8 Best Vanessa Bell Quotes from the Famous English Painter

Vanessa Bell was an English painter and interior designer.

Best Vanessa Bell Quotes


I do not think it matters whether one agrees or not as long as one is forced to think. ~ Vanessa Bell.


You ask what kind of letters I like. What can I say but one thing? Of course what I really like is flattery and affection … ~ Vanessa Bell.


I like love-letters. The more passion you put in the better, Billy. Soon you will know just how to suit my taste in letters. I am greedy for compliments and passion. ~ Vanessa Bell.

The grey hair, which has spoken of old age at once to writers and doctors, means to a painter not just grey hair, but a certain grey – perhaps a grey with silver lights and warm shadows, perhaps an opaque cold grey, but a grey as different from other greys as one chord in music is different from others. ~ Vanessa Bell.

Virginia sent the possibly rather unusual message ‘She is an angel’ and signed it by the nickname we always gave her – ‘Goat’. This arrived ‘She is an aged Goat’ and soon after George returned crestfallen and miserable and retired to bed, suffering it was said from shock. ~ Vanessa Bell.

The fact is that one hasn’t had a moment to oneself during domestic life in the country. Nature is too much for me altogether, either in the shape of weeds or children, and fills up all one’s spare time. ~ Vanessa Bell.

Oh Julian, I can never express what happiness you’ve given me in my life. I often wonder how such luck has fallen my way. Just having children seemed such incredible delight, but that they should care for me as you make me feel you do, is something beyond all dreaming of – or even wanting. I never expected it or hoped for it, for it seemed enough to care so much oneself. ~ Vanessa Bell.

So these were the 8 top Vanessa Bell quotes and sayings.

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