28 Corey Stoll Quotes from the American Actor

Corey Stoll is an actor from the United States. He portrays the villain Yellowjacket in the film Ant-Man.


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My parents met when they were 16 and bonded over the antiwar movement. ~ Corey Stoll.


Working outdoors in the Delacorte Theater is always challenging. ~ Corey Stoll.


If I could grill for breakfast, I would. ~ Corey Stoll.

People say the ‘Lost Generation’ in a romantic sense, but I think it was tragic. They were really lost. ~ Corey Stoll.

After college, I was an intern at the New York Theater Workshop. In the mornings, I would build sets and hang lights, and in the afternoon, I would be the reader for auditions. ~ Corey Stoll.

I started with superhero stuff – ‘X-Men’ and ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Batman’ and ‘Hellboy’ – but I wasn’t familiar with ‘The Strain’ until I started the show. ~ Corey Stoll.

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I think part of being masculine is not needing to prove it and not needing to answer for it. ~ Corey Stoll.

Yes, I’m a New Yorker, born and bred. While I’m not quite the L.A. snob that Woody Allen is, I do find myself happier in New York. ~ Corey Stoll.


I can walk down the street and nobody knows who I am. ~ Corey Stoll.

In terms of my free time, I really don’t have much. The time I do have, I enjoy being domestic and spending time with my girlfriend, hiking and playing tennis. ~ Corey Stoll.

I never really knew what to do with my hair to begin with. When I was fat, I had incredibly long, unkempt hair. And there was kind of a poetic justice to losing something I was hiding behind. ~ Corey Stoll.

It’s funny; I’m in some ways hopelessly masculine, but I don’t fish, I don’t hunt, I’m not that into sports. I can’t fix a car. I think it’s my point of view and the way I see the world. ~ Corey Stoll.

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There’s a ton of stories that can come out of L.A. I actually think that even though I enjoy being in New York more, I think that L.A. is a really fascinating place. ~ Corey Stoll.


I was not into B-movies. A lot of it is sloppy. ~ Corey Stoll.

When you’re in a theater, it’s about reaching the back rows. When you have a camera in your face, it’s just about knowing the size of the room. ~ Corey Stoll.

It’s not necessarily the most compelling thing for a liberal like myself to be making an impassioned plea for the divine rights of kings and for observing the hierarchy of order, of class and authority. ~ Corey Stoll.


The good guy is only as strong as the bad guy. ~ Corey Stoll.

Growing up, I used to babysit, but, thinking back on what I was like at 15, this was probably a terrible idea. ~ Corey Stoll.

I made a choice in my career to not get hair plugs and not hide the fact that I was balding, and I’ve managed to play all sorts of characters who have shaved heads. ~ Corey Stoll.


A play is not a tweet. It can’t be compressed and embedded, and it definitely can’t be delivered apologetically. ~ Corey Stoll.

The very act of saying anything more nuanced than ‘us good, them bad’ is under attack, and I’m proud to stand with artists who do. ~ Corey Stoll.

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I don’t feel secure at all. I don’t know what actor would feel they’ve made it. I feel like I’m just starting. ~ Corey Stoll.


What’s really fun as the villain is working to get the audience to hate you. ~ Corey Stoll.

In this new world where art is willfully misinterpreted to score points and to distract, simply doing the work of an artist has become a political act. ~ Corey Stoll.

The thing is that, often if you have time to research a role, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where to start. ~ Corey Stoll.


Good writing is everything. ~ Corey Stoll.

I think, sometimes, actors having a holistic view of what they’re in can be overrated. Especially when you’re playing somebody as narcissistic and self-involved as Ernest Hemingway, it doesn’t really matter what else is in the script. ~ Corey Stoll.

My parents never had to tell me about the birds and the bees, you know? It was very out in the open. ~ Corey Stoll.

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