40 Famous Elena Gilbert Quotes from The Vampire Diaries Series

Elena Gilbert is a fictional character and the protagonist of the “Vampire Diaries” novel series.

She starts as a regular girl but is revealed to be a mystical doppelgänger. Despite not wanting to, she becomes a vampire, later choosing to revert to humanity.

Her life’s turmoil began with her adoptive parents’ death and escalated as she navigated a supernatural world with her friends, facing formidable foes.


A standout student and athlete, Elena is known for her kindness and vulnerability.

She shares deep bonds with her best friends and the Salvatore brothers, her love interests, shaping her journey amidst supernatural challenges.

Best Elena Gilbert Quotes

We’re gonna slumber it. ~ Elena Gilbert.

It’s okay. We met and we talked and it was epic, but then the sun came up and reality set in. ~ Elena Gilbert.

First rule of being a vampire is realizing how awesome you are. ~ Elena Gilbert.


Dear Diary, this morning is different. I can sense it. Feel it. ~ Elena Gilbert.

When you lose someone, it stays with you. Always reminding you of how easy it is to get hurt. ~ Elena Gilbert.


I’m not gonna be one of those pathetic girls whose world stops just because of some guy. ~ Elena Gilbert.

When it’s real, you can’t walk away. ~ Elena Gilbert.

Dear Diary, I made it through the day. I must have said ‘I’m fine, thanks’ at least 37 times. And I didn’t mean it once. But no one noticed. ~ Elena Gilbert.


I love you, Stefan. Hold on to that. Never let that go. ~ Elena Gilbert.

Did I forget to mention earlier when we were talking about my birth mother, the one that gave me up. Her name was Isobel. Go ahead, reminisce about how you killed her. ~ Elena Gilbert.


I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him. ~ Elena Gilbert.

Top Elena Gilbert Quotes

One day you’re gonna have to stop pretending that everything’s okay

Damon is like a dog with a bone. ~ Elena Gilbert.


There’s more to me than just gloomy grave yard girl. ~ Elena Gilbert.

Thank you for bumping into me that day in the hallway. I never thought I would ever be happy again and then I met you. You quite literally saved my life. ~ Elena Gilbert.


You’re a powerful witch goddess. Seize the day, Brumhilda. ~ Elena Gilbert.

People are going to stop giving you breaks, Jeremy. They just don’t care anymore. They don’t remember that our parents are dead; they have their own lives to deal with. The rest of the world has moved on. ~ Elena Gilbert.

New year. New life. ~ Elena Gilbert.

People are born, they grow old, and then they die. That’s the world we live in. There’s no magic, no mysticism, no immortality. There is nothing that defies rational thought. It’s not possible. I’m not a believer, I can’t be. But how can I deny what’s right in front of me? Someone who never grows old…never gets hurt…someone who changes in ways that can’t be explained. Girls bitten…bodies drained of blood… ~ Elena Gilbert.


I don’t feel anything. ~ Elena Gilbert.

We’ll survive this. We always survive. ~ Elena Gilbert.

I want him to love me as much as I love him. ~ Elena Gilbert.


I’m human. I have to do human stuff. Otherwise, I’m going to go crazy. ~ Elena Gilbert.

I used to think the worst feeling in the world was losing someone you love, but I was wrong. The worst feeling in the world is the moment that you realize you’ve lost yourself. ~ Elena Gilbert.

It’s the most real thing I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I love you, Damon. ~ Elena Gilbert.

The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them. ~ Elena Gilbert.


There is no science here, this is magic. ~ Elena Gilbert.

Famous Elena Gilbert Quotes

Smiling doesn’t always mean you’re happy. Sometimes it simple means that you are a strong person. ~ Elena Gilbert.


Trust is earned – I can’t just magically hand it over. ~ Elena Gilbert.

In that moment, I loved him. I didn’t want to, I mean, it terrified me, but for that moment, I loved him. ~ Elena Gilbert.


I’m playing with fire; with something I don’t understand. ~ Elena Gilbert.

Damon, leather and silk and fine chiseled features. Mercurial and devastating. ~ Elena Gilbert.

You know what? Friends don’t manipulate friends. They help each other. ~ Elena Gilbert.


I won’t love a ghost for the rest of my life. ~ Elena Gilbert.

That’s what love should be. You should love the person that makes you glad to be alive. It’s not something I should be proud of – it’s just something that was passed down from Mom and Dad. ~ Elena Gilbert.

Ultimate Elena Gilbert Quotes

When someone asks ‘How are you?’, they really don’t want an answer. ~ Elena Gilbert.

I’m at a crossroads right now, where I could go live my life the way I think I probably should – be successful and safe, and probably very happy. Or I could risk all of that for this tiny glimmer of a feeling inside that…I just can’t shake. ~ Elena Gilbert.


Wings of PURIFICATION. ~ Elena Gilbert.

You’re going to think that the pain will never end, but it will. But first, you have to let it all in. You can’t fight it. It’s bigger than you. You have to let yourself drown in it. But then eventually you’ll start to swim and every single breath that you fight for will make you stronger. And I promise that you will beat it. ~ Elena Gilbert.


You’ve been given a chance to start over in the absence of the one who defined you. ~ Elena Gilbert.

I want so much to make things right but every instinct in my body is telling me to be careful. What you don’t know can hurt you. ~ Elena Gilbert.

So these were the 40 top Elena Gilbert quotes for the Vampire Diaries fans.

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Short Biography of Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert, from “The Vampire Diaries” series, initially depicted as a typical popular girl in the novels, was transformed into a more relatable and kind character for the TV adaptation by producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson.

Full Name Elena Salvatore Gilbert
Portrayed by Nina Dobrev,
Kayla Madison (Young Elena)
Born June 22, 1992 (Mystic Falls; Age 25)
Turned By Damon Salvatore’s blood on November 6, 2010 (administered by Meredith Fell)
Status Deceased (Found Peace)
Occupation High School Student (Graduated/Formerly),
Cheerleader for the Timberwolves (Formerly),
The Cure (Formerly),
College Student (Formerly),
Hospital Volunteer (Formerly),
Doctor (in flash-forward)
Species Human/Doppelgänger,
Vampire (Niklaus’ bloodline) (Cured/Formerly),
Augustine Vampire (Cured/Formerly),
Ghost (Briefly/Formerly),
Spirit (Currently)
Gender Female

Portrayed by Nina Dobrev, Elena’s journey is entwined with the Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon, revealing her as a Petrova Doppelgänger, leading to her becoming a vampire and later regaining her humanity.

Dobrev, who also played the contrasting role of Katherine, found distinguishing the two characters challenging but rewarding.

She left the series in its sixth season to pursue film roles but returned for the finale.

Dobrev’s casting as Elena, after a second audition tape, brought a nuanced portrayal to the character, significantly diverging from her book counterpart.

Short Biography of Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev, known for roles in “The Vampire Diaries” and films like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” was born in Bulgaria but grew up in Toronto.


She started acting with minor roles before her big break in “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

Full Name Nina Kamenova Dobreva
Born January 9, 1989 (age 35) Sofia, Bulgaria
Citizenship Bulgaria, Canada
Alma Mater Ryerson University
Occupation Actress
Years Active 2006–present

Her career took off with “The Vampire Diaries,” leading to roles in various movies and shows.

Raised in a family with tech and art backgrounds, Dobrev’s early life included a return to Bulgaria, diverse schooling in Toronto, and some university education before fully committing to acting.

Short Biography of Kayla Madison

Kayla Madison is known for playing the younger version of Elena Gilbert on “The Vampire Diaries.”

Kayla Madison

Besides this role, she has notable appearances in “Imaginary Friend” (2012), “Masters of Sex” (2013), and “Odd Brodsky” (2013).

Full Name Kayla Madison
Birthplace United States
Birth Date July 5, 2005
Job Actress
Played Young Elena Gilbert
Status Guest Star
Season 5

In the series, she follows Devon Allowitz as the second child actor to be featured.

Quick Facts about Elena Gilbert

  • Elena Gilbert is a protagonist from “The Vampire Diaries,” portrayed by Nina Dobrev.
  • Initially, in the books, Elena was depicted as a popular “mean girl.”
  • The TV adaptation transformed her into a more relatable “girl next door.”
  • Her life changes dramatically after meeting the Salvatore Brothers.
  • Nina Dobrev left the show after Season 6 but returned for the finale.
  • Elena’s lookalikes include Katherine Pierce, Amara, and Tatia, making her a Petrova Doppelgänger.
  • She transitions from human to vampire in the series and later reverts to human.
  • Dobrev enjoyed playing both Elena and the “conniving” Katherine.
  • The series finale sees Elena happily married to Damon Salvatore.
  • Dobrev aimed to establish a movie career, contributing to her departure.
  • She auditioned for Elena while sick, initially deemed the “worst audition.”
  • Dobrev was intrigued by Elena’s complexity and damage.
  • Katherine Pierce, Elena’s doppelgänger, is her complete opposite.
  • In the TV series, Katherine is Bulgarian, aligning with Dobrev’s heritage.
  • The show’s Elena diverges from the book’s version, shedding the “selfish” trait.
  • Elena’s early romance was with Matt Donovan, her first love.
  • Her relationships with Stefan and Damon Salvatore are central to the plot.
  • Becoming a vampire was a significant turning point for Elena.
  • Her vampire transition was planned to contrast with the sudden change in the books.
  • Season 1 introduces Elena’s mysterious connection to Stefan and Damon.
  • She discovers her Petrova Doppelgänger heritage in Season 2.
  • Season 3 focuses on Elena’s struggle between Stefan and Damon.
  • Elena’s transformation into a vampire occurs at the end of Season 3.
  • Season 4 explores her new vampire life and complex relationships.
  • Her journey includes battling grief, turning off her humanity, and facing moral dilemmas.
  • Season 6 features Elena’s magical coma, linking her life to Bonnie’s.
  • Despite her absence, Elena’s presence is felt in Season 7 through memories and mentions.
  • The final episode sees Elena reunited with her loved ones and living a full life with Damon.
  • Post-show, Elena becomes a doctor, hinting at a peaceful life with Damon.
  • Elena’s character has been well-received, with her love stories becoming fan favorites.

Top Questions about Elena Gilbert

Q: Who is the protagonist of “The Vampire Diaries” novel and TV series?

A: Elena Gilbert is the protagonist of both the novel and TV series “The Vampire Diaries.”

Q: How was Elena Gilbert’s character different in the novels compared to the TV series?

A: In the novels, Elena was portrayed as a popular, selfish “mean girl,” but in the TV series, she was depicted as a nicer, more relatable “girl next door” type.

Q: Why did Nina Dobrev, who played Elena Gilbert, leave “The Vampire Diaries” TV series?

A: Nina Dobrev left the series to focus on her movie career and due to personal reasons, including her breakup with co-star Ian Somerhalder.

Q: What significant role does Katherine Pierce play in Elena’s life in the TV series?

A: Katherine Pierce is Elena’s ancestor and a doppelgänger, making Elena identical to her, which also implicates Elena as a supernatural creature.

Q: How did Elena Gilbert become a vampire in the TV series?

A: In the fourth season, Elena dies with vampire blood in her system and becomes a vampire as a result.

Q: What was the unique challenge Nina Dobrev faced while portraying Elena and Katherine?

A: Nina Dobrev found it challenging to distinguish between the two characters, as they are opposites, but she enjoyed playing both.

Q: How did Nina Dobrev distinguish between her roles as Elena and Katherine on the show?

A: Dobrev changed her appearance, especially her hair, to help differentiate between Elena and Katherine.

Q: What is the backstory of Elena Gilbert in the TV series?

A: Elena was born to John Gilbert and Isobel Flemming, was adopted by Grayson and Miranda Gilbert, and survived a car accident that killed her adoptive parents.

Q: Describe the transition of Elena Gilbert from human to vampire in “The Vampire Diaries.”

A: Elena’s transition was planned and executed over two seasons, with her finally becoming a vampire at the end of the third season after a car accident.

Q: How does Elena Gilbert’s character evolve throughout “The Vampire Diaries” TV series?

A: Elena evolves from a grieving daughter and girlfriend to a strong, independent woman dealing with supernatural challenges and romances.

Q: What are some of the major relationships Elena Gilbert has in the series?

A: Elena’s major relationships include her high school boyfriend Matt Donovan, and vampires Stefan and Damon Salvatore.

Q: How does Elena Gilbert’s romance with Damon Salvatore develop in the series?

A: Their romance evolves from a complicated friendship to a passionate relationship, despite various challenges, including Elena’s sire bond to Damon.

Q: What impact does Elena’s transition to a vampire have on her relationships in the series?

A: Elena’s transition strains her relationships, particularly with Stefan, and leads to new dynamics with Damon and others as she adapts to her vampire nature.

Q: How does Elena’s character conclude in “The Vampire Diaries” TV series?

A: Elena ends up in a magical coma linked to Bonnie’s life, eventually wakes up, reunites with Damon, and they live a long and happy life together.

Q: What legacy does Elena Gilbert leave behind in the “Vampire Diaries” universe?

A: Elena establishes her own medical practice, rebuilds her childhood home, and lives there with Damon and their daughter, Stefanie, contributing positively to Mystic Falls.

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