mitchell Track. ~ Russell Coight.


This is a wedged tailed eagle. Its name comes from it having a wedged tail and the fact it’s an eagle. ~ Russell Coight.


A few hours down the track, we found a perfect campsite that would make a perfect sight, for our camp. ~ Russell Coight.

Best Russell Coight Quotes

As their name implies, saltwater crocs are found in salt water, but they are also found in freshwater, which is not what their name implies. It just goes to show, they’re not to be trusted. ~ Russell Coight.


And with the sunset you could see as far as the eye could see, and with binoculars, even further! ~ Russell Coight.

Not many animals call this place home and those that do are either lying or have developed over millions of years a unique instinct for survival and personal grooming. ~ Russell Coight.

Water. If you haven’t got it, you’ve got to get it, or work out how to get it so you’ve got it, you can get yourself into real trouble trying to get it, to get you through! ~ Russell Coight.

I never go into the Outback without a decent supply of water, and the general rule for how much you’ll need is three litres per day, per person, per man, per degree over 25 degrees celsius, per kilometre if walking on foot, in the winter months dividing it by two, plus… another litre… at the end. ~ Russell Coight.


I could have stayed and talked for hours, but with a few beers under the belt, it was time to get the kids in the car and hit the road. ~ Russell Coight.

He was presented with a difficult decision: push on into the stretching deserts, or return home to his wife. ~ Russell Coight.

After that it was time to raise the kid’s spirits, and what better way to do that than wandering off with a loaded shotgun! ~ Russell Coight.

Emus tend to travel in pairs, or alone, or in groups and tend to eat at night or day. ~ Russell Coight.


The name of the game is survival, although it isn’t a game, it’s deadly serious. ~ Russell Coight.

This place gets more rain in 12 months than some places get in a year. ~ Russell Coight.

It’s not only a land of beauty, it’s a land of unsolved mystery. Will we ever find Lassiter’s Reef? Is the Tasmanian tiger definitely extinct? And who really built Ayers Rock? ~ Russell Coight.

Famous Russell Coight Quotes

I’m a simple man of simple taste. When it comes to my music I only like two types… Country, and Western. ~ Russell Coight.

There’s an old saying that outback survival is about seeing problems and dealing with them before they have a chance of becoming problems that need to be dealt with. ~ Russell Coight.


The amount of precious Australian wildlife that is killed on your roads, it’s enough to make your blood boil. ~ Russell Coight.

Some city folk come to the outback and don’t know what to do in a survival situation and pay the ultimate price. Some even die. ~ Russell Coight.

It’s people from the city mainly who come out here and don’t know what they’re doing and I tell ya what, half of them wouldn’t even realise what they’ve done. ~ Russell Coight.


In the wet season a lot of roads get washed out… so the only way to get around is to avoid travelling. ~ Russell Coight.

I gained most of my vast knowledge of the outback from my father Russell Coight Snr, who taught me everything I know before he died from a combination of a self-inflicted axe wound, sunstroke, and snake-bite. ~ Russell Coight.

The mornings can be cold up this way, once the sun comes up it doesn’t take long for the mercury to do the same…come up. ~ Russell Coight.

I’ll tell you what, if there’s one animal you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley it’s a salt water croc. Fortunately they don’t live in dark alleys, preferring salt water instead. ~ Russell Coight.


The outback is a dangerous place and I should know, I’ve injured myself out there. All I have to say is two words. Be ware. ~ Russell Coight.

Today we’re going to explore some flora and fauna, and if we’re lucky we might see some plants and animals too! ~ Russell Coight.

After all that, it was time to lift the kids spirits, and what better way than wandering off with a loaded shotgun. ~ Russell Coight.

My journey would take me north into northern Australia, then over the border into the south of the Northern Territory, then further west – just north-east of the south eastern border of Western Australia. ~ Russell Coight.

So these were the 37 top Russell Coight quotes that are funny and hilarious.

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Short Biography of Russell Coight

Russell Coight a character known for his humorous yet disastrous travels across Australia is all about the outback life. 

He’s not too keen on city folks often calling them ‘city slickers’ and humorously failing to help them out in the wild. 


Russell loves the ruggedness of the outback with Kakadu being his top camping spot. 

He sees himself as a true outdoorsman even expressing his softer side through poetry. 

He had a few past relationships but is still a bachelor. 

His character played by an actor has also made several appearances on talk shows.

Quick Facts about Russell Coight

  1. Russell Coight is portrayed as a real person, with Glenn Robbins only acknowledged for “directorial assistance.”
  2. Coight is known for being exceptionally accident-prone, embodying Murphy’s law in his adventures.
  3. He’s outgoing and unreserved, even sharing personal moments like showering on camera.
  4. Coight considers himself a true “outback man,” favoring the rugged outback lifestyle over city living.
  5. He often refers to tourists as “city slickers” and views their reliance on technology and luxury as excessive.
  6. Coight’s sister Meredith, though unseen, is humorously credited with various talents, including crocodile taming.
  7. In an episode, Meredith’s song “Daintree” is featured, adding a quirky layer to her character.
  8. Russell Coight’s character was further popularized through an interview by Rove McManus, where Coight shared his fictional backstory.
  9. The character “Wallaby Jack” from The Late Show served as an early version of Coight.
  10. Tom Gleisner, involved in both The Late Show and the series, links “Wallaby Jack” and Coight, highlighting the character’s evolution.

Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures

Info Details
Network Network Ten
Program Creators Glenn Robbins, Tom Gleisner
Cast Glenn Robbins
First Episode Date August 5, 2001
Genre Comedy, Mockumentary, Adventure Travel
Editor Roberta Horslie
No. of Seasons 3
No. of Episodes 21
Production Company Working Dog Productions
Original Release August 5, 2001 – September 9, 2018
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