41 Marley Dias Quotes from American Activist and Writer

Marley Dias is an American activist and writer.

Marley Dias is passionate about ending racism.


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I’ve learned to use big words. Because I’m an avid reader, I can prove myself as a smart and diligent person. ~ Marley Dias.


I am slightly obsessed with beauty products. ~ Marley Dias.


My parents taught me the importance of telling the truth no matter what. ~ Marley Dias.


Anyone can change the world however they want for the better! ~ Marley Dias.

I think the biggest thing is that success is not measured by whether or not you’re on ‘CBS This Morning’ or whether or not you make the local news station. ~ Marley Dias.

Innovation comes from, one, acknowledging yourself; two, studying and understanding the problem; and three, finding a solution. ~ Marley Dias.


Black girl stories aren’t just for black girls: they’re for everybody. ~ Marley Dias.

I wasn’t seeing black girls in the books I was assigned to read at my school. I was tired of only reading about white boys and dogs and wanted to collect books featuring black girls. ~ Marley Dias.

Even though I wear glasses, I’m not just a mousy person who stays in my room – even though I do sometimes stay in my room and read. ~ Marley Dias.


I have some friends who love to perform and wish they were getting the attention I am getting. But that doesn’t stop them from supporting me. ~ Marley Dias.

It’s important to read books and see people who look like you. It helps you know that you are not the only one or the weird one because you’re a black girl and you are not seeing anyone who looks like you in these books. ~ Marley Dias.

Famous Marley Dias Quotes

I come from a community that has a lot of white kids, and I notice how, a lot of times, they don’t understand our differences and how I come from a different culture and my ancestors are different and my history is different. ~ Marley Dias.

When you are reading about a book, you focus on the main character, of course. When you have something in common with them and connect with them, you remember the lessons they learned, and then you can apply them to your life. So you can live the best life you can. ~ Marley Dias.


I use Spotify to listen to music when I am taking a shower and when I am doing projects. ~ Marley Dias.

I believe activism is the true source of change in the world. Pushing to change social structures in communities that you are a part of is critical for making real lasting change. ~ Marley Dias.

I think the biggest thing, where my passionate-ness comes from, is that I love reading, and it is something that I really care about. ~ Marley Dias.

You always need to make sure that you’re looking at every angle and every perspective so that people, when they read the story, know what’s happening. You have to write for everyone. ~ Marley Dias.

It isn’t always simple when America discovers you at 11 years old. Suddenly, it’s not just homework that you’re responsible for. Your name becomes a hashtag, and if you’re lucky, you might even get invited on ‘Ellen.’ ~ Marley Dias.

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When I speak at events, I often wear my dad’s ties and my mom’s earrings. It’s a small, almost secret way of having them with me when I’m up there onstage, talking to a roomful of strangers. It makes me feel safe. ~ Marley Dias.

All my friends can probably only name one publishing house, and that is Scholastic; they are everywhere. Scholastic is the perfect partner for spreading my message of diversity, inclusion, and social action. ~ Marley Dias.

For kids in 2nd or 3rd grade, I would recommend the ‘Dear America’ series. Most of the stories in the ‘Dear America’ series, if they have black girls, are about them being enslaved, but they escape or do something really adventurous. ~ Marley Dias.

I believe that feminism needs to teach more girls about how to make institutional changes and how to further engage men and boys into being our allies. ~ Marley Dias.


I think it is important to speak your mind. Tolerance of the ignorance sends the wrong message to kids. ~ Marley Dias.

I love YouTube. You can find me there watching cat videos. I even like to watch other people play video games. I know it’s a bit creepy, but it’s my thing. ~ Marley Dias.

I am unapologetic about the need for social change, greater inclusion, and equity. ~ Marley Dias.

People say, ‘Dream big!’ – but you have to think about the logistics. It’s not just coming up with a great idea; it’s how you can sell or market or promote that great idea. ~ Marley Dias.


Frustration is fuel that can lead to the development of an innovative and useful idea. ~ Marley Dias.

⁠Girls of color and young women need to be seen, heard, and valued. Schools can help make this happen by including our stories in the curriculum. ~ Marley Dias.

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‘Marley Dias Gets It Done – And So Can You’ is a book about how girls who are 10 and up – and everyone who is 10 and up, basically – can use their gifts and talents to help the world in a way that’s unique to them. ~ Marley Dias.

Social actions means that you find an issue in your community, and you create an initiative to solve that issue or to help people. ~ Marley Dias.


I travel a lot, so I know that it’s important to have people in your life to keep you ground. ~ Marley Dias.

Dressing in an androgynous way, mixing up the masculine and feminine, blurring those boundaries – I’m cool with that. No one should ever be limited by stereotypes of gender, just as no one should ever be limited by stereotypes of race. ~ Marley Dias.

My goal for the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign is to create systemic change across all school systems. I want there to be diverse books that reflect the lives of every person, regardless of whether or not they are in the majority. ~ Marley Dias.

I go to Amazon to browse for things I can then go find at the mall. It’s like window shopping online. I want to touch the things that I buy. I am the kid who still likes actual books, bookstores, and libraries. ~ Marley Dias.


If you like reading, you are allowed to like to dance and to like to sing and to like to act. ~ Marley Dias.

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Like feminism, I want to create systems and structures for the equity for all people, especially girls and women. ~ Marley Dias.

I suggest school buses make stops at local libraries so that children who do not have resources like books at home can get access. ~ Marley Dias.

Black History Month could focus less on slavery and civil rights and more on the Harlem Renaissance and everything we have achieved. I want to know about the whole black experience. ~ Marley Dias.

Fashion is very important to me. I dress androgynously – I absolutely despise dresses and skirts and tights – and I started wearing glasses in the third grade. ~ Marley Dias.


I have role models, but I take the attributes of the people that I admire, and I use them to create my best self. ~ Marley Dias.

I’m working to create a space where it feels easy to include and imagine black girls and make black girls like me the main characters of our lives. ~ Marley Dias.

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