55 Raymond Reddington Quotes from The Blacklist TV Series

Raymond “Red” Reddington is the main protagonist of the NBC crime thriller series ‘The Blacklist’.


Top 10 Raymond Reddington Quotes


I always found fear to be my most valuable sense. ~ Raymond Reddington.


Value loyalty above all else. ~ Raymond Reddington.


Regret requires age or wisdom. ~ Raymond Reddington.


Dead? Pishposh. What’s death? It’s just a process, right? ~ Raymond Reddington.


A man’s greatest enemy is the dark forces pent up within himself. ~ Raymond Reddington.


Time is the only thing that will allow you to find yourself again. ~ Raymond Reddington.


Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. ~ Raymond Reddington.


You can’t possibly fathom how deep that well of mine truly goes. ~ Raymond Reddington.


I have no interest in cases that I have no interest in. ~ Raymond Reddington.


God can’t protect you, but I can. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Best Raymond Reddington Quotes

Leadership is more than showing strength. It’s also about knowing when to show restraint. ~ Raymond Reddington.

When you love someone, you have no control. That’s what love is. Being powerless. ~ Raymond Reddington.


Leave the past in the past, Tom. Nothing good comes from digging up secrets. ~ Raymond Reddington.


I have found in my experience people rarely change. And when they do, they’re not to be trusted. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Most of my associates are under the impression that once I’ve granted them a favor, they’re indebted to me for life. But it’s a false assumption. They’re indebted to me because I make them a lot of money. They’re loyal to me because I’ve earned it. ~ Raymond Reddington.

With survival, they became hideous. I’ve rarely thought about what I once was. But I wonder if a ray of light were to make it into the cave, would I be able to see it? Or feel it? Would I gravitate to its warmth? And if I did, would I become less hideous? ~ Raymond Reddington.


Revenge isn’t a passion. It’s a disease that eats at your mind and poisons your soul. ~ Raymond Reddington.

I’m a criminal. Criminals are notorious liars. Everything about me is a lie. But, if anyone will give me a second chance, it’s you. The two of us have overcome so much. ~ Raymond Reddington.


I had bullets. He had words. But when he was done talking for the first time, I truly understood which of those was more powerful. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Sins should be buried like the dead. Not that they may be forgotten, but we may remember them and find our way forward nonetheless. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Famous Raymond Reddington Quotes

So many people find cemeteries to be a reminder of loss. I find them to be a fervent reminder to seize the day. ~ Raymond Reddington.


As bad as you think I am, as far as you think I’m willing to go to protect that which I hold dear. ~ Raymond Reddington.

The only thing that is real is the present, and you’ve plundered it, robbed it of the very geniuses that might have averted the dystopia you so fear. ~ Raymond Reddington.


You see that, Geoff? That is what a good man does. That is what separates men like him from men like you and me. ~ Raymond Reddington.

The world can be such an unsparingly savage place. One can be forgiven for believing that evil will triumph in the end. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Is it just me, or is the human race armed with religion, poisoned by prejudice, and absolutely frantic with hatred and fear, galloping pell-mell back to the Dark Ages? Who on Earth is hurt by a little girl going to school or a child being gay? ~ Raymond Reddington.


Inviting him for a chat with one of your most wanted criminals would be ludicrous. You’ll need to abduct him. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Once you cross over, there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from feeling the light again. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Powerful Raymond Reddington Quotes

Lawyers find and exploit loopholes. It’s what makes them so loathsome. And Marvin Gerard is the most loathsome of them all. That’s what makes him so invaluable. ~ Raymond Reddington.

As a rule, I consider jealousy to be a base emotion, but in this case, it’s quite endearing. ~ Raymond Reddington.


Every cause has more than one effect. ~ Raymond Reddington.

In this world, there are no sides. Only players. ~ Raymond Reddington.


What if I were to tell you that all the things you come to believe about yourself are a lie? ~ Raymond Reddington.

Make sure your passion isn’t your sickness. ~ Raymond Reddington.


The future is a sucker’s bet, a maybe, a contingency, a ‘What if?’ ~ Raymond Reddington.

This is an end, and then, something new will begin. You deserve the best in life, Lizzie. ~ Raymond Reddington.


As you well know, one of the keys to my success is a clear and consistent understanding of my own limitations. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Great Raymond Reddington Quotes

Meera was a casualty in a war that she didn’t even know she was fighting. ~ Raymond Reddington.


I can only lead you to the truth. I can’t make you believe it. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean accepting what you’ve done, Donald. It means understanding that the line dividing good and evil cuts through the hearts of all of us. ~ Raymond Reddington.


As a rule, I consider jealousy to be the base of emotion, but in this case, it’s quite endearing. ~ Raymond Reddington.

There will be nightmares. And every day, when you wake up, it will be the first thing you think about. Until one day, it will be the second thing. ~ Raymond Reddington.


You can’t judge a book by its cover. But you can by its first few chapters, and certainly, by its last. ~ Raymond Reddington.


I could tell you how to win a marathon, but you’re assuming it’s a 26.6-mile race. ~ Raymond Reddington.

Memorable Raymond Reddington Quotes

Let me put your mind at ease, I am never telling you anything. ~ Raymond Reddington.

I’m not a gumball machine, Lizzy. You don’t get to just twist the handle whenever you want a treat. ~ Raymond Reddington.


You have to make your choices. You have to be happy with them. ~ Raymond Reddington.

There is nothing that can take the pain away, but eventually, you will find a way to live with it. ~ Raymond Reddington.


You know the problem with drawing lines in the sand? With a breath of air, they disappear. ~ Raymond Reddington.

So often people overestimate themselves, misapply their gifts. Wisdom is learning the boundaries of one’s designated lane. ~ Raymond Reddington.

So these were the 55 quotes by Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist.

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