41 Best Jackie Robinson Quotes on Success and Life

Jack Robinson was an African-American professional baseball player.

He debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947, marked a historic milestone in both baseball and American history.

As the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era, he shattered the longstanding color barrier and paved the way for future generations of athletes.


Below you will find a great collection of quotes from Jackie Robinson.

Best Jackie Robinson Quotes

1. “In my opinion, baseball is as big a business as anything there is. It has to be a business, the way it is conducted.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

2. “It kills me to lose. If I’m a troublemaker, and I don’t think that my temper makes me one, then it’s because I can’t stand losing. That’s the way I am about winning, all I ever wanted to do was finish first.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

Best Jackie Robinson Quotes

3. “How you played in yesterday’s game is all that counts.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

4. “I don’t let my mouth say nothin’ my head can’t stand” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

5. “If I had been white with the things I did, they never would have allowed me to get out of baseball.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

6. “Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

7. “Above anything else, I hate to lose.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

8. “The right of every American to first-class citizenship is the most important issue of our time.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

9. “I want everybody to understand that I am an American Negro first before I am a member of any political party.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

10. “Life is not a spectator sport. If you’re going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you’re wasting your life.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

Famous Jackie Robinson Quotes

11. “Are you looking for a Negro who won’t fight back?” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

12. “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

13. “There’s not an American in this country free until every one of us is free.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

14. “The way I figured it, I was even with baseball and baseball with me. The game had done much for me, and I had done much for it.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

15. “Baseball, like some other sports, poses as a sacred institution dedicated to the public good, but it is actually a big, selfish business with a ruthlessness that many big businesses would never think of displaying.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

16. “This ain’t fun. But you watch me, I’ll get it done.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

17. “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

18. “If I had to choose between baseball’s Hall of Fame and first-class citizenship for all of my people. I would say first-class citizenship.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

19. “Many people resented my impatience and honesty, but I never cared about acceptance as much as I cared about respect.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

20. “We’re in a real crisis situation where many times people are being turned away at the door.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

Top Jackie Robinson Quotes

21. “The most luxurious possession, the richest treasure anybody has, is his personal dignity.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

22. “I think it was one of the greatest times ever in the world to play baseball. Television was in its infancy. Breaking the color barrier.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

23. “I don’t think it matters what I believe, only what I do.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

24. “You’re going to be a great player, kid.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

25. “It’s not easy to be a martyr in the field of race relations.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

26. “Next time I go to a movie and see a picture of a little ordinary girl become a great star… I’ll believe it. And whenever I hear my wife read fairy tales to my little boy, I’ll listen. I know now that dreams do come true.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

27. “This ain’t fun. But you watch me, I’ll get it done.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

28. “Relationships may change throughout the gift of time, memories stay the same forever in my mind.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

29. “I am not concerned with being liked or disliked. I am concerned with being respected.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

30. “I do not believe that every person, in every walk of life, can succeed in spite of any handicap. That would be perfection. But I do believe that what I was able to attain came to be because we put behind us (no matter how slowly) the dogmas of the past: to discover the truth of today; and perhaps the greatness of tomorrow.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

31. “I ought to break this trophy into 32 pieces.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

Popular Jackie Robinson Quotes

32. “I’m not goin’ anywhere, I’m right here!” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

33. “I don’t think that I or any other Negro, as an American citizen, should have to ask for anything that is rightfully his. We are demanding that we just are given the things that are rightfully ours and that we’re not looking for anything else.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

34. “At the beginning of the World Series of 1947, I experienced a completely new emotion when the National Anthem was played. This time, I thought, it is being played for me, as much as for anyone else.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

35. “Life is not a spectator sport. If you’re going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion, you’re wasting your life.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

36. “The many of us who attain what we may and forget those who help us along the line we’ve got to remember that there are so many others to pull along the way. The farther they go, the further we all go.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

37. “When I am playing baseball, I give it all that I have on the ball field. When the ball game is over, I certainly don’t take it home. My little girl who is sitting out there wouldn’t know the difference between a third strike and a foul ball. We don’t talk about baseball at home.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

38. “I cannot possibly believe that I have it made while so many black brothers and sisters are hungry, inadequately housed, insufficiently clothed, denied their dignity as they live in slums or barely exist on welfare.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

39. “I’m grateful for all the breaks and honors and opportunities I’ve had, but I always believe I won’t have it made until the humblest black kid in the most remote backwoods of America has it made.” ~ (Jackie Robinson)., I Never Had It…

40. “I don’t like needing anyone for anything.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

41. “A life isn’t significant except for its impact on other lives.” ~ (Jackie Robinson).

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Short Biography of Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson, an iconic American baseball player, broke major league baseball’s color barrier with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, becoming the first African American in the modern era to do so.

His illustrious career includes numerous awards and a key role in the civil rights movement.

Full Name Jack Roosevelt Robinson
Born 31 January 1919, Cairo, Georgia, United States
Died 24 October 1972 (age 53 years), North Stamford, Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Dates joined 1947 (Brooklyn Dodgers), MORE
Children Jackie Robinson Jr., Sharon Robinson, David Robinson
Spouse Rachel Robinson (m. 1946–1972)
Education University of California, Los Angeles (1939–1941), MORE
Siblings Mack Robinson, Frank Robinson, Willa Mae Robinson, Edgar Robinson
Batted Right
Threw Right
NgL Debut 1945, for the Kansas City Monarchs
MLB Debut April 15, 1947, for the Brooklyn Dodgers
Last MLB appearance October 10, 1956, for the Brooklyn Dodgers
Batting average .313
Home runs 141
Runs batted in 761
Teams Negro leagues(NgL): Kansas City Monarchs (1945), Major League Baseball(MLB): Brooklyn Dodgers (1947–1956)

Born in Georgia and raised in California, Robinson was a multi-sport athlete before serving in WWII and then joining baseball.

His legacy extends beyond sports, including being a TV analyst, corporate VP, and bank founder.

Robinson’s number 42 was retired across all MLB teams, and he’s celebrated annually on Jackie Robinson Day.

He received posthumous national honors, highlighting his profound impact on and off the field.

Quick Facts about Jackie Robinson

  • Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in MLB in the modern era.
  • Robinson debuted with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.
  • He broke baseball’s color line, previously limiting black players to the Negro leagues.
  • Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.
  • Born in Cairo, Georgia, he grew up in Pasadena, California.
  • He excelled in four sports at UCLA, notably football.
  • Robinson was court-martialed for refusing to move to the back of a segregated bus during WWII but was honorably discharged.
  • He played for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro leagues before joining MLB.
  • Robinson won the inaugural MLB Rookie of the Year Award in 1947.
  • He was an All-Star for six seasons, from 1949 to 1954.
  • Robinson won the National League MVP in 1949.
  • He played in six World Series, helping the Dodgers to victory in 1955.
  • MLB retired his uniform No. 42 across all teams in 1997.
  • “Jackie Robinson Day” was established in 2004, where all players wear No. 42.
  • Robinson’s nonviolent protest and talent challenged segregation beyond baseball.
  • He became the first black television analyst in MLB and a major American corporation’s first black VP.
  • In the 1960s, he co-founded the Freedom National Bank.
  • Robinson was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and Presidential Medal of Freedom.
  • He was the youngest of five children and named after President Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Robinson’s athletic skills were recognized early, excelling in multiple sports in high school and junior college.
  • He set junior college broad jump records and was recognized for his athletic versatility.
  • Robinson’s challenges with racial discrimination began early, including a notable arrest in 1938.
  • He attended UCLA, becoming the first athlete to win varsity letters in four sports.
  • Robinson’s brother Mack was an Olympic silver medalist, influencing Jackie’s athletic career.
  • Jackie married Rachel Isum, whom he met at UCLA, and they had three children.
  • Robinson served as an officer in the U.S. Army but faced court-martial for refusing to move to the back of a bus.
  • He was acquitted in his court-martial proceedings and never saw combat due to the trial.
  • After military service, Robinson briefly played professional football before his baseball career.
  • He faced and overcame significant racial challenges throughout his sports career.
  • Robinson’s impact extended beyond the field, contributing significantly to the civil rights movement and paving the way for future generations of black athletes.

Top Questions about Jackie Robinson

Q: When did Jackie Robinson make his groundbreaking debut in Major League Baseball, breaking the color barrier?

A: Jackie Robinson made his historic MLB debut on April 15, 1947.

Q: Which award did Jackie Robinson win in his inaugural year, marking him as an outstanding new player in the league?

A: Jackie Robinson won the Rookie of the Year Award in 1947.

Q: Which major league baseball team did Jackie Robinson play for throughout his entire career?

A: Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers during his entire MLB career.

Q: In what year was Jackie Robinson posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

A: Jackie Robinson was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962.

Q: What significant honor was bestowed upon Jackie Robinson in 1997 by Major League Baseball, affecting all teams?

A: In 1997, MLB retired Jackie Robinson’s uniform number, 42, across all teams.

Q: Before joining Major League Baseball, which Negro league team did Jackie Robinson play for?

A: Before joining MLB, Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarchs in the Negro leagues.

Q: What was Jackie Robinson’s notable response when court-martialed for refusing to move to the back of a segregated bus during his military service?

A: During his court-martial, Robinson challenged the racial discrimination he faced, ultimately leading to his acquittal.

Q: How did Jackie Robinson contribute to the civil rights movement beyond his sports career?

A: Jackie Robinson significantly influenced the civil rights movement through his nonviolent protest, public stances against segregation, and involvement in business and social initiatives that advanced the rights of African Americans.

Q: What unique annual tradition did MLB establish in 2004 to honor Jackie Robinson?

A: MLB established “Jackie Robinson Day” in 2004, where every player on every team wears No. 42.

Q: What pioneering role did Jackie Robinson achieve after his baseball career, related to broadcasting?

A: After his baseball career, Jackie Robinson became the first black television analyst in MLB.

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