65 Whatever Happens Happens Quotes to Inspire You

The phrase “Whatever Happens Happens” embodies acceptance and resilience, conveying that certain events are beyond our control.

It encourages us to refrain from stress and continue with positivity, even in the face of uncertainty.

This approach is about remaining optimistic and embracing love, no matter what circumstances come our way.

Such an attitude can alleviate anxiety, promote tranquility and guide us towards a healthier and more balanced life perspective.


Through these quotes, readers are inspired to adopt a mindset of acceptance, fostering resilience and positivity amid life’s inevitable challenges and changes.

Top 10 Whatever Happens Happens Quotes


Whatever happens, just keep smiling and lose yourself in Love. ~ Rumi.


Whatever happens, love that. ~ Matt Kahn.


Whatever happens, the Lord is in it. ~ Joseph Smith, Jr.


Whatever happens, do not lose hold of the two main ropes of life – hope and faith. ~ Zig Ziglar.


Let whatever happens, be what needs to happen, so that I may awaken. ~ T. Scott McLeod.

Whatever happens, happens. Accept things and move on. ~ Corey Johnson.

For there is some virtue or other to be exercised, whatever happens. ~ Jeremy Taylor.

My writing is authentic, and whatever happens in my life is what I write about. ~ Tucker Max.

Whatever happens, you can always make it back somehow ! ~ Emily Berrington.

Whatever happens, happens. ~ Murray Craven.

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Famous Whatever Happens Happens Quotes

Better to accept whatever happens. ~ Horace.

Trust Yourself and Believe, Whatever Happens Don’t Give Up. ~ William Kamkwamba.

Take whatever happens and try to make it work. ~ Herbie Hancock.

It’s the way life is, I suppose. Whatever happens, you deal with it. ~ Christian Marclay.

Whatever happens, we have got The Maxim gun, and they have not. ~ Hilaire Belloc.

Whatever happens, I’m ready to face it. ~ Ernie Harwell.

Whatever happens with us, your body will haunt mine. ~ Adrienne Rich.

Whatever happens, abide steadfast in a determination to cling simply to God. ~ Saint Francis de Sales.

It brings comfort to have companions in whatever happens. ~ Saint John Chrysostom.

Inspiring Whatever Happens Happens Quotes

It’s like having a conversation. Doing beatbox for me is as natural as talking is for someone else. Sending sound through a certain part of my throat, so that I am accurate every time. It’s not like whatever happens happens, this is a focused sound. ~ Doug E. Fresh.

Whatever happens here, trust your heart. It’s as true as any compass. ~ Dean Koontz.

Whatever happens, never happens by itself. ~ Sally Rand.

Unconditional gratitude is a powerful activity allowing ourselves to be grateful for whatever happens in our life. ~ Jesse D. Jennings.

Whatever happens to your body, your soul will survive, untouched. ~ J. K. Rowling.

Whatever happens, it happens because we choose for it. We decide our fates. ~ Spartacus.

Best Whatever Happens Happens Quotes

When I was 18 I was just absorbing everything around me: whatever happens, happens. I was so naive and willing to ride whatever wave life threw at me. ~ Paul Wesley.

Whatever happens, happens to you by you, through you; you are the creator, enjoyer and destroyer of all you perceive. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Whatever happens in Mogadishu, in Somalia, will happen in Great Britain. We have interlocking interests. ~ William Hague.

Whatever happens to us, God gives grace to endure and overcome the situation. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita.

I think that when you let go and “throw it all away” and stop getting attached and say “whatever happens, happens”, you don’t invest too much in anything particular, and things work out. ~ Chris Pine.

He never chooses an opinion; he just wears whatever happens to be in style. ~ Leo Tolstoy.

Whatever happens, believe that the journey is worth taking, and then you will reach its end. ~ Susan Cooper.

You can’t be scared. You do your thing, you hold your ground, you stand up tall, and whatever happens, happens. ~ Donald Trump.

Whatever happens to you, once you have hope you will survive. ~ Lailah Gifty Akita.

Inspirational Whatever Happens Happens Quotes

Always remember, believe in today, believe in tomorrow, believe in yourself, and whatever happens, don’t jump. ~ Bill Kaulitz.

I’m honestly perplexed about the distinction represented by the cervical wall. On one side, people should be prosecuted if they do anything to harm the fetus, but once on the outside, sorry kid, whatever happens happens. You’re on your own. ~ Jennifer Granholm.

In meditation, whatever happens is bound to be expressed in creativity. ~ Osho Rajneesh.

You never know how things will turn out. And you can’t really say it turned out wrong. Whatever happens, happens. The important thing is that you followed your gut. ~ Rachel Weisz.

We should never forget the two axioms: ‘Jesus is with me’ and whatever happens, happens by the will of God. ~ Charles de Foucauld.

Powerful Whatever Happens Happens Quotes

Do the math. Expect catastrophes. Whatever happens, stay the course. ~ William J. Bernstein.

Professional men, they have no cares; whatever happens, they get theirs. ~ Ogden Nash.


Whatever happens, the path of virtue should not be given up. ~ Sathya Sai Baba.

I honestly really don’t get aggravated at all. I just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens. ~ Ryan Lochte.

Whatever happens with my career, I’m going to prosper no matter what. ~ Don Lemon.

Whatever happens, I’ll handle it. ~ Susan Jeffers.

Broadway is amazing because you’re performing for such an intimate group of people. You’re living in the moment and whatever happens happens, and you go on. You can’t say cut and redo it, you have to be on the whole time. ~ Ariana Grande.

I think the average person thinks I’m a nut and I deserve whatever happens to me. ~ Mike Tyson.

Our attitude should be: Whatever happens I will remain strong, courageous and happy. ~ Mata Amritanandamayi.

Once people see this ‘Unplugged,’ I just want them to feel the spontaneity, to feel passionate… I want you to see another side of me, that’s free, and feel where my head is, where whatever happens, happens. I want you to feel inspired. ~ Alicia Keys.

I mean it. Whatever happens, you have to believe that. ~ Jenny Downham.


Whatever happens, take responsibility. ~ Tony Robbins.

Whatever happens I have had these blissful, perfect moments and they are worth living for. ~ Katherine Mansfield.

All I can do is engage with complete sincerity. Then whatever happens, there is no regret. ~ Dalai Lama.

Whatever the hell happens, say, ‘This is what I need.’ ~ Joseph Campbell.

My health is in the hands of Allah, who has ways of testing us. Whatever happens, happens. I aint the greatest – it’s Allah. I gave myself a job. I work for God. ~ Muhammad Ali.

Deep Whatever Happens Happens Quotes

It is my business to manage carefully and dexterously whatever happens. ~ Epictetus.


Whatever happens – ultimately, life corrects itself. ~ Jaggi Vasudev.

Whatever happens to seed affects the web of life. ~ Vandana Shiva.

Simply look at whatever happens and know that you are beyond it. ~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Obscenity is whatever happens to shock some elderly and ignorant magistrate. ~ Bertrand Russell.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we had today; and I’ll always remember it. ~ David Nicholls.

So these were the 65 top quotes about Whatever Happens Happens.

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