30 Mercy Otis Warren Quotes from Famous Poet and Playwright

Mercy Otis Warren (1728-1814) was a famous American poet, dramatist and historian closely connected to leaders and events of the American Revolution.

Born into a prominent Cape Cod family, she was informally educated alongside her politically-active brother, James Otis.

In 1754, she married James Warren, aligning herself with Revolutionary leaders. Warren’s political activism intensified after her brother’s assault by colonial officers in 1769.

She penned significant plays and writings, critiquing British rule and later, the U.S. Federalist direction.


Her correspondence with figures like John and Abigail Adams, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson provides insightful perspectives.

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In 1805, her comprehensive history on the Revolution was published, creating temporary rifts with the Adamses due to her criticisms.

Let’s jump straight into the quotes by Mercy Otis Warren.

Best Mercy Otis Warren Quotes


I am more and more convinced, of the propensity in human nature to tyrannize over their fellow men… ~ Mercy Otis Warren.


Great advantages are often attended with great inconveniences, and great minds called to severe trials. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.


It may be a mistake, that man, in a state of nature, is more disposed to cruelty than courtesy. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.


In the midst of death’s relentless power, I yet among the living stand. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Mercy Otis Warren Quotes

Democratic principles are the result of equality of condition. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

But truth is most likely to be exhibited by the general sense of contemporaries, when the feelings of the heart can be expressed without suffering itself to be disguised by the prejudices of man. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

A declaration of the independence of America, and the sovereignty of the United States was drawn by the ingenious and philosophic pen of Thomas Jefferson, Esquire, a delegate from the state of Virginia. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Famous Mercy Otis Warren Quotes

A superfluity of wealth, and a train of domestic slaves, naturally banish a sense of general liberty, and nourish the seeds of that kind of independence that usually terminates in aristocracy. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.


No republic ever yet stood on a stable foundation without satisfying the common people. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The honorable William Penn, late governor of Pennsylvania, was chosen agent to the Court of Britain, and directed to deliver the petition to the King himself and to endeavor by his personal influence to procure a favorable reception to this last address. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The defeat of the Americans in Canada and the advantages gained by the British arms in the Jerseys, and indeed for some months in every other quarter, gave to the royal cause an air of triumph. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

General Washington had rather incautiously encamped the bulk of his army on Long Island – a large and plentiful district about two miles from the city of New York. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The rights of the individual should be the primary object of all governments. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Our situation is truly delicate & critical. On the one hand we are in need of a strong federal government founded on principles that will support the prosperity & union of the colonies. On the other we have struggled for liberty & made costly sacrifices at her shrine and there are still many among us who revere her name to much to relinquish (beyond a certain medium) the rights of man for the dignity of government. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Top Mercy Otis Warren Quotes


The waves have rolled upon me, the billows are repeatedly broken over me, yet I am not sunk down. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Public emergencies may require the hand of severity to fall heavily on those who are not personally guilty, but compassion prompts, and ever urges to milder methods. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

On the evening of December 25, General Washington in a most severe season crossed the Delaware with a part of his army, then reduced to less than 2000 men in the whole. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

But in the hero ne’er forget the man. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

By the Declaration of Independence, dreaded by the foes and for a time doubtfully viewed by many of the friends of America, everything stood on a new and more respectable footing, both with regard to the operations of war or negotiations with foreign powers. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The British were indeed very far superior to the Americans in every respect necessary to military operations, except the revivified courage and resolution, the result of sudden success after despair. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.


The bulk of mankind have indeed, in all countries in their turn, been made the prey of ambition. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The progress of the American Revolution has been so rapid and such the alteration of manners, the blending of characters, and the new train of ideas that almost universally prevail, that the principles which animated to the noblest exertions have been nearly annihilated. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Popular Mercy Otis Warren Quotes

The study of the human character opens at once a beautiful and a deformed picture of the soul. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The love of domination and an uncontrolled lust of arbitrary power have prevailed among all nations and perhaps in proportion to the degrees of civilization. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The balm of life, a kind and faithful friend. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Top Mercy Otis Warren Quotes

To learn to die is an heroic work. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

Before this address to my countrymen is closed, I beg leave to observe, that as a new century has dawned upon us, the mind is naturally led to contemplate the great events that have run parallel with and have just closed the last. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The origin of all power is in the people, and they have an incontestable right to check the creatures of their own creation. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

The United States form a young republic, a confederacy which ought ever to be cemented by a union of interests and affection, under the influence of those principles which obtained their independence. ~ Mercy Otis Warren.

So these were the 30 top Mercy Otis Warren quotes and sayings.

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