38 Ferdinand Porsche Quotes on Cars and Life

Ferdinand Porsche was passionate about electricity and mechanics from a young age.

Working initially in Vienna with Jakob Lohner & Company he became a top level engineer by designing the innovative Porsche-Lohner Chaise electric vehicle.

Later he contributed to major automobile brands in Austria and Germany.

In 1934 Porsche founded his own company and created the Volkswagen Beetle which became a global bestseller.

His son Ferry continued the legacy with the Porsche 356.

Ferdinand Porsche Quotes

Ferdinand Porsche passed away in 1951.

Here are some of the best quotes by Ferdinand Porsche.

Ferdinand Porsche Quotes and Sayings

It is better to enter a turn slow and come out fast, than to enter a turn fast and come out dead. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.


You can’t force things in life. There is little that I detest more than force. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult. ~ Ferry Porsche.

Change is easy. Improvement is far more difficult. ~ Ferry Porsche.

I come from a time when no one wanted to view cars anymore as purely a uniform. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

The search for a purpose in our lives is universal, and will never change. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

The perfect racing car crosses the finish line first and subsequently falls into its component parts. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of, so I decided to build it myself. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

I myself have never attempted to actively build my own profile but rather continued in my father’s image. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Design must be functional and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics, without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.


Committees lead to creations that have no soul. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Best Ferdinand Porsche Quotes

A formally harmonious product needs no decoration; it should be elevated through pure form. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

A car with good accelerating power will automatically give me a high speed performance. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Our cars are meant to be driven. Not polished. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Time is one of the few things man cannot influence. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Good design should be honest. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Cars are my life. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

We all harbor a wish to be immortal. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

You can tell people’s characters by the way they drive. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

We all have a desire to create something that will show we were here. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Famous Ferdinand Porsche Quotes

Timeless design is wasted if it cannot survive. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

If one does not fail at times, then one has not challenged himself. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

To create something timeless. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

I came into the world at the same time as the auto, if you will. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

I believe that creativity should not be suppressed. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Inspiring Ferdinand Porsche Quotes

In the beginning I looked around and, not finding the automobile of my dreams, decided to build it myself. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Time is one of the few things man cannot influence. It gives each of us a beginning and an end. This makes us question what comes in between. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

If you manage to create something that withstands time, something that remains untouched by the eccentricities of a particular age – something timeless, in other words – that is the greatest achievement. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

I took a different approach and improved its performance by radically reducing its weight rather than increasing engine power. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

It is said I believe that so many creations today are just like all the rest. This is why Porsche must remain small and independent. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Independence has always been the attitude at Porsche. To do, not what is expected, but what we feel is right. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

There is no such thing as the perfect car. But as engineers and designers, we have to do everything in our power to approach this ideal. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.


It all comes down to never giving up, and to responding to crises with the right answers. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

This is why the 911 hasn’t been cancelled up to now. Neither the 928 nor the 924 has been able to overtake the 911. We are still building two-and-a-half times as many 911s as 928s. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Always seems to reflect a little bit of the customer’s sense of beauty. A car should not only be functional, but should also have a beautiful appearance. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Short Ferdinand Porsche Quotes

We will keep on striving for perfection. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Wasted energy is wasted energy. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

Beauty as an end in itself is out of place in automobile manufacturing. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

A car should not only be functional, but should also have a beautiful appearance. ~ Ferdinand Porsche.

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