41 Kylo Ren Quotes That Are Must Read

Kylo Ren is a fictional character that appears in the Star Wars saga as a prominent adversary.

Best Kylo Ren Quotes

I want every gun we have to fire on that man. ~ Kylo Ren.

I Feel It Again. The Pull To The Light. ~ Kylo Ren.

I had no idea we had the best pilot in the Resistance on board. Comfortable? ~ Kylo Ren.

The Resistance is dead, the war is over, and when I kill you, I will have killed the last Jedi! ~ Kylo Ren.

I’ve Given Everything To You…To The Dark Side. ~ Kylo Ren.

It’s just us now. Han Solo can’t save you. ~ Kylo Ren.

I saw something too. I know when the time comes, you’ll be the one to turn. You’ll stand with me, Rey. I saw who your parents are. ~ Kylo Ren.


I’m immune to the light. ~ Kylo Ren.

Don’t Be Afraid. I Feel It, Too. ~ Kylo Ren.

You Can’t Hide, Rey. Not From Me. ~ Kylo Ren.

I killed Han Solo. When the moment came, I didn’t hesitate! ~ Kylo Ren.

Famous Kylo Ren Quotes

They were filthy junk traders. Sold you off for drinking money. They’re dead in a pauper’s grave in the Jakku desert. You come from nothing. ~ Kylo Ren.

I’m impressed. No one has been able to get out of you what you did with the map. ~ Kylo Ren.

You have that look in your eyes. From the forest. You called me a monster. ~ Kylo Ren.

She is strong with the Force. ~ Kylo Ren.

I know what I have to do. ~ Kylo Ren.


The Dark Side is in our nature. Surrender to it. ~ Kylo Ren.

Your son is gone. He was weak and foolish like his father, so I destroyed him. ~ Kylo Ren.

That weapon is mine! ~ Kylo Ren.

Top Kylo Ren Quotes

You’re Nothing. But Not To Me ~ Kylo Ren.

I’ll show you the Dark Side. ~ Kylo Ren.

You Can’t Go Back To Her Now. Just Like I Can’t. ~ Kylo Ren.

I’m being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me? ~ Kylo Ren.

The Supreme Leader is dead! ~ Kylo Ren.

You’re not alone. ~ Kylo Ren.

He had sensed my power, as he senses yours. And he feared it. ~ Kylo Ren.

Popular Kylo Ren Quotes

It’s carrying a section of a navigational chart. And we have the rest. Recovered from the archives of the Empire, but we need the last piece. And, somehow, you convinced the droid to show it to you. You. A scavenger. ~ Kylo Ren.

Let The Past Die. Kill It If You Have To. It’s The Only Way To Become What You Were Meant To Be. ~ Kylo Ren.

I want that map. For your sake… I suggest you get it. ~ Kylo Ren.

You know I can take whatever I want? ~ Kylo Ren.

Look how old you’ve become. ~ Kylo Ren.


Prepare my ship! ~ Kylo Ren.

Don’t fight it…you know you can’t ~ Kylo Ren.

By the grace of your training I will not be seduced. ~ Kylo Ren.

I’ll destroy her. And you. And all of it. ~ Kylo Ren.

The girl I’ve heard so much about. The droid – where is it? ~ Kylo Ren.

Amazing Kylo Ren Quotes

Do you know the truth about your parents? Or have you always known? You’ve just hidden it away. Say it. ~ Kylo Ren.

She is strong with the Force. Untrained, but stronger than she knows. ~ Kylo Ren.

You need a teacher. I can show you the ways of the Force. ~ Kylo Ren.

I killed Snoke. I’ll kill you. ~ Kylo Ren.

Blow that piece of junk out of the sky! ~ Kylo Ren.

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