65 Best Kenny Chesney Quotes from American Country Music Singer

Kenny Chesney, born March 26, 1968, in Tennessee, is a distinguished American country musician.

He discovered his musical passion in college, kindled by a guitar present from his mother.

By 1990, he aspired for a musical career. Relocating to Nashville in 1991, he bagged a songwriting contract by 1992 and a recording deal in 1993.

His relatable thematic style combined with his charm skyrocketed his fame. Albums like “Me and You” (1996) and hits like “She’s Got It All” (1997) cemented his position in mainstream music.


With a decade-long dominance on Billboard’s country charts, he sold 30 million albums.

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Chesney won the ACM’s Entertainer of the Year (2004–07) and received the same title from the Country Music Association.

I have picked the top quotes by Kenny Chesney.

Best Kenny Chesney Quotes


I work hard but I play hard. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I’ll admit I’m a workaholic. ~ Kenny Chesney.


People who can’t kiss had everything given to them. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Growing up too fast and I do recall, Wishin’ time would stop right in it’s tracks. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I grew up in east Tennessee, and everybody knew everybody’s business. ~ Kenny Chesney.

It was satisfying to take a risk and see it pay off. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I love you baby goodnight. There goes my life. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I can’t believe that I get to stand on the stages I stand on every summer, and get to sing the songs that I sing. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I think that in the last four or five years I’ve constantly struggled with the balance in my life. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I think there is a part of life that I’m missing. ~ Kenny Chesney.

When I was playing for tips in college, I felt a fire in my soul. I had the same principle of focus that I had learned playing football. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I have 120 employees on the road every day, and about 30 other employees off the road. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I want there to be a level of respect between everybody. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Top Kenny Chesney Quotes

I can say that I don’t see myself with the foot on the gas pedal as hard as it’s been down for 16 years. ~ Kenny Chesney.

He had a voice that was the truth, raw and unfiltered. You can’t get any realer, any more tortured or any more alive. No one can do what George Jones does, and that’s why 50 years later, he still stands out as one of the greatest singers in any genre of all time. ~ Kenny Chesney.

It’s five o’clock somewhere. ~ Kenny Chesney.

My life can be insanely complicated sometimes, and there’s a certain simplicity that I crave. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I’m like a shark. I’ve got to be constantly moving. ~ Kenny Chesney.

So yeah, it’s nothing that I’m doing on purpose, I just think that the more records, the more songs that I write, the more records that I make, you’re obviously going to fall into a specific style and thank God it’s a style that people are into. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Keg in the closet pizza on the floor left over from the night before, where we were going we didn’t really care. We had all we ever wanted in that keg in the closet. ~ Kenny Chesney.

One word, that’s all you said and something in your voice caused me to turn my head. Your smile just captured me. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m a helluva kisser. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Music’s supposed to come from the heart. I felt like that if it ever got mechanical, I was going to back away from it. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I’m what I am and I’m what I’m not. And I’m sure happy with what I’ve got. I live to love and laugh a lot. And that’s all I need. ~ Kenny Chesney.

What you see is kinda what you get with me. I’m a very real person, or I hope to be, anyway. I don’t have nothing to hide. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I’ve always been drawn to the ocean. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I don’t think I ever feel sexy. I don’t think that’s for me to decide, if I’m sexy or not. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Social topics may hit too close to home for people, but then again, if you pull a heartstring, then that’s what country music is. It’s not just songs about getting drunk and leaving your girl. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I like to rock and roll, but I’m a mushy guy, too. I want to be the guy that all the girls love and all the guys want to hang out with. ~ Kenny Chesney.


It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime! ~ Kenny Chesney.

Before, I was more concerned with getting on the radio, like many young artists. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Powerful Kenny Chesney Quotes

I had no excuses for the things that we’d done, we were brave, we crazy, we were mostly young. ~ Kenny Chesney.

There’s this emotion we all feel of being overwhelmed at times, feeling that you can’t get ahead. For me it’s self-imposed because I’m so driven and I’m always going from project to project. ~ Kenny Chesney.

You’d think I’d have been happiest in my life playing music in front of 50,000 people at Gillette Stadium. But let me tell you, it’s an odd feeling to feel alone in the spotlight. ~ Kenny Chesney.


It’s very hard for me to relax. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I had a notepad and I wrote down 30 things to make myself better just off the top of my head, and the next day I started to do that. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I’m a huge Aerosmith fan. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Famous Kenny Chesney Quotes

There are only so many hours you can sit on the bus and watch TV or play basketball or whatever we do to pass the time before we go out onstage. ~ Kenny Chesney.


Me and my band and crew have always lived by the code: ‘Work hard, play harder.’ ~ Kenny Chesney.

When old Bobby does Elvis, you swear it’s the real mccoy. Another Friday night in the life of a country boy. ~ Kenny Chesney.

When I try to brush the road dust off of me and untangle all the wires in my head, I’m usually surrounded by music on a boat. But that’s not how I wake up every day. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I live to love and laugh a lot and that’s all I need. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Southern girls are God’s gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the mason-dixon line and once you go southern may the good Lord help you – you never go back. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I love the fact that I can go out there on stage with a guitar and sing a song that means something to somebody. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I didn’t need more fame or money. I needed more heart. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I remember making up songs in my head. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I realized that I wanted to get better in every way. As a person, as a friend, as a songwriter, as a musician, as an artist, record producer, you name it. ~ Kenny Chesney.

One of these days we’re gonna have to grow up, have to get real jobs and be adults, someday, just not today. ~ Kenny Chesney.


Live a little, love a lot. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I want to spend more time with my family. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Ultimate Kenny Chesney Quotes

Believe it or not, I want to keep growing my audience. ~ Kenny Chesney.

When I’m a ship tossed around on the waves, Up on a highwire that’s ready to break. When I’ve had just about all I can take, baby you save me. ~ Kenny Chesney.


I’m all right. I’m good. There has been better times, but I’ll be okay. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I needed to be pushed as an artist and as a person. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I love living my life in flip-flops. I met a guy in the islands a while ago who told me he hadn’t worn a pair of shoes in three years! I thought, ‘Man, that’s the life!’ ~ Kenny Chesney.

If you have a toothache, you will never ever sing a good song. ~ Kenny Chesney.


Everything gets hotter when the sun goes down. ~ Kenny Chesney.

I need to recharge creatively, and get off the clock of having to be somewhere just because, and having to keep juggling all these things. ~ Kenny Chesney.

My mind is constantly going. For me to completely relax, I gotta get rid of my cell phone. ~ Kenny Chesney.


First and foremost, I consider myself a songwriter. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Don’t blink. You just might miss your babies growing like mine did. Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your ‘better half’ Of fifty years is there in bed. And you’re praying God takes you instead. Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think So don’t blink. ~ Kenny Chesney.

Football taught me how hard you had to work to achieve something. ~ Kenny Chesney.

So these were the 65 top Kenny Chesney quotes on music and life.

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