83 Hilarious and Funny Sarah Silverman Quotes and Sayings

Sarah Silverman, born December 1, 1970, is a sharp-witted American comedian and actress known for her critiques on race, gender and religion.

Raised in a liberal environment in New Hampshire, she entered the comedy scene at 17.

Despite an early career setback on Saturday Night Live, she showcased her unapologetically bold style on shows like Mr. Show and The Larry Sanders Show.


Her humor, often laced with irony, attracted both acclaim and controversy. Not just limited to TV, Silverman appeared in films, voicing Vanellope in “Wreck-It Ralph” and impressing with dramatic roles in “Take This Waltz” and “I Smile Back.”

She also candidly addressed post-2016 election tensions on her talk show “I Love You, America.”

I have listed below some of the funniest quotes by her.

Hilarious Sarah Silverman Quotes


Nothing is taboo if you have an angle on it. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I just don’t let that mentality be a part of my world. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Sarah Silverman quotes

I think Jews tend to hold me in fairly high regard. ~ Sarah Silverman.

They’ve got great parents; I’m just trying to be the fun uncle. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I’ll be back. I’ll be black. I’ll be white black. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I’m not the marrying type, but I always want to be with someone who is a fan. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Summer camp: the second worst camp for Jews. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I was a bedwetter until I was about 15, and it was humiliating. ~ Sarah Silverman.

In the big picture, life has a gap in it. It just does. You don’t go crazy trying to fill it. ~ Sarah Silverman.

If you take a shower with your boyfriend, I guarantee by the time you step out of that shower, your breasts will be sparkling clean. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I have no religion. But culturally I can’t escape it; I’m very Jewish. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Nothing is taboo if you have an angle on it. That said, critiquing women’s human shells isn’t my thang. Though there’s probably something funny or interesting to be said about those who do it, and what that comes from. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I don’t wanna be labeled as straight or labeled as gay. I just want people to look at me and see me as white. ~ Sarah Silverman.

People are always introducing me as Sarah Silverman, Jewish comedienne. I hate that! I wish people would see me for who I really am – I’m white! ~ Sarah Silverman.


A bull in just about any shop is gonna be a mess. ~ Sarah Silverman.

It shows the truth – that the real meaning of a word is only as powerful or harmless as the emotion behind it. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Your inability to see yourself clearly is what’s keeping you alive. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Funny Sarah Silverman Quotes

I like my life alone. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I am 39 years old, and I still wake up every morning really excited I don’t have to go to school. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I will always try to be happy. I don’t think people really understand the value of happiness until they know what it’s like to be in that very, very dark place. It’s not romantic. Not even a little. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I don’t compromise. I only do the stuff I want to do. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Being with friends felt like a burden. I remember just sobbing. ~ Sarah Silverman.


Nothing seems crazy when you’re used to it. ~ Sarah Silverman.

As soon as a women gets to an age where she has opinions and she’s vital and she’s strong, she’s systematically shamed into hiding under a rock. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Witty Sarah Silverman Quotes

If my Catholic boyfriend and I ever have a kid, we’ll just be honest with it. We’ll say that Mommy is one of God’s chosen people, and Daddy believes that Jesus is magic! ~ Sarah Silverman.


Everyone self-Googles. And, I have, of course, the Google alert. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Some things are just for private. It’s like people thinking I’m cold or this or that. It’s unfortunate, but I don’t need strangers to know that I’m warm. I don’t need strangers to know the real me. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I’d love to do drama if it was interesting. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I was paralyzed with fear. It was unbearable to be among other kids who were just standing around being fine. It was one of the many inconveniences of this paradox I lived with -the more people I was surrounded by, the more frighteningly alone I felt. ~ Sarah Silverman.


Scientology is weird because it’s new. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I talk to friends who get their feelings hurt when they read Twitter mentions. I have an amazing solution – don’t read Twitter mentions. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I didn’t feel so different until maybe, like, around third grade. Kids started blaming me for my people killing Jesus. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Best Sarah Silverman Quotes

I think the difference between being miserable and finding happiness is just a matter of perspective. If you live your life defining yourself by what other people think of you, it’s a form of self-torture. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Guess what, Martin Luther King? I had a dream, too. ~ Sarah Silverman.

And we’re just all made of molecules and we’re hurtling through space right now. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I’d do it again in a second. ~ Sarah Silverman.

As soon as a woman is old enough to have an opinion and have a voice and be unafraid, she’s very much encouraged by all sorts of people to crawl under a rock and die. And it’s so weird. My crime is not dying. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I can’t cater to everyone’s needs and what they’re going to be offended by; that’s one freedom I have. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I can only speak from my own experience, and I would say that the depression I experienced feels like a chemical change. When it came over me, when it comes over me, it feels like it’s coming over me like a flu. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Jesus is magic, because he turned water into wine. I think he made the statue of liberty disappear in the 80s or something. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I love making videos on my couch. You can put those on the Internet fast. I can express myself. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I like talking about things that are taboo, because it makes them not taboo anymore. ~ Sarah Silverman.


Top Sarah Silverman Quotes

I just look like a transvestite when I try to dress up. There’s no place to hide my balls. ~ Sarah Silverman.

All comics want to be musicians. There’s a part of me that wants to be a serious musician. I love songs about heartache and heartbreak. ~ Sarah Silverman.


That still feels like the most accurate description – I felt homesick, but I was home. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I’m so glad Courtney Love is here; I left my crack in my other purse. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I do love the idea of ritual. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I’m Jewish, but I’m totally not. ~ Sarah Silverman.


This is AIDS. AIDS is as real as an egg. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I don’t think comedy comes from hotbeds of doing shtick. I think it usually comes from some kind of childhood humiliation or darkness. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I’ve always kept my overhead low so I could do whatever I want. I think of myself as lazy with spurts of getting a lot done. I find myself rooting against things sometimes because I get excited at the thought of a clean slate. ~ Sarah Silverman.

The worst thing that can happen for people who don’t want women to be strong is that we help each other and become a force. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I don’t care if you think I’m racist. I just want you to think I’m thin. ~ Sarah Silverman.

It’s really stupid to defend your own jokes. That is for other people to do if they choose to. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Famous Sarah Silverman Quotes


I don’t really care for, like, fat jokes about women, specifically. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I never want to be in a position where I have to defend my material. It’s too subjective. It’s for other people to defend or not defend. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Everyone’s got their own velocity, and there’s no real time frame with comedy. ~ Sarah Silverman.

The good news is hopeful doesn’t mean dumb. The bad news is cynical doesn’t mean smart. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I’ll tell you why we make fun of midgets: We’re not afraid of them. ~ Sarah Silverman.

People say I’m a nice girl saying terrible things. I tend to say the opposite of what I think. You hope that the absolute power of that transcends, and reaches the audience. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I like to think of myself as ‘hot-larious’ I’m cute, but I’m totally approachable. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I don’t want to be a facilitator for other funny people. It doesn’t seem smart for me to be in a comedy and not be funny. My spirit can’t take it. ~ Sarah Silverman.


I really think everything is fair game. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Men like to squash you. I just want someone who’s happy with himself, happy with his life. He doesn’t have to squash mine. ~ Sarah Silverman.

If we can send a person to the moon, we can send someone with AIDS to the moon, and then someday we can send everybody with AIDS to the moon. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I’m a total one-hour drama addict. I think when you’re a comedian, you tend towards dramas because that’s the less stressful thing to watch. ~ Sarah Silverman.


We don’t live in a democracy; we live in a hypocrisy. ~ Sarah Silverman.

People who follow their religion to the letter of the law are just silly. I mean, I want to tell Hasidic Jews I promise you, God will not mind if you wear a nice cotton blend in the summer. ~ Sarah Silverman.

We need to stop telling girls they can be anything they want when they grow up. Because it would have never occurred to them that they couldn’t. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Some people say my humor focuses too much on stereotypes. It doesn’t. It focuses on facts. ~ Sarah Silverman.


If I have kids, I’ll adopt. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I am Jewish and proud of this culturally and ethnically – the ways in which I was born this way and am happy with whom I am. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Everybody blames the Jews for killing Christ, and the Jews try to pass it off on the Romans. I’m one of the few people who believes it was the blacks. ~ Sarah Silverman.

If you decide to do comedy that involves risk, risk means risk, and you can’t complain of flesh wounds if you sit down at the table to play. ~ Sarah Silverman.


It’s not cold in here, you’re just dying. ~ Sarah Silverman.

I grew up in a house where there were no taboos, so it came originally from a pretty innocent place, where I was shocked at the things that shocked people. ~ Sarah Silverman.

Here is a video about Sarah Silverman.

So these were the 83 top Sarah Silverman quotes on racism, homophobia, politics, and religion.

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