45 Tee Grizzley Quotes from the American Rapper

Tee Grizzley is an American actor, rapper, and gamer.

Tee Grizzley released his debut single “First Day Out” via YouTube.

Best Tee Grizzley Quotes


My favorite Adele song is ‘Hello.’ ~ Tee Grizzley.


I’m going to try my best to do everything I can for Detroit. ~ Tee Grizzley.


TV shows help pass a lot of my time. ~ Tee Grizzley.


I really tell a lot of stories. I want people to know who I am. ~ Tee Grizzley.


I see myself as the godfather of the streets. ~ Tee Grizzley.


I can’t even go to Rolling Loud and perform without the police and the news lying on me, trying to lock me up. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I read a lot of Louis L’amour Western books. ~ Tee Grizzley.

Yachty is a real dude. He’s a person who sticks to his word. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I really like R&B more than rap. ~ Tee Grizzley.

Discipline yourself. Be conscious of what you think, and what you like. What gets you mad? What gets you in your feelings? Figure that stuff out and take control of it so nobody else can control you. ~ Tee Grizzley.

‘Don’t Even Trip’ gave me a chance to really like put some swag on a song. I put the sauce on it. ~ Tee Grizzley.

read all types of books. I read Christian books, I read black novels, I read religious books. I read stuff like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and ‘The Dictator’s Handbook’ and then I turned around and read science-fiction novels. ~ Tee Grizzley.


I can be more real and more vulnerable when I sing. ~ Tee Grizzley.

There’s definitely a way to fix the prison system. First of all, you gotta get a rehabilitation center in prisons, that every inmate must go through. ~ Tee Grizzley.

Famous Tee Grizzley Quotes

I’m not even going to lie – when I’m in the studio, I’m not like, ‘Alright, let me make a hit.’ I just try to make good music to the best of my ability. ~ Tee Grizzley.

First Day Out’ just took off under our noses. I was shocked. I was happy. I can’t even explain the feeling. It’s something I always wanted my whole life. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I appreciate Drake’s music, I appreciate Future’s music, I appreciate Lil Durk’s music. I appreciate Uzi, Meek Mill, I appreciate Migos. ~ Tee Grizzley.

God just kept me on the right path. I never smoked, drank, none of that. ~ Tee Grizzley.

When I was in prison, rap was all I had at that point because I was kicked out of school, all that education just gone and I couldn’t come out of prison to play football – that was all over with. ~ Tee Grizzley.


People so obsessed with being real in hip-hop because they don’t want people to think that they’re lying. ~ Tee Grizzley.

In chess, you gotta come up with a strategy. I made a lot of plans in my life. ‘I’ma do this, I’ma do that, this is gonna happen, that’s gonna happen.’ And a lot of stuff don’t go as planned. You really gotta act on events as they unfold. That’s how I compare chess to life. ~ Tee Grizzley.

My favorite Taylor Swift song is between ‘Blank Space’ and ‘Wildest Dreams.’ ~ Tee Grizzley.

Top Tee Grizzley Quotes

Ain’t nobody gonna come from where I come from, keep it real as I did and make it with the local Detroit sound that has never made it in the industry before. Where I’m going, I don’t feel like too many people from my city are going to blaze this trail. ~ Tee Grizzley.


I was raised by my grandma, had aunties and sisters in the house. ~ Tee Grizzley.

A lot of rappers think they better than me because they saw me broke, going in and out of studios, and couldn’t pay for studio time. ~ Tee Grizzley.

If I’m just hanging with all stars and people with money, you can get lost and caught up. You get to moving like you got it made and you get to spending. That’s how a lot of people go broke. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I can’t freestyle or else I’ll just start saying anything, so I’ll write the song first and then record. I’ll rap to the producer and he’ll make the beat off my rap. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I used to read three books a day, sometimes. ~ Tee Grizzley.


I just want people to know I’m mentally strong. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I knew for a fact I needed to get some money. I felt like I was good to go with the music. People around me weren’t as confident, but they didn’t have to be, because I was going to do it regardless. ~ Tee Grizzley.

Like, you can have church at your house. I feel like as long as you’re giving Him praise, you can do it wherever. You don’t have to be inside of a church to give praise to Him. ~ Tee Grizzley.

Popular Tee Grizzley Quotes

I think my genre is more ‘reality rap’; I talk about my life and the struggles that I’ve been through. ~ Tee Grizzley.


To me, being real is being yourself. You know, that’s whether you’re a pop artist or whatever. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I don’t try to be politically correct. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I’ve had a lot of big impacts before the music as far as deaths and tragedies and experiences in my life. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I started rapping when I was young, like 12, 11. But I wasn’t really talking about nothing and it didn’t really get me nowhere. ~ Tee Grizzley.

When people hear my music, they ain’t really hearing about no shiny stuff, the glamorous life. They’re going to hear that gritty, slum. ~ Tee Grizzley.

A lot of my friends and the people I mingle with, they not famous. They don’t got half of what I got. For me, what that do is, it keeps me humble. It keeps me grateful and appreciative of what I got. ~ Tee Grizzley.


My goal is just to inspire. To tell people that’s going through the same thing that I went through, that there’s somebody out there that knows… that can relate. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I realized that I got problems bigger than anything that can happen in prison. So I started reading books, talking to people who had a head on their shoulders, sold my TV and just got a whole bunch of books. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I don’t have no shame. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I have a relationship with God. I do believe in God, The Son, and Holy Ghost. But I respect everybody, and as far as the Muslims go, I like how they live because they have discipline. They have real structure and I like. ~ Tee Grizzley.

I’m experiencing a lot of new things in life – cars, houses, jewelry – and getting the family situated. I’ve been dealing with fake friends, though, like a lot of people trying to come around. There are pros and cons to this fame thing. ~ Tee Grizzley.

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