50 Jay Cutler Quotes from Retired Professional Bodybuilder

Jason Isaac Cutler is a retired professional bodybuilder from the United States.


Top 10 Jay Cutler Quotes


You have to think about staying healthy long-term. ~ Jay Cutler.


Surround yourself with people who dream BIGGER than you do. ~ Jay Cutler.


Second place is still second best to the best guy in the world, and I was so eager to not just win the Olympia but beat Ronnie Coleman. ~ Jay Cutler.


There are no shortcuts to success. That’s my motto. ~ Jay Cutler.


When my pro career began, I never planned on being Mr. Olympia. ~ Jay Cutler.


Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there. ~ Jay Cutler.


If you’re going to do something. You’re gonna do it all the way. ~ Jay Cutler.


There are so many great things about the internet, but there’s so many bad things, too. ~ Jay Cutler.


What was really cool was he [Weider] made everyone out to be a superstar based on how the articles were written. ~ Jay Cutler.


Without self-discipline, success is impossible, PERIOD. ~ Jay Cutler.

Inspiring Jay Cutler Quotes

When I was training for competitions, there was just so much more of a thrill to getting ready for a bodybuilding show, and remember we didn’t have any other divisions, so there was no talk of anything other than who’s competing as a bodybuilder. ~ Jay Cutler.


I think my whole career was about beating the one guy that I just couldn’t overcome until I did, and I think I got lost a little bit in that. ~ Jay Cutler.

I don’t eat for taste; I eat for function. ~ Jay Cutler.


You don’t have to be Mr. Olympia to be the superstar of the sport, and I think I was a little proof of that because before I was Mr. Olympia I was pretty damn popular. ~ Jay Cutler.

I replay my career over and over because I’m reminded every day from fans all over the world and especially with the social media. They don’t talk about the seconds as much as you’re the guy who beat Ronnie Coleman. ~ Jay Cutler.


There was just so much more of an aura around guys. ~ Jay Cutler.

I was a magazine guy who moved over to social media, and I think you can utilize social greatly, but there’s not as much excitement. There’s no buildup of characters because no one’s building them up anymore. ~ Jay Cutler.

Famous Jay Cutler Quotes


Now with social media, you almost get to know too much. To me, it’s a little different feel. It’s less of a movie, if that makes any sense. ~ Jay Cutler.

I’m more giving, and I think I have a lot more to give because I’ve done a lot of introspection on my career and my life ~ Jay Cutler.


So, if you asked who’s the greatest competing bodybuilder in the world, it’s Brandon Curry because he proved it on the stage this year. But the greatest bodybuilder in the world? It’d be between Kai Greene, Phil Heath, and Big Ramy, and none of those guys were on the stage this past September. ~ Jay Cutler.

I took steps to get there, and then ’01 came along [he was a close second in the 2001 Mr. Olympia], and I was like, okay, this is at my fingertips, right? I realized that I wanted to set a legacy of success, and that was success in all arenas. ~ Jay Cutler.


I had a goal to be the best since day one. ~ Jay Cutler.

You have to think about long-term goals, and you have to think about an exit strategy. Because no athlete wants to think about the afterlife of competing. ~ Jay Cutler.


People can be great bodybuilders, but you have to think of what the future brings and what you want your legacy to be. ~ Jay Cutler.

Best Jay Cutler Quotes

Ronnie was known for his gym antics, whereas I was out there being the ambassador and traveling the planet, and doing all of the other stuff. Absolutely, bodybuilding needs a superstar, just like the UFC has Conor McGregor, even though he’s not the best fighter on the planet. ~ Jay Cutler.


People wanted to know more, and you gave enough but never enough that people weren’t intrigued. And that’s what built guys up so much. ~ Jay Cutler.

But I still will go to the Olympia and catch myself training harder, getting back in that old mindset again. That just shows you what a fan of bodybuilding I am. It’s who I am, and who I’ll always be. I just love the lifestyle. ~ Jay Cutler.


You can’t climb immediately to the top. ~ Jay Cutler.

I’m a better-rounded person, just because I’m less focused on that one goal of winning the Olympia every year. ~ Jay Cutler.

Popular Jay Cutler Quotes

Bodybuilding needs a superstar or superstars. And it’s still questionable who’s the greatest bodybuilder on the planet right now, especially after an Olympia like this one where the top guys weren’t in it. ~ Jay Cutler.

Looking back now there’s so much clarity to my career since I stepped aside and got out of the robotic competition side of my brain. ~ Jay Cutler.

Now you see guys portrayed in the worst light possible, whereas before you didn’t have that. And I think that’s affected how people perceive our business. ~ Jay Cutler.

To competitors, I always talk about putting yourself in a less stressful environment. ~ Jay Cutler.

As for contests, now anyone can shoot with an iPhone and blast it on the internet. ~ Jay Cutler.


What hurts today, makes you stronger tomorrow. ~ Jay Cutler.

Yeah, we may stumble, but we always land higher and get where we need to be. ~ Jay Cutler.

I realize how important in my life it was to have that challenge because it set me up for the huge successes I’ve had off the stage. ~ Jay Cutler.

Inspirational Jay Cutler Quotes

I noticed as my career went on and Ronnie stepped away, I wasn’t as motivated as before. ~ Jay Cutler.

Competition or no competition – still busting my butt every damn day. ~ Jay Cutler.

You take steps and you choose steps wisely. And you try not to sacrifice too many of the things that got you there. ~ Jay Cutler.

We’ve seen a lot of bodybuilders in poor health and, unfortunately, too many have passed away too young, because of wrong decisions on how to take care of themselves and pace themselves. ~ Jay Cutler.

I’d wake up every morning and go, Jay, you’re not who you used to be anymore. Time to enjoy your life. But I’m still an ambassador. I still have to portray a certain part. ~ Jay Cutler.


You have to build yourself or you’re just not relevant. ~ Jay Cutler.

It’s consistency. Stay with it. You have to do this day in, day out. It becomes a lifestyle. ~ Jay Cutler.

Motivational Jay Cutler Quotes

I still train, even though I go a lot lighter. I still eat clean for my health. ~ Jay Cutler.

I’ll tell you, at 23, if you’d said to me that someday you’re going to be 46, it would be like I don’t want to talk about that. But here I am, six years retired, no regrets and still as passionate as I was when I was that kid at 23. ~ Jay Cutler.

Today, it’s harder, because the magazine contracts are gone. People have to put out their own content and travel and still stay on-point all the time. ~ Jay Cutler.

I find myself saying I don’t have to live that same way. I can go enjoy things now. It’s taken me years to come to that new mindset, to enjoy traveling the world and experiencing new things. ~ Jay Cutler.

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