100+ Tequila Quotes, Captions, Taglines and Hashtags

Tequila, a clear distilled liquor made from the fermented juice of Agave tequilana Weber, is a symbol of Mexican tradition and culture.

Named after the town of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico where it’s produced, tequila typically contains 40-50% alcohol.

The process of making tequila involves steaming the sweet sap-filled base of the mature agave plant, known as ‘agua miel’ or ‘honey water’, followed by fermentation and double distillation for purity.


Some tequila brands undergo aging in oak vats, imparting a mild, straw-like color to the liquor.

Globally recognized in the Margarita cocktail, tequila is mixed with lime juice and an orange-flavored liqueur, served in a salt-rimmed glass.

However, Mexicans often enjoy it pure, paired with salt and a lime wedge.

Mescal, another agave-based distilled beverage from the Oaxaca region, is stronger in flavor and generally less expensive than tequila.

Below you will find some of the best Tequila Quotes, Captions, Taglines and Hashtags.

Best Tequila Quotes


One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. ~ George Carlin.


And no one drank just one shot of tequila. ~ Kristin Hannah.


When I taste Tequila, baby I still see ya. ~ Dan & Shay.


When life gives you lemons, get tequila and salt. ~ Sanjaya Malakar.


At least you don’t need a prescription for tequila. ~ Rachel Vincent.

If you want to keep your dignity intact, stay away from tequila. ~ Alida Nugent.


Tequila probably won’t fix your problems, but it’s worth a shot. ~ Unknown.

I used to drink beer and smoke pot before I played. Now I drink tequila and smoke pot. So it’s a little different. ~ Tre Cool.


I rarely drink, but when I do, I prefer Tequila. ~ Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

Pour two parts mix and you throw in one part tequila, some Don Julio, which is my favorite, shake it up a couple times. There’s a perfect margarita. ~ Rande Gerber.

Famous Tequila Quotes

Tequila. Straight. There’s a real polite drink. You keep drinking until you finally take one more and it just won’t go down. Then you know you’ve reached your limit. ~ Lee Marvin.


If you want to make some memories, add some tequila. ~ Unknown.

Tequila is my salmon. ~ Eddie Redmayne.

I knew I hated straight shots of anything except tequila. I was definitely a tequila girl. ~ Wendy Higgins.

Stop trying to make everyone happy. You’re not tequila. ~ Emmy Rossum.


Life is better with Tequila. ~ Unknown.

Very few people have that effect. Very few people are tequila and champagne at the same time. ~ Fredrik Backman.

Tequila drinking, our minds will wander to wondrous places. ~ Dave Matthews Band.


Tequila glasses, shots to the head cuz some memories they need assassins. ~ Big Sean.

I’m not really into beer, but I like tequila shots. ~ MNEK.

Top Tequila Quotes

I have been instrumental in banning bottled water on the set. It hasn’t gone that well with the crew… so I replaced it with tequila. ~ Hugh Laurie.


Tequila is not even a drink; it’s a way for having the cops around without using a phone. ~ Dylan Moran.

Love is like tequila shots, not the quantity but strength matters. ~ Saru Singhal.


Lust tastes like tequila and love tastes like whiskey. ~ Jackson Rathbone.

I love a tequila shot. You should try it with brown sugar instead of the salt, and orange instead of the lemon. Amazing. ~ Michelle Keegan.


Deal with your wins and losses alike. With tequila, lemon and a pinch of salt. ~ Saleem Sharma.

Tequila is like duct tape, it fixes damn nearly everything. ~ Unknown.

Drinking tequila is more about the journey than the destination. ~ Rainbow Rowell.

I am well aware I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, I’d rather be someone’s shot of tequila anyway! ~ Unknown.


Tequila makes me dream up things like dance battles. ~ Rachel Hollis.

It was too much Tequila, or not quite enough. ~ Jimmy Buffett.

I enjoy tequila, which has a strange effect on people and makes parties more fun than warm white wine. ~ Simon Sebag Montefiore.

Sublime is something you choke on after a shot of tequila. ~ Mark Z. Danielewski.

Take life with a grain of salt and a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila. ~ Unknown.


Tequila is like acid in a glass. ~ Greg Proops.

Take life with a pinch of salt; A shot of tequila and a wedge of lime; Do nothing at all But take your time. ~ John Walter Bratton.

An ounce of breast milk is even more potent than the finest tequila. ~ Tori Amos.


We should all believe in something, and I believe it’s time for another shot of tequila. ~ Justin Timberlake.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Then find someone whose life gave them tequila and have a party. ~ Ron White.

I love dry British humor. I love to sketch in my off time. I love tequila. ~ Maren Morris.

Best Tequila Taglines

  • Soup of the day is tequila.
  • Don’t eat the worm!
  • Te-amo-quila
  • We deal with life with a grain of salt, a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila.
  • Save precious water. Drink tequila.
  • First, tequila.
  • When you drink enough tequila, trust me: you become a lawyer, doctor, and scientist.
  • Tequila. It fixes everything.
  • Common denominator of exercise and tequila? Both make you feel good.
  • Salt, tequila, lime. Repeat.
  • I feel like the worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle.
  • I didn’t wear my bifocals. It might be tequila…
  • Our tequila is so hot it makes them take off their clothes
  • Let’s get tequilaed!
  • Tequila—because being an adult is hard.
  • Senorita tequila.
  • If you feel salty today, come in and let’s have some tequila.

Top Tequila Captions

  • Too much tequila can leave you wondering where your clothes are.
  • A great way to start a New Year is to have a shot of tequila.
  • Summer is the tequila season.
  • Happy tequila day—every day.
  • Your spirit animal is a tequila.
  • Tequila is my happy hour.
  • No one said too much tequila.
  • Straight down tequila, please.
  • You don’t need training to drink tequila the crafty way.
  • You know, I have mixed drinks with my feelings.
  • You know what’s cool about tequila? It’s a versatile drink.
  • Tequila! It helps people lower their standards.
  • Tequila is the juice of the gods.

Top Tequila Hashtags

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