95 Varg Vikernes Quotes from the Norwegian Musician

Varg Vikernes, also known as Louis Cachet and originally named Kristian Vikernes, is a black metal musician from Norway born on February 11, 1973.

He started a one-man band called Burzum in 1991 which became significant in the Norwegian black metal scene.

He later joined the Heathen Front and wrote about Germanic neopaganism. In the 1990s, some black metal artists burned churches to oppose Christianity.

Vikernes was convicted for arson and for killing Øystein ‘Euronymous’ Aarseth, a member of the band Mayhem.

Varg Vikernes

He was sentenced to 21 years but was released in March 2009 after a denied parole in 2008.

In 2013, Vikernes and his French wife were arrested in France for suspected terrorism because his wife bought four rifles, but they were released when no evidence of terror plans was found.

Let’s have a look at the top quotes by Varg Vikernes.

Best Varg Vikernes Quotes


I just make music. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to buy or listen to it. ~ Varg Vikernes.


I only want to make music I like and that I can enjoy myself and be proud of. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Music and improving the world are two sides of the same coin. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Keep the masses fed and entertain them to keep them in line. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Keep the masses fed and entertain them to keep them in line. ~ Varg Vikernes.


It is not possible to know how to behave in threatening situations before you even end up in such a situation. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Burzum was never my choice of life. I didn’t even want to become a musician. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Now I just want to be together with my family. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Being a man with a conscience I simply felt that I had to do something – anything! – about the world we live in. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I am not concerned about my posthumous fame. Monuments are no good to the dead. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Hellhammer is the best drummer ever, and Euronymous is a musical genius. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I think the growing disregard for the environment, culture, and heritage is a natural consequence of capitalism. ~ Varg Vikernes.

A man can only grow to a certain point when alone; to grow further you need some “irrational shocks”, like a wife and children; a dramatic change to your own life. ~ Varg Vikernes.

After twelve years in prison, I think I have listened to the radio maybe 30-40 times in all, and only when I have been without even a TV. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Music inspires contemplation, dreams, and the imagination. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I never do anything to make money. I do make money, but that’s because I do something. Big difference. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Music, for me, was something I did because I was disillusioned after the Cold War’s end and did not know what I wanted in life. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Rock and roll promotes a primitive and destructive lifestyle. Metal can be seen as a subgenre of rock and roll, and thus, metal is not much better. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I do vote, and naturally, I vote for so-called extremist parties, the further to the right the better, but that’s where my participation in politics ends. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Dwell not in the shadows; it will only darken your mind. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I don’t care much about society. ~ Varg Vikernes.


To me, personally, an ideal society would be a world where only I and those I care for exist. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Being sociable is a sacrifice, as I see it. I really don’t like to be, but it is necessary and worth it. ~ Varg Vikernes.

It was hard to play the drums at all when I got out of prison. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Life is best when lived your way and not as a negation of what you don’t like. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I am not religious in any way, but I have a pagan ideology and pagan values. ~ Varg Vikernes.


As I respect others, I want others to respect me. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Famous Varg Vikernes Quotes

Climate changes are caused by solar radiation and other natural phenomena, so I don’t worry one bit about that. Nothing we do can change anything in the climate. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Burzum is not a political or religious band, or even an anti-religious band. Burzum is music – art if you like – and the interpretation of art lies in the eye of the beholder. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Your music has been a powerful vehicle for your philosophies. ~ Varg Vikernes.

My mind has never been in prison; I think all the time about what I should do on the day that I am released. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Europe really needs to wake up, cast aside the lies and get rid of the Jewish yoke we live under – once and for all. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I don’t think I have an image of being an underground musician. I have an image of being an uncompromising musician, and I am well known in Norway partly because of that. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Personally, I am a nationalist, but my race is my nation, and I see all true Europeans as my racial brethren and part of my nation, be them Norwegian, Danish, or Swedish, French, German, or English, Russian, Polish, or Belorussian, or whatever. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I think metal fans are more loyal than other fans, and they are often more inclined to collect the albums of their favorite bands. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Yes, maturity in life brings maturity to the music I make. ~ Varg Vikernes.

What I think is more important than actually believing in reincarnation or thinking about a post-death existence is to live in the present. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Music is entertainment, and we need that in order not to fall into the pit of despair. ~ Varg Vikernes.

To record an album is cathartic, or at least it was with ‘Belus,’ but to make music is more fulfilling than anything else, I think. ~ Varg Vikernes.

It probably would be impossible for me to make music and not make it sound like Burzum. This is the music I make and the only music I am able to make, so I have no other options musically. ~ Varg Vikernes.


I live in the present and in the future. Not in the past. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Top Varg Vikernes Quotes

I can confirm that I have been released from prison. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Musically, ‘Fallen’ is a cross between ‘Belus’ and something new, inspired more by the debut album and ‘Det Som Engang Var’ than by ‘Hvis Lyset Tar Oss’ or ‘Filosofem.’ ~ Varg Vikernes.

Burzum was never formed, as Burzum is no group, only Count Grishnackh of many colors. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Globalization is very destructive to our species. ~ Varg Vikernes.


It was good to get out of prison and home to the family. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Only native male citizens with a wife and children, a property, and a military rank should be allowed to vote and be elected for office. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I am not the ‘Count’ that has been portrayed in the media. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Unless you already have a name well known in at least one stratum of society, I don’t think trying to do things yourself will be easy – if at all possible. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I am sorry, but recording an album is just hard work; tedious, repetitive, and not very fun at all. Mixing is a bit better, but still pretty boring. ~ Varg Vikernes.


I wear clothes reflecting the color of my soul! ~ Varg Vikernes.

The romantic image of the ancient world is very inspiring, as is nature itself, but I think the dissatisfaction with our modern world is the strongest force keeping me going. ~ Varg Vikernes.


I know too much about religion to be religious, so to speak, and I am not that stupid, either. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I don’t think the important part of making music is the method used but rather the spirit put into it, so to speak. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Everything is always about people trying to make profit: Profits to this, profits to that, the more the merrier, and there’s no end to it. ~ Varg Vikernes.

If the so called ‘democratic’ individuals out there really believe in their talk about diversity, they should let those with truly different opinions be allowed to talk freely in public, too. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Lead by example. Be better than those you despise. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I have barely seen my son since he came into the world. Even though I hear his voice on the phone almost every day, it is very tough to not be present while he is growing up. ~ Varg Vikernes.

My biggest inspiration was always early Iron Maiden, because it was the only band I knew for some time, and, as we all know, Iron Maiden is great. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Civilization is going down the drain, and the sooner it does, the better. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I believe in blood, soil, and honour; family, homeland, and hamingja; strength, traditions, and courage. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Popular Varg Vikernes Quotes

Art should be perceived as subjectively as possible, and if anyone wants to see something in ‘Belus’ that I had not planned, that is fine. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I expect either total success or total failure. That’s my lot in life. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Killing a person with a 8 cm ling blunt knife is a bloody affair… ~ Varg Vikernes.


If you want to change the world – I do – you have to start with yourself. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I live an isolated life, and I rarely meet others. ~ Varg Vikernes.

If you want to build something fantastic, just do it. Who is stopping you? ~ Varg Vikernes.

The prison system in Norway is fairly civilized, by world standards, and so are the prisoners and the guards. ~ Varg Vikernes.


I enjoy making music and take my time to do everything until it is ‘perfect.’ ~ Varg Vikernes.

If I can, I will make an album each year, but time shall tell if this works out. I have other things to do in my life as well. ~ Varg Vikernes.

You should never trust anything reported by the media. Their first priority is to spread propaganda; their second priority is to make money. They never really care if they tell the truth or not. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I am not a philosopher, only frustrated by the development of the world we live in – and too stupid to keep my mouth shut when I see injustice. ~ Varg Vikernes.


The only negative thing about murder is that when you kills someone they can no longer suffer. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I make music, and if anyone wants to dislike it because of my logo, or lack thereof, then fine by me. ~ Varg Vikernes.

If I had something to say about my lyrics, I would say they were about different subjects concerning the darkness and the night. ~ Varg Vikernes.

My musical roots and inspiration lie not in rock n’ roll or metal music, but first and foremost in classical music, balalaika, and in underground house music. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Burzum is the reflections of my personality. It’s my dreams and desires. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I really don’t want to be associated with the low-brow Black Metal genre. If you want to know what I mean when I say that, just have a look at an Immortal video on YouTube or something. It’s so dumb I don’t know what to say, really, and it’s so ridiculous, we can barely tell the difference between the real stuff and the parodies. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Some musicians make and record music; other musicians play in a band… I just make and record music, and I don’t feel a part of anything in any music business. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Great Varg Vikernes Quotes

Life treats me very well, as has always been the case, no matter where I have been. ~ Varg Vikernes.


I wrote, exercised, ate healthy, and responded to life in prison very well. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Defiance in itself is a sign of strength, and strength is a light side of human nature – when at all present, that is. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Joining a sub-culture, any sub-culture, for whatever reason, is as I see it never a legitimate self-expression. It is always a result of sheep mentality; a wish to belong somewhere. ~ Varg Vikernes.

My name is well known, but my image is not, because the image presented to the public is very twisted and far from reality. So, not many recognize me on the street. And I don’t usually walk around in the streets, either. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Music is an artform, and I always though art was beyond censorship. I thought this was a common view. Apparently, I was wrong. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Venom was a joke in the ’80s, their heavy metal music sucked big time, and I really have no interest in them – not then, not now. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I must say it was not very inspiring to see that tons of new bands emerged from nowhere and started to play the exact same music as I did. Why would I want to play this type of music, when tons of other bands did, too? ~ Varg Vikernes.

Innovation, creativity, and lunacy goes hand in hand. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I am not a vegetarian. For some time, I tried to be a semi-vegetarian, eating only fish, birds, and no red meat, but… I don’t know if I have an opinion on vegetarianism. ~ Varg Vikernes.

I wore a ‘Black Metal’ Venom T-shirt once, in January 1993, to promote black metal, and I regret having done that ever since. ~ Varg Vikernes.


Astrology is interesting but not very accurate. It’s a science I don’t trust very much. ~ Varg Vikernes.

This might disappoint you somewhat, but I have to say my interest in Tolkien has faded dramatically over the years. His language skills are amazing, his story good and fascinating, but… he has a very Judeo-Christian perspective, and his use of mythical creatures is very… ignorant. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Hate is irrational. I am a rational person. ~ Varg Vikernes.

Time moves too slowly for me to notice any evolution in my creative tendencies. ~ Varg Vikernes.

So these were the 95 top Varg Vikernes quotes and sayings.

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