61 Best Luna Lovegood Quotes and Lines from Harry Potter Series

Luna Lovegood is a fictional character in J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series.

First introduced in “Order of the Phoenix”, she’s known for her dreamy demeanor and dirty-blond hair.

Evanna Lynch portrays Luna in the films, a performance Rowling highly praised. Luna is viewed as the “anti-Hermione” because she bases beliefs on faith rather than logic.

However, she’s intelligent, insightful and values her friendships deeply, as evidenced by the portraits in her room.


Luna’s father, Xenophilius, is the editor of “The Quibbler”. Her mother, a talented witch, died from a failed spell experiment.

In “Order of the Phoenix”, Luna becomes close with Harry, supports him publicly and later fights alongside him at the Ministry.

In “Half-Blood Prince”, Luna’s offbeat Quidditch commentary is amusing to many. In “Deathly Hallows”, Luna is captured because her father supports Harry but later plays a vital role in Voldemort’s defeat.

Post-series, Luna becomes a renowned magical naturalist, marries Rolf Scamander and has twins, Lorcan and Lysander.

She remains close with the main characters and is particularly popular among fans.

Let’s have a look at some of the best quotes by Luna Lovegood.

Interesting Luna Lovegood Quotes

I suspect Nargles are behind it. ~ Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter).

Wrackspurts. Your head’s full of them. ~ Luna Lovegood.

They’ll come back – they always do in the end. ~ Luna Lovegood.


I’d want some peace and quiet, if it were me. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Daddy, look! One of the gnomes actually bit me! ~ Luna Lovegood.

I’ve never stunned anyone except in our D.A. lessons. That was noisier than I thought it would be. ~ Luna Lovegood.


Well, my father is very supportive of any anti-Ministry action! ~ Luna Lovegood.

You look smart. I told Daddy most people wear dress robes. But he believes you ought to wear sun colors to a wedding – for luck, you know. ~ Luna Lovegood.

You have to wait for somebody who gets it right. That way, you learn. You see? ~ Luna Lovegood.


We should close his eyes, don’t you think? There – now he could be sleeping. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Oh, come on. You heard them just behind the veil, didn’t you? They were just lurking out of sight, that’s all. You heard them. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Come, daddy. Harry doesn’t want to talk to us right now. He’s just too polite to say it. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Would you like me to fix it for you? Personally, I think you look a little more devil-may-care this way, but it’s up to you. ~ Luna Lovegood.


There are other ways of flying than with broomsticks. ~ Luna Lovegood.

My mum. She was quite an extraordinary witch, but she did like to experiment. And one day, one of her spells went badly wrong. I was nine. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Best Luna Lovegood Quotes

Yes, it was rather horrible. I still feel very sad about it sometimes. But I’ve still got Dad. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end – if not always in the way we expect. ~ Luna Lovegood.


When you say ‘Sirius,’ are you talking about Stubby Boardman? ~ Luna Lovegood.

Harry Potter! You listen to me right now! Don’t you remember what Cho said about Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem? There’s not a person alive who’s seen it. It’s obvious, isn’t it? You have to talk to someone who’s dead. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Mistletoe, good thinking. It’s often infested with Nargles. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Luna Lovegood Lines

All my shoes have mysteriously disappeared. I suspect the Nargles are behind it. ~ Luna Lovegood.


You’re being rather rude, you know. ~ Luna Lovegood.

They’re called Thestrals. They’re quite gentle really, but people avoid them because they’re a bit. ~ Luna Lovegood.

All my shoes somehow magically disappeared… But I’m not concerned. They’ll show up sometime – even when you least expect it. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Top Luna Lovegood Quotes

Well, if I were You-Know-Who, I’d want you to feel cut off from everyone else. Because if it’s just you alone, you’re not as much of a threat. ~ Luna Lovegood.

And anyway, it’s not as though I’ll never see Mum again, is it? ~ Luna Lovegood.

She didn’t enjoy it very much. She doesn’t think you treated her very well because you wouldn’t dance with her. I don’t think I’d have minded. I don’t like dancing very much. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Always be yourself because if you’re not yourself, who are you? Someone else? Therefore, not being you at all. ~ Luna Lovegood.


Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Oh, no! I’d love to go with you as friends! Nobody’s ever asked me to a party before – as a friend! Is that why you dyed your eyebrow – for the party? Should I do mine too? ~ Luna Lovegood.

I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Famous Luna Lovegood Quotes

I’ve never been to this part of the castle. At least, not while awake – I sleepwalk, you see. That’s why I wear shoes to bed. ~ Luna Lovegood.


Don’t worry, you are just as sane as I am. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Oh, it’s all good fun. But as this is the last night, I really do need them back. ~ Luna Lovegood.

That’s right, Harry. Come on, think of something happy. ~ Luna Lovegood.

I’m supporting Gryffindor. Look what it does. It’s good, isn’t it? I wanted to have it chewing up a serpent to represent Slytherin, you know, but there wasn’t time. Anyway, good luck Ronald! ~ Luna Lovegood..

A Wrackspurt – they’re invisible. They float in through your ears, and make your brain go fuzzy. I thought I felt one zooming around in here. ~ Luna Lovegood.


They think I’m a bit odd, you know. Some people call me ‘Loony Lovegood’, actually. ~ Luna Lovegood.

He’s lovely! They’ve been known to sing on Boxing Day, you know. Quibbler? ~ Luna Lovegood.

Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means that you are brave enough to be yourself. ~ Luna Lovegood.

I enjoyed the meetings, too. It was like having friends. ~ Luna Lovegood.

I’ve interrupted a deep thought, haven’t I? I can see it growing smaller in your eyes. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Ron can laugh. But my father has done a lot of research on Gernumbli magic. ~ Luna Lovegood.


Very well. I was bitten by a garden gnome only moments ago. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Is it true you can produce a patronus charm? ~ Luna Lovegood.

Iconic Luna Lovegood Quotes

You can laugh! But people used to believe there were no such things as the Blibbering Humdinger, or the Crumple-Horned Snorkack! ~ Luna Lovegood.

Thank you so much, Dobby – for rescuing me from that cellar. It’s so unfair that you had to die when you were so good and brave. I’ll always remember what you did for us. I hope you’re happy now. ~ Luna Lovegood.

I don’t think you should be an Auror, Harry. The Aurors are part of the Rotfang Conspiracy. I thought everyone knew that. They’re working to bring down the Ministry of Magic from within using a mixture of dark magic and gum disease. ~ Luna Lovegood.

You won’t find it where you’re going. You’re wasting your time. ~ Luna Lovegood.

That’s all right. It’s like being with a friend. ~ Luna Lovegood.


Muggles think this keeps away evil – but they’re wrong. ~ Luna Lovegood.

It’s a charm, actually. It keeps away the Nargles. ~ Luna Lovegood.

The only people who can see them are those who’ve seen death. ~ Luna Lovegood.


I’ve lost all my possessions. Apparently, people have been hiding them. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Exceptionally ordinary. ~ Luna Lovegood.

Ultimate Luna Lovegood Quotes

I think I’ll just go down and have some pudding and wait for it all to turn up – it always does in the end. ~ Luna Lovegood.

We’re all still here – we’re still fighting. Come on, now. ~ Luna Lovegood.


Oooh, look! A Blibbering Humdinger! ~ Luna Lovegood.

We fly, of course. ~ Luna Lovegood.

I believe ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’ is back. And I believe you fought him and escaped from him. ~ Luna Lovegood.

There are plenty of eyewitness accounts. Just because you’re so narrow-minded, you need to have everything shoved under your nose before you. ~ Luna Lovegood.

So these were the 61 top Luna Lovegood quotes about friends and being different.

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