David Dreman is the founder and chairman of Dreman Value Management, a private investing company.

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Experts are often wrong – sometimes remarkably so. ~ David Dreman.
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Experts are often wrong – sometimes remarkably so. ~ David Dreman.

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The great majority of money managers have consistently lagged behind the market averages. ~ David Dreman.

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Analysts have always been overly optimistic. ~ David Dreman.

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When advisors go one way, markets go the other. ~ David Dreman.

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Patience is a crucial but rare investment commodity. ~ David Dreman.

Investors repeatedly jump ship on a good strategy just because it hasn’t worked so well lately, and, almost invariably, abandon it at precisely the wrong time. ~ David Dreman.

If you have good stocks and you really know them, you’ll make money if you’re patient over three years or more. ~ David Dreman.

Famous David Dreman Quotes on Investing

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Psychology, no matter how much you’ve studied it or think you know it, can reduce both your ego and your net worth very quickly. ~ David Dreman.

I buy stocks when they are really battered. ~ David Dreman.

The market does not run on chance or luck. Like the battlefield, it runs on probabilities and odds. ~ David Dreman.

If you play it out long enough it blows up. ~ David Dreman.

People are not good intuitive statisticians, particularly under difficult conditions. ~ David Dreman.

Ingesting large amounts of investment information can lead to worse rather than better decisions. ~ David Dreman.

Buy only contrarian stocks because of their superior performance characteristics. ~ David Dreman.

When people are frightened, they cut their time horizon dramatically, … Even advisers will say to sell because they see portfolios crumble and they fear people will have nothing left. It’s really not rational, but it does happen. ~ David Dreman.

I paraphrase Lord Rothschild: ‘The time to buy is when there’s blood on the streets.’ ~ David Dreman.

I always buy stocks with low price-earnings ratios, low price-to-book value ratios, low price-to-cash-flow ratios and higher-than-average yield. ~ David Dreman.

Top David Dreman Quotes on Investing

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In any single year, there is always some style that will take the lead and then fade out over the next few years. ~ David Dreman.

Positive surprises result in major appreciation for out-of-favor stocks, while having minimal impact on favorites. ~ David Dreman.

Psychology is probably the most important factor in the market – and the one that is least understood. ~ David Dreman.

Favored stocks underperform the market, while out-of-favor companies outperform the market, but the reappraisal often happens slowly, even glacially. ~ David Dreman.

Nobody beats the market, they say. Except for those of us who do. ~ David Dreman.

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Buy medium or large sized stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange, or only larger companies on Nasdaq or the American Stock Exchange. ~ David Dreman.

One of the big problems with growth investing is that we can’t estimate earnings very well. I really want to buy growth at value prices. I always look at trailing earnings when I judge stocks. ~ David Dreman.

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