9 Tania Raymonde Quotes from the American Actress

Tania Raymonde is an actress and artist from the United States.


Best Tania Raymonde Quotes


I am like the perfect horror movie viewer because I do not get scared very easily. ~ Tania Raymonde.

Tania Raymonde Quotes

I’ve always wanted to do action and action movies. I grew up on that. ~ Tania Raymonde.

The cool thing about working and meeting a lot of people through your acting is that you never know who you might work with, in the future. ~ Tania Raymonde.

I am a movie fan across the board, though, so if a movie is well done then I love it and it does not really matter what the genre is. ~ Tania Raymonde.

I think ‘The Walking Dead’ is very interestingly paced. It’s slow, almost like an old Western. It’s also very stylised – visually, I think it’s very pretty. It’s more of a psychological drama than anything else. ~ Tania Raymonde.

I have a very high tolerance for gore and blood. I am, like, the perfect horror movie viewer because I do not get scared very easily. I can really stomach anything so, as a result, I have watched a lot of really disgusting stuff that I should probably never have seen. ~ Tania Raymonde.


I would really like to do a straight action movie that’s hardcore – heavy action, like ‘The Expendables’ or ‘Fast Five.’ ~ Tania Raymonde.

Famous Tania Raymonde Quotes


I grew up on ‘Lost.’ I was 17 when I started, and I did it for four or five years, on and off. ~ Tania Raymonde.

People ask me, ‘Is 3D a good medium for horror movies?’ I think it’s the perfect thing for horror movies because it really puts you into it. ~ Tania Raymonde.

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