17 Best Topher Kearby Quotes from Bestselling Writer and Artist

Topher Kearby, a renowned writer and artist, is celebrated globally for his bestselling books featuring his distinctive poetic storytelling and artistic prowess.

Kearby’s work, attracting over 80,000 online followers, enjoys a prominent presence in the collections of fans across the world.

Various publications and influential personalities, including the Huffington Post, Disney, Guideposts, Nina Dobrev and Leann Rimes, have highlighted his art.

Topher Kearby

His young adult adventure novel, “The Organics,” has achieved a #1 position on Amazon, while his poetry and art books have dominated other bestseller charts, demonstrating his wide-ranging and enduring appeal in the literary and art world.

Here are some of the quotes from Topher Kearby for you.

Best Topher Kearby Quotes


I sit in darkness so I can see. ~ Topher Kearby.


Find someone who hears your music the same way you do. ~ Topher Kearby.


Fall in love with a weird one – someone not quite right in the head – life is far more interesting when love is odd. ~ Topher Kearby.

Topher Kearby Quotes

For a moment I was giant, for a second I had wings. ~ Topher Kearby.

I like to think about someone doing something for the first time that they’ve always wanted to do. They worked hard. Planned. Practiced. And then they did it. And before that they’d never done it before. And that happens every day. That’s awesome. ~ Topher Kearby.

There is a way to hold someone and to be held by someone that makes it feel like nothing in this world can shake you, break you, or make you feel unloved ever again. ~ Topher Kearby.


An act of generosity can really change a bad mood into a better mindset. ~ Topher Kearby.

It’s not so much making the right or wrong choices. But making decisions that are aligned with your true self. That’s what really changes your life for the better. ~ Topher Kearby.

Beautiful Topher Kearby Quotes

There’s still good in the world because there’s still people doing good things. It’s really as simple as that. If you want the world to be a better place then do what you can to make it better. ~ Topher Kearby.


Let’s head out to somewhere wild and new. We can fall in love with adventure – together under the light of the evening the moon. ~ Topher Kearby.


Being a paleontologist is one career where the coolness of the job meets the coolness of the name of the person who does the job. ~ Topher Kearby.

Never be ashamed to say, ‘I’m worn out. I’ve had enough. I need some time for myself.’ That isn’t being selfish. That isn’t being weak. That’s being human. ~ Topher Kearby.


Today’s the day to do it; and I’m the one to make it happen. ~ Topher Kearby.

Home is where you can fall apart into a million pieces and not have to worry about how long it takes to put yourself back together. ~ Topher Kearby.

Famous Topher Kearby Quotes

Choose the awesome life. The one that’s difficult but beautiful. The one that’s challenging but inspiring. The one you’re excited to live each day. Choose that one. ~ Topher Kearby.


We are each made from, and surrounded by the impossible. ~ Topher Kearby.

Assumptions don’t do any good in life. Especially when they come to people. Our best guess of who someone is not close to who they actually are. Each path is different. And the only person we can really know and understand is ourselves. If we put in the effort. ~ Topher Kearby.

So these were the 17 top Topher Kearby quotes and sayings.

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