32 Best Joji Quotes, Songs, Lyrics and Captions for Instagram

Joji, a Japanese musician, infuses R&B and hip-hop with electronic elements, creating atmospheric songs reflecting the digital age.

Previously known as an internet personality, his collaboration with 88Rising marked his transformation into a serious artist.

His first major work, the 2017 EP “In Tongues”, set the stage for his gold-certified album “Ballads 1”, which reached the Billboard 200’s Top Ten, featuring the hit “Slow Dancing in the Dark”.


This success was replicated with his 2020 album “Nectar”. In 2022, Joji released his third album “Smithereens”, preceded by the hit single “Glimpse of Us”.

Born George Miller in Osaka, he initially gained attention with comedy skits in the early 2010s, notably contributing to the “Harlem Shake” viral trend.

Later, he delved into music, producing moody, introspective tracks under the Joji name. With 88Rising, he released works like “In Tongues” and collaborated with artists like Kris Wu and Rich Brian.

Below are some of the best quotes by Joji.

Top 10 Joji Quotes, Songs, Lyrics and Captions for Instagram

Joji Quotes

You leavin’ me here with ashes and fire. ~ Joji, Song: Gimme Love.


Yeah, you bet she know that we ain’t. Never gonna be together, I see. ~ Joji, Song: Yeah Right.


When I’m far too gone, can you show me love? ~ Joji, Song: Gimme Love, Album: Nectar.


You really shouldn’t think about God if she can’t see where you hide. ~ Joji, Song: I​ Don’t Wanna Waste My Time, Album: (In Tongues Deluxe).


Baby, can you be a little bit stronger? Baby, ’cause I need a little longer. ~ Joji, Album: (Chloe Burbank Volume 1)


What you know about blood? ~ Joji, Song: Yeah Right, Album: (BALLADS 1).


Why you gotta act so nice? This ain’t televised. ~ Joji, Song: ​Rain On Me.


I don’t smile for the camera. Only smile for you. ~ Joji, Song: ATTENTION, Album: (BALLADS 1).


You’re an earthly comfort yet so divine, yet so divine. I never see you anymore. ~ Joji Miller.


You have made up your mind; I don’t need no more signs. ~ Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji.

Best Joji Quotes, Songs, Lyrics and Captions for Instagram

And if the stars collide, will she relieve my soul?
And when we feel alive I know she’ll let me go.
When you read my lips, I know you feel all cold.
But I promise you my heart is made of gold. ~ Joji, Song: I​ Don’t Wanna Waste My Time, Album: (In Tongues).

I’ve been missing a long time. To know I had to move. I’ve been waiting my whole life. To know I wanted you. ~ Joji, Song: WANTED U, Album: (BALLADS 1).


Time is going slow and I don’t mind. ~ Joji, Song: XNXX, Album: (BALLADS 1)

The demons told me everything they whisper in the night. ~ Joji, Song: Demons, Album: (In Tongues).

Give me reasons we should be complete.
You should be with him, I can’t compete.
You looked at me like I was someone else.
Can’t you see?
I don’t wanna slow dance.
In the dark, dark. ~ Joji, Song: Slow Dancing in the Dark..


Hold me oh so close ‘Cause you never know just how long our lives will be. ~ Joji, Song: Sanctuary, Album: Nectar

Head in the clouds.
And I’m not comin’ down.
I used to swim now.
I’m ready to sink I wanna give you what I cannot do. ~ Joji.

I looked at you and said. No hope, I need you, But I’m crazy. So tender me, you watch me back. ~ Joji & Jose Leyva, Song: No Hope.

Not anyone, you’re the one.
More than fun, you’re the sanctuary.
‘Cause what you want is what I want Sincerity. ~ Joji, Song: Sanctuary, Album: (Nectar).

Pull me oh so close
‘Cause you never know
Just how long our lives will be ~ Sanctuary by JOJI.

You know in this game you gotta eat the whole as bro. Ain’t no playing around. You just gotta get in there and eat the whole as. You know what I’m saying? ~ Joji.

Famous Joji Quotes, Songs, Lyrics and Captions for Instagram

Don’t follow me, you’ll end up in my arms. ~ Joji, Song: Slow Dancing in the Dark

When you cry, you waste your time.
Over boys you never liked.
Can you not be so obvious?
So keep it light. ~ Joji, Song: ATTENTION


I’m looking for a long ride she just wanna test drive. ~ Joji, Song: Test Drive

Do things turn black and grey as they go? ~ Joji, Song: Gimme Love (Album: Nectar)

Now would you hate me if I said goodbye.
So quick you could eat my dust?
Now would you hate me if I ran like hell.
In the wind from dawn ’til dusk? ~ Joji, Song: ATTENTION, Album: (BALLADS 1).

If you’ve been waitin’ for fallin’ in love.
Babe, you don’t have to wait on me.
‘Cause I’ve been aimin’ for Heaven above.
But an angel ain’t what I need. ~ Joji, Song: Sanctuary, Album: (Nectar).


Right now, laying here alone is heaven. ~ Joji & Diplo, Song: Daylight ( Album: Nectar)

I don’t wanna waste my time if I can’t be by your side. ~ Joji, Song: I​ Don’t Wanna Waste My Time, Album: (In Tongues).


And now I’m sad and I’m a mess. ~ Joji, Song: Will He, Album In Tongues (Deluxe)

That’s when the summer caved in and I’ve fallen in a trench, I’m behaving. ~ Joji, Song: Demons, Album: (In Tongues).

I fell for your magic, I tasted your skin.
And though this is tragic, at least I found the end.
I witnessed your madness, you shed light on my sins.
And if we share in this sadness, then where have you been? ~ Joji, Song: Run, Album: (Nectar).

So these were the 32 top Joji songs and quotes.

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