49 Eric Andre Quotes on Success and Inspiration

Eric Samuel André, born on April 4, 1983, in Boca Raton, Florida, is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer and musician.

Recognized primarily for creating, hosting and co-writing “The Eric Andre Show” on Adult Swim, he has also acted in “Man Seeking Woman” and voiced a character in “The Lion King” (2019).

André performs music as Blarf. His background is a blend of Ashkenazi Jewish and Afro-Haitian and he identifies as both Black and Jewish.


After attending Berklee College of Music andré began his comedy career in 2003, with roles in various series and a Netflix special.

In his personal life, he dated Rosario Dawson and practices Transcendental Meditation. André holds progressive views on sexuality and endorsed Bernie Sanders in 2020.

In 2022, he challenged a Georgia police program for alleged racial profiling.

I have made a list of the most popular quotes by Eric Andre.

Best Eric Andre Quotes on Success and Inspiration


1. “How many N-bombs are dropped? It depends on what I post.” ~ (Eric André).

2. “I was a class clown since second grade.” ~ (Eric Andre).

3. “I don’t think comedians take advantage of the fact that television and film are visual mediums.” ~ (Eric Andre).

4. “I think part of it is the fact that they were kind of the first of its kind – there weren’t a lot of cartoons for adults. People forget at the time that The Simpsons started out, it was controversial – the fact that they said hell and damn in a cartoon was a lot. America was in an uproar.” ~ (Eric Andre).

5. “I have done some formal acting training because I sucked at acting when I first got to Los Angeles. I’m still one of the worst actors and auditions out there.” ~ (Eric Andre).


6. “I’m an elderly Jewish lesbian trapped in a 33-year-old nerd’s body.” ~ (Eric André).

7. “Before the Simpsons, I was 4 years old, so I don’t know exactly what I was thinking before that.” ~ (Eric Andre).

8. “The Simpsons’ is like Charlie Parker or Marlon Brando or Richard Pryor: Comedy couldn’t go back to the way it was after ‘The Simpsons’ came out.” ~ (Eric Andre).

9. “Its consistency of what comedy can do and what comedy can be. Growing up with that show [The Simpsons] shaped my worldview.” ~ (Eric Andre).

10. “You see a lot of sketch variety shows where each segment is one joke that they repeat over and over and over again, and the sketches are always three or four minutes too long.” ~ (Eric Andre).

11. “All motivation is defined by intention. If the intention is to hurt, divide, or belittle, it’s wrong; if it’s an attempt to cope with or make sense of tragedy, it’s something different. If it’s commenting on society’s flaws, versus adding to society’s flaws, I think the audience can tell.” ~ (Eric Andre).

12. “I don’t really know how music and comedy are similar. I try never to dissect it theoretically or academically.” ~ (Eric Andre).

Top Eric André Quotes

13. “I have a karaoke punk band called The Ungrateful Dead, but we don’t exist yet.” ~ (Eric Andre).

14. “I think if the joke is in good taste – it’s a good joke.” ~ (Eric Andre).

15. “Hannibal Burress is my polar opposite in energy. I can be crazy, and he grounds the Eric Andre Show.” ~ (Eric Andre).

16. “I want to be remembered for my p**p jokes. Those are the most important kind.” ~ (Eric Andre).


18. “The Simpsons was pretty experimental at the time, but it attracted a lot of sitcom writers that felt confined by the limitations of live-action sitcoms in the ’80s.” ~ (Eric Andre).

19. “You know something is a hit comedically if you can just call up one of your friends and belt out a line from the show and you both start laughing.” ~ (Eric Andre).

20. “ABC is owned by Disney, so it’s a little more conservative than Adult Swim. Polar opposites.” ~ (Eric Andre).

21. “Do you think we’re going to hit a tipping point and the world’s going to end?” ~ (Eric Andre).

22. “I’m an Aries. I need everybody to like me.” ~ (Eric Andre).


23. “I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida – the worst place on earth.” ~ (Eric Andre).

24. “I think everyone is bi, right? There’s no such thing as sexual orientation, or race, or gender. Those are all obsolete man-made concepts.” ~ (Eric Andre).

25. “I used to be a Geico Caveman for live events. I was a corporate mascot. It was the silliest job. It was actually awesome and fun, but it was retarded.” ~ (Eric Andre).

Famous Eric André Quotes

26. “I’m a lurker and a creep. Women don’t like me because I sleep standing up, like a horse.” ~ (Eric Andre).

27. “I do think homophobia in the ’80s was more rampant and socially acceptable.” ~ (Eric Andre).

28. “I’ve never seen ‘The Goonies.’ I’ve never seen ‘Indiana Jones.’ I watched ‘UHF’ over and over again when I was little, and that was it. I had no time for any other movies. I watched ‘Naked Gun,’ ‘UHF,’ and ‘Airplane!’ over and over.” ~ (Eric Andre).

29. “A hole is a hole has always been my motto.” ~ (Eric Andre).


30. “Comedy is often about pain.” ~ (Eric Andre).

31. “I care a lot; I’m very sensitive.” ~ (Eric Andre).

32. “The president is the country’s scapegoat more than the country’s leader; the president has as much power as we think the president has. Whoever has the most money is the puppet master.” ~ (Eric Andre).

33. “You can’t really feel the direct change from one president to another versus people closer to you in local elections.” ~ (Eric Andre).

Inspiring Eric André Quotes

34. “I feel the acting conservatory taught me how to be a working actor in the 1700s.” ~ (Eric Andre).

35. “I loved ‘Space Ghost’ when I was in college.” ~ (Eric Andre).

36. “I think we give human beings too much credit. We’re primates, you know.” ~ (Eric Andre).

37. “I will smoke crack before I die. I want to see what all the hubbub is about.” ~ (Eric Andre).

38. “I’m not a very good actor, so I break character all the time.” ~ (Eric Andre).

39. “[The people that worked on The Simpsons] just had good taste. They knew how to execute absurd jokes.” ~ (Eric Andre).

40. “Like I said, a sketch is one joke. They shouldn’t really be more than a minute, two minutes. There are some shows where the sketch goes on for five minutes. It’s like, I get it! I’m already bored. I did like the joke, but I don’t anymore because you went on too long.” ~ (Eric Andre).

41. “When I’m watching South Park, I don’t think it’s written by neo-Nazis. They know exactly what they’re doing.” ~ (Eric Andre).

42. “Bill Cosby spoke out against The Simpsons and there was this kind of evangelical, right-wing sect that was against The Simpsons. Fox was a new network at the time, though, so they were going to take risks.” ~ (Eric Andre).

43. “I can’t tell if the world is worse now or if we just have more cameras. There are cameras everywhere, so now the world knows how bad the world is.” ~ (Eric Andre).

44. “I feel like we put all the weight on the president, rather than distributing the weight to all of the elected officials.” ~ (Eric Andre).

Short Eric André Quotes

45. “I like Velvet Underground, but I was never really hardcore into them. I like them, and I like Nico, but I won’t front like I’m super knowledgeable. I just never got around to it.” ~ (Eric Andre).

46. “Let’s hit the joke once and move on to the next joke and just keep it where we have as many jokes per square inch as possible.” ~ (Eric Andre).

47. “There are two sides to the coin. I think I’m much happier that [Barack] Obama won over John McCain or Mitt Romney because I think Obama did something culturally for the country.” ~ (Eric Andre).

48. “I think that we put too much weight on who the president is.” ~ (Eric Andre).

49. “I was eating beans by candlelight for a decade.” ~ (Eric Andre).

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Short Biography of Eric Andre

Eric Samuel André, born on April 4, 1983, in Boca Raton, Florida, is a versatile American entertainer known for his comedy, acting, and music.

He rose to fame as the creator and host of “The Eric Andre Show,” a comedic series on Adult Swim.

Full Name Eric Samuel André
Born April 4, 1983 Boca Raton, Florida, U.S.
Medium Film, Stand-Up, Television
Years active 2003–present
Genres Surreal Comedy, Shock Humor, Improvisational Comedy, Anti-Humor, Cringe Comedy, Black Comedy, Sketch Comedy

André also played roles in “Man Seeking Woman” and voiced Azizi in “The Lion King” remake.

He studied music at Berklee College, graduating in 2005. Eric identifies as both Black and Jewish, drawing from a diverse heritage that includes an Ashkenazi Jewish American mother and an Afro-Haitian father.

Quick Facts about Eric Andre

  • Eric Andre was born on April 4, 1983, in Boca Raton, Florida.
  • He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied music.
  • Eric Andre first gained attention as a stand-up comedian.
  • He is the creator and host of “The Eric Andre Show,” which started in 2012.
  • The show is known for its unpredictable celebrity interviews and surreal sketches.
  • His comedic style is a blend of absurdity, chaos, and deadpan humor.
  • Eric Andre is also known for his daring physical comedy and pranks.
  • He has appeared in various films and television shows outside of his own show.
  • Eric voiced Luci in the animated series “Disenchantment.”
  • He enjoys a strong social media presence, sharing humor with fans globally.
  • Eric has an eclectic taste in music, from hip-hop to rock to electronic.
  • His show has featured many musical guests, blending comedy and performances.
  • His interviews are characterized by their chaotic and unpredictable nature.
  • Eric draws inspiration from absurdism and alternative comedy.
  • “The Eric Andre Show” has cultivated a passionate cult following.
  • Beyond comedy, Eric advocates for social justice and mental health awareness.
  • Known for his distinctive and colorful fashion style.
  • Eric has hosted various awards shows with his unique comedic approach.
  • He has released a stand-up special, showcasing his comedy skills.
  • He has a podcast named “The Eric Andre Show Podcast.”
  • Eric’s humor often includes visual gags and physical antics.
  • His fan base is loyal, appreciating his unapologetic comedic style.
  • He has received awards and nominations for his innovative comedy.
  • Eric has appeared in music videos, bringing his comedic flair.
  • He advocates for animal rights and supports the ethical treatment of animals.
  • Eric has a background in theater, enhancing his acting capabilities.
  • He has written and directed several comedy sketches.
  • His distinct laugh is easily recognizable by fans.
  • He performs stand-up comedy worldwide, engaging international audiences.
  • Eric is known for his energetic performances and commitment to comedy.

Top Questions about Eric Andre

Q: How did Eric Andre become famous?

A: Eric Andre rose to fame with his innovative comedy series, “The Eric Andre Show,” which launched in 2012. Known for its unconventional approach and Andre’s bold hosting style, the series quickly built a loyal following.

Q: Who has Eric Andre dated?

A: Eric Andre was in a relationship with actress Rosario Dawson from 2016 to 2017. In 2021, he revealed he was dating someone he met at a farmer’s market, who was unaware of his fame initially. Andre identifies as an agnostic atheist and practices Transcendental Meditation.

Q: What other projects has Eric Andre been involved in?

A: Besides his iconic talk show, Eric Andre has participated in a range of projects. He’s appeared on TV shows like “2 Broke Girls” and “Man Seeking Woman,” and in films such as the 2019 remake of “The Lion King.” Andre has also released stand-up specials and performed in comedy tours.

Q: Is Eric Andre a millionaire?

A: Yes, Eric Andre is a millionaire, boasting a net worth of approximately $4 million as of 2024. His wealth stems from his diverse roles in comedy, acting, hosting, writing, producing, and music.

Q: Is Eric Andre’s comedy suitable for everyone?

A: Eric Andre’s comedy is known for its absurd and boundary-pushing humor, which might not appeal to everyone. His style can be seen as unconventional or bizarre, so it’s advisable to sample some of his work to see if it aligns with your taste.

Q: Will there be more seasons of The Eric Andre Show?

A: As of the latest updates, there has been no official confirmation regarding future seasons of “The Eric Andre Show.” Fans remain hopeful for more content featuring Andre’s unique comedic flair.

Q: Does Eric Andre have any upcoming projects?

A: Eric Andre has indicated he is working on new projects, though specific details have yet to be disclosed. Fans can anticipate more innovative comedy from Andre in the near future.

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