20 Katt Williams Quotes, Sayings and Jokes to Make Your Day

American stand-up comedian and actor, Katt Williams, was born Micah Williams in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in Dayton by socially conscious parents.

Active in the entertainment industry since 1991, Williams’ comedy draws on black comedy, blue comedy, satire, observational comedy and physical humor.

His breakout role was Money Mike in “Friday After Next,” but he’s known for several other TV and film appearances.


His first comedy special in 2006, “Katt Williams: Live: Let a Playa Play,” and his HBO stand-up special “The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1,” solidified his fame.

His movie/standup “American Hustle” (2007) further established him and enjoyed critical success.

Although he announced his retirement from stand-up in 2012, he returned just three days later.

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In late 2013, Williams embarked on his “Growth Spurt” Tour.

He’s not only a successful comedian and actor, but he’s also released several comedy albums and worked as a rapper.

Here is an awesome collection of Katt Williams quotes for you.

Katt Williams Quotes


Just hit the blunt one time and see if it don’t change your perception on what’s important in your life. ~ Katt Williams.


All comedy comes from a dark place. ~ Katt Williams.

Did you know that I can see you? ~ Katt Williams.

Genius is often called crazy, but crazy is never called genius. So you just have to put out the work and let the chips fall where they may. ~ Katt Williams.


I think pimp, therefore I am. ~ Katt Williams.

A woman gets stretch marks from one of two things. Either she was big and got small or she was small and got big. ~ Katt Williams.


I apologize for the fact that the word ‘anti-Mexican’ is being said to a black guy in America. ~ Katt Williams.

Buy a condom, ribbed for her pleasure. Turn it inside out, now it’s ribbed for your pleasure. ~ Katt Williams.

Best Katt Williams Quotes

The past is something for you to learn from and the future is something that you hope is going to happen, but I’m always speaking to my actual fans in present tense. ~ Katt Williams.

There’s only winning and losing, and in our society, as in all societies, there’s the person that’s doing the winning, or there’s the person that’s facilitating the winning. ~ Katt Williams.


Golf is a game with morals. There’s always an opportunity to be a scoundrel. That’s why it’s a gentleman’s game. ~ Katt Williams.

I go where people are hurting. I stand on the stage, and I make people laugh for an hour and a half. ~ Katt Williams.

Funny Katt Williams Quotes


That is the job of a comedian: To take unpleasant subject matter and forcibly, with his hands, wring the funny out of it. ~ Katt Williams.

I’m a grown man. I do whatever I feel like doing with my hair. And if for some reason you feel like there’s a magnet and you should have something to say to me, then more power to you. I hope you’re prepared. ~ Katt Williams.


If you didn’t laugh at Jared Fogle, then you would cry. ~ Katt Williams.

Famous Katt Williams Quotes

Invisibility is the only thing that fame cost me. I used to be able to go places and blend in. Anonymity is something you lose on this side of things. ~ Katt Williams.

You can’t even go to Heaven if you get killed by Spinach, you can’t even go. You don’t even know what to tell Jesus. You Just ‘You know what Jesus, I did have a salad, I really Did I- I Didn’t know what I was thinking about. ~ Katt Williams.

I have yet to meet someone who was successful who was even slightly negative. That comes from a muscle training. You can work on negativity and weed it out of your life. I’ve noticed that all of the people who acted as if they were going to be gone too soon, were gone too soon. ~ Katt Williams.

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