61 Best Martyn Lloyd Jones Quotes from Welsh Protestant Minister

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, a prominent Welsh Protestant minister, preacher and medical doctor, had a significant impact on the 20th-century British evangelical movement.

Born on December 20, 1899, in Cardiff, Wales, he was raised in Llangeitho, Cardiganshire.

Trained at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, a premier British medical institution, Lloyd-Jones chose to leave medicine to pursue preaching, getting ordained in the Calvinist Methodist Church of Wales in 1927.


For nearly three decades, he served as the minister of Westminster Chapel in London.

Lloyd-Jones was a powerful preacher, a leading Evangelical figure and a distinguished intellect for Christ.

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His disciplined and courageous personality earned him admirers across various Christian denominations.

Here are some of the powerful quotes from Martyn Lloyd Jones.

Best Martyn Lloyd Jones Quotes


Faith is the refusal to panic. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


I sometimes think that the whole art of the Christian life is the art of asking questions. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


The Gospel edifies and evangelizes at the same time. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


The primary task of the Church and of the Christian minister is the preaching of the Word of God. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

I am profoundly grateful to God that He did not grant me certain things for which I asked, and that He shut certain doors in my face. ~ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


You must say to yourself: ‘Whatever happens I am going on’. You do not give in or give way. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


The way to love God is to begin to know God’s love to you. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The Christian is confronted by two ways only, and if we are not on the strait and narrow way, we are on the wide and broad way. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


I preached as never sure to preach again And as a dying man to dying men. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

How easy it is to read the Scriptures and give a kind of nominal assent to the truth and yet never to appropriate what it tells us! ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

And if one feels anything in the presence of God save an utter poverty of spirit, it ultimately means that you have never faced Him. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


The cross of Christ justifies God; He remains holy because He has punished sin in the death, the shed blood, of His Son. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

There is nothing more foolish or self-defeating than for a Christian to say that he is not interested in doctrines. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The great need of the church today, in our sadness and in our slowness, is to discover the secret of the burning heart. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

There is nothing more hateful than a man who deliberately tries to play on the surface and superficial emotions of people. I have no interest in that except to denounce it. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


To love to preach is one thing, to love those to whom we preach quite another. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Famous Martyn Lloyd Jones Quotes

I sometimes think that the very essence of the whole Christian position and the secret of a successful spiritual life is just to realize two things… I must have complete, absolute confidence in God and no confidence in myself. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The Christian is a man who can be certain about the ultimate even when he is most uncertain about the immediate. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Faith means that I deliberately shut myself down to this Book, the Bible. I refuse to philosophize. I refuse to ask certain questions. People are always asking them. They want to understand the doctrine of the Trinity. You cannot. You will never understand it. It is too great. So you accept it; and you stop asking questions. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

I am not asking whether you know things about Him but do you know God, are you enjoying God, is God the centre of your life, the soul of your being, the source of your greatest joy? He is meant to be. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

If you look at your past and are depressed it means that you are listening to the devil. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


The tragedy of the world today is that it starts too near to its problems. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Talk to yourself, and though the devil will suggest that because you do not feel, you are not a Christian, say: ‘No, I do not feel anything, but whether I feel or not, I believe the Scriptures. I believe God’s Word is true and I will stay my soul on it, I will believe in it come what may’. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

This actual question of ‘Why does God allow war?’ is not considered or raised as such in the Bible at all. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

If your preaching of the gospel of God’s free grace in Jesus Christ does not provoke the charge from some of antinomianism, you’re not preaching the gospel of the free grace of God in Jesus Christ. ~ David Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


Great preaching always depends upon great themes. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Top Martyn Lloyd Jones Quotes

There are people who have an almost perfect knowledge of the letter of the Scripture but have never known the message of the Scripture. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The Son of God became man that the children of men might become children of God. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The main art in the matter of spiritual living is to know how to handle yourself. You have to take yourself in hand, you have to address yourself, preach to yourself, question yourself. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

We are all in such a hurry, we want everything at once. We believe that all truth can be stated in a few minutes. The answer to that is that it cannot. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Have you realized that most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


The worst thing that can happen to a man is to succeed before he is ready. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

You show me a man who does not pray very much and I will tell you the real problem of that man. It is that he does not know God, he does not know God as his Father. That is the trouble. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

There are so many people trying to diagnose the human situation; and they come to the conclusion that man is sick, man is unhappy, man is the victim of circumstances. They believe therefore that his primary need is to have these things dealt with, that he must be delivered from them. But I suggest that that is too superficial a diagnosis of the condition of man, and that man’s real trouble is that he is a rebel against God and consequently under the wrath of God. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

In a sense the most approachable Person this world has ever seen was the Lord Jesus Christ. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Great Martyn Lloyd Jones Quotes

Prayer is beyond any question the highest activity of the human soul. Man is at his greatest and highest when upon his knees he comes face to face with God. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

I will not glory, even in my orthodoxy, for even that can be a snare if I make a god of it… Let us rejoice in Him in all His fulness and in Him alone. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


If you were to feel more interest in Christ you would be less interested in yourself. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The Church is in eclipse at the moment, but what does it matter? It is God’s! And the Church will be brought to the place which God has purposed for her. Christ will come again. And he will come, probably as he did the first time, when we will all feel utterly hopeless and filled with despair and say that the Church is finished and that nothing can be done. He will come and he will scatter his enemies. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

When a man truly sees himself, he knows nobody can say anything about him that is too bad. ~ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

There is nothing to add to that. Any man who has had some glimpse of what it is to preach will inevitably feel that he has never preached. But he will go on trying, hoping that by the grace of God one day he may truly preach. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

What is the chief end of preaching? I like to think it is this. It is to give men and women a sense of God and His presence. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

According to the Scriptures happiness is never something that should be sought directly; it is always something that results from seeking something else. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


It is possible for a Christian to be perfectly orthodox and yet to be defeated, and to be living a defeated and a useless life. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Anyone who thinks that he can live the Christian life himself is proclaiming that he is not a Christian. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Which comes first with you, righteousness and holiness or experiences? There is no more urgently vital test that we can apply to ourselves than that. The proof of the life of God in the soul is that we say, Though he slay me, yet will I love him. I do not care what happens to me. If all goes wrong with me, it does not matter. I still desire him above everything else. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The chief thing is the love of God, the love of souls, a knowledge of the Truth, and the Holy Spirit within you. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Memorable Martyn Lloyd Jones Quotes


You see, the joy of the Christian is a holy joy, the happiness of the Christian is a serious happiness. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

It is an essential part of the gospel that conviction must always precede conversion; the gospel of Christ condemns before it releases. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

We must never look at any sin in our past life in any way except that which leads us to praise God and to magnify His grace in Christ Jesus. ~ D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Now the word ‘abiding’ makes people become sentimental. They think of abiding as something passive and clinging, but to abide in Christ is to do what He tells you, positively, and to pray without ceasing. Abiding is a tremendously active thing. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

If only we saw the things of which we are guilty so continually in the sight of God, and in the sight of utter holiness, we should hate them even as God Himself does. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Our danger is to submit ourselves to our feelings and to allow them to dictate to us, to govern and to master us and to control the whole of our lives. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.


We have to be poor in spirit before we can be filled with the Holy Spirit. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

If my preaching of this cross is not an offense to the natural man, I am misrepresenting it. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

There can be no more urgent question at this present time than just this: What is Christianity? I say that because this Gospel is the only hope in the world today. Everything else has been tried and found wanting. Everything else has failed. You will not find hope with the philosophers or with the statesmen, and you will not find it in the so-called religions of the world. Here is hope, and here alone. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The preacher must be a serious man; he must never give the impression that preaching is something light or superficial or trivial. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Spiritual Martyn Lloyd Jones Quotes

The terrible, tragic fallacy of the last hundred years has been to think that all man’s troubles are due to his environment, and that to change the man you have nothing to do but change his environment. That is a tragic fallacy. It overlooks the fact that it was in Paradise that man fell. ~ David Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

So there is nothing more vital for us to realize than this very thing: the Christian life, the Christian faith, is not something that we add on to what we have; it is something that is done to us. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Like many of my fellow preachers I acknowledge that my best and severest critic is my wife. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

The world is tremendously busy trying to cover up its nakedness, trying to get back again the glory that has been lost. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

Adam, where are you? In every respect, where are you, man? Where are you, woman? Come out of that hiding place and face the truth, for you have to. You are in God’s world. You are God’s creature, and you cannot avoid him. You cannot evade him. You have to deal with him. And if you do not listen to him in life, you will have to listen to him in death. When your name is called out at the great judgment throne in eternity, you will have to step forward and listen to the verdict. ~ Martyn Lloyd-Jones.

So these were the 61 top Martyn Lloyd Jones quotes and sayings.

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