65 Yungblud Quotes and Lyrics on Life and Music

English musician Yungblud blends rock, punk and hip-hop creating a unique sound loved by fans worldwide.

He rose to fame in the late 2010s collaborating with artists like Halsey Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker.

His debut album “21st Century Liability” was released in 2018 but his EP “The Underrated Youth” in 2019 marked his mainstream breakthrough.

Yungblud Quotes

Born into a musical family Yungblud was influenced by iconic artists like Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

He released his first single “King Charles” in 2017 followed by “I Love You Will You Marry Me.” His third album “Yungblud” came out in 2022.

Here are some of the top quotes by Yungblud.

Best Yungblud Quotes


As a kid, I always so enthralled and excited by rebellion. ~ Yungblud.


All my life I’ve felt quite misunderstood because of my personality. ~ Yungblud.


Every show I play, 10 or 10,000 people, I want it to be the same one. ~ Yungblud.

I think if you stand still, you get forgotten, and I’m not here to get forgotten. ~ Yungblud.

I’m a total nutcase; a lot of people don’t get me. ~ Yungblud.


There’s not many people that can handle my sheer madness. ~ Yungblud.

I like to say I’m like a puppy in a room of cats. ~ Yungblud.

I’m a rock and roll kid, but to me, rock and roll isn’t just four idiots banging their instruments really loud. ~ Yungblud.

When I was 10, I had dyed red hair, and I used to paint my nails – I think my mum secretly loved it. ~ Yungblud.


I always spoke my mind, and that was a result of the music I listened to growing up. ~ Yungblud.

We don’t realize how much we need something until it’s taken away from us. ~ Yungblud.

I grew up on rock and roll like My Chemical Romance, who were actually genuinely talking about and saying things. ~ Yungblud.

I write music about what’s going on in my head, what I’m angry about, and what I think is wrong/right. ~ Yungblud.

Teachers, people, and, to be honest, some of my classmates didn’t understand me. I was the person they didn’t like because I would always speak my mind and had a lot of energy. I’d be bouncing around all the time, being very opinionated. ~ Yungblud.


We are so distracted and focused on what’s next, we can fail to see what is actually in front of us. ~ Yungblud.

To me, that’s what music entails. It’s freedom, it’s having the undeniable confidence to express yourself in a way that you know is right. ~ Yungblud.

Top Yungblud Quotes


I want it to have a message. I want it to empower people to say what they think. ~ Yungblud.

I’ve wanted to play Lollapalooza all my life. ~ Yungblud.

Put a toaster in my bath, watch my mum and dad laugh
See a thousand volts go through the son they wish they never had
They told me casual affection leads to sexual infection
But it’s hard to get an erection when you’re so used to rejection ~ Yungblud.

Follow me on Instagram. ~ Yungblud.

Oasis were massive for me, because of the attitude and what they represented and how outspoken they were. It felt like they were exactly like me. ~ Yungblud.

My generation is so intelligent. ~ Yungblud.

Growing up, I was so inspired by front men like Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, and Kurt Cobain – real showmen that put on ‘a performance’ every time they walk out on stage – so it’s important for me to feel like I deliver that. ~ Yungblud.


I get tons of messages every day telling me, ‘Your music has provided me with answers.’ ~ Yungblud.

Music is a part of someone’s soul. Music is a feeling for me. And if that soul is evil, then I don’t want anything to do with it. ~ Yungblud.

Inspirational Yungblud Quotes

I admire hip-hop artists because they drop so much music. Yungblud Rosa Parks is rock and roll. ~ Yungblud.

I would listen to artists like My Chemical Romance, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Blink-182, Paramore… all these bands were so unafraid of being themselves. They talked about their problems and what was going on in their heads. It grabbed and latched on to me, and I felt like I could do that, too. ~ Yungblud.

I don’t want to preach to anyone, because I’m not. ~ Yungblud.


I want to spread a message of positivity, not hatred. ~ Yungblud.

I don’t want to preach to anyone, because if someone preaches to me, I just turn off – I’ve been preached to my whole life. ~ Yungblud.

All my life I feel like I haven’t been heard. ~ Yungblud.

I’m quite an emotional person… I ain’t just this Northern brat all the time. ~ Yungblud.

My mum and dad were always supportive of me. They always let me express myself. ~ Yungblud.


The essence of Yungblud is connection. That’s all I want to do: connect with people. ~ Yungblud.

Initially, I started writing music because I wanted to express my thoughts and get what was going on in my head out to the world. ~ Yungblud.

When you find new genres of music, you take ownership of them. ~ Yungblud.

When I went out to America, and someone wanted to sign me and invest in me, that was a big moment because, all my life, people have been trying to tell me to be different to what I was. ~ Yungblud.

I’ve got ADHD, and my whole life, people thought I was some kind of troublemaker because I had all this energy. ~ Yungblud.


My goal is to reach as many people as possible and inspire them. ~ Yungblud.

The hardest part of being an artist is discovering what it is you do differently. ~ Yungblud.

I’ve always had a lot of energy and had a lot of opinions all my life – people misunderstood that about me being naughty, gobby, or different. ~ Yungblud.

From a young age, I was always very transparent, and that’s why the kids’ mums didn’t like me. I would tell you if I didn’t like your beans on toast. ~ Yungblud.

People are scared to have a strong opinion because, with social media, almost everyone lives the life of a celebrity. ~ Yungblud.

Famous Yungblud Quotes

The connection I have with my fans is so important, and I want to break the boundaries and break the barriers between an artist and a crowd. It is so important, and I learn so much through my fans, and they help me. ~ Yungblud.


If people don’t like who you are, they aren’t meant to be in your life. ~ Yungblud.

I was born in a messed up century
My favorite flavored sweets are raspberry amphetamines
I bought a car, Beretta, age 16
I brush my teeth with bleach ’cause I ain’t got time for cavities ~ Yungblud.

My personality is energetic, fun, yet slightly psychotic. ~ Yungblud.

Rock n’ roll’s not dead. ~ Yungblud.

I’ve always felt really misunderstood because I got a lot of energy, and I never conformed to a certain path. ~ Yungblud.


I think there are loads of different types of love. ~ Yungblud.

All my friends have deserted again
And I don’t wanna be a loner
In my head, I can sleep when I’m dead
Baby, don’t let the hype dilute ya ~ Yungblud.

I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’ll fight if I have to. ~ Yungblud.

No one could put my personality in a box. I didn’t necessarily fit in. ~ Yungblud.


When I felt upset and lost, music always had the answer. ~ Yungblud.

I don’t want to be liked by everyone. ~ Yungblud.

Inspiring Yungblud Quotes

The music I grew up listening to had a message. ~ Yungblud.


I just want to say what I think and encourage others to say what they think. ~ Yungblud.

‘My Name Is’ by Eminem was a song that changed my life. ~ Yungblud.

I love what Drake does. ~ Yungblud.

I’ve been in love a couple times, but you never know if it’s truly the one until you meet the right person. ~ Yungblud.

The biggest misunderstanding about me is that I’m just a bratty, gobby idiot. ~ Yungblud.

All my life, I’ve had a fear of being told what to say, so I’m not telling people what to think. I’m encouraging them to say what they think. ~ Yungblud.


I wanna be an artist on the whole; I don’t wanna be within a genre. ~ Yungblud.

People turn up at my shows with black hearts on their knuckles, waving their hands in the air like flags. ~ Yungblud.

So these were 65 top Yungblud Quotes on music and life.

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