73 Best Moneybagg Yo Quotes, Sayings, Lyrics and Captions

DeMario DeWayne White Jr., professionally known as Moneybagg Yo, is an American rapper affiliated with Memphis rapper Yo Gotti’s record label, Collective Music Group, in association with Interscope Records.

Born in 1991 in South Memphis, Moneybagg Yo’s career began with early mixtapes in 2012, earning him recognition and awards.


His first two top 20 albums, Federal 3X (2017) and 2 Heartless (2018), debuted at No. 5 and No. 16 on the Billboard 200.

His third and fourth albums, Time Served and A Gangsta’s Pain, ranked No. 3 and No. 1 on the Billboard 200, respectively.

His work often features notable artists like Quavo, Lil Baby and BlocBoy JB. Known for his Hot 100-charting singles, Moneybagg Yo has collaborated with artists such as Blac Youngsta for mixtapes like Code Red.

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He’s a devoted Muslim, practicing daily prayers and Ramadan fasting and maintains a personal life with eight children and a relationship with influencer Ariana “Ari” Fletcher.

Let’s go through some of the top quotes from Moneybagg Yo.

Best Moneybagg Yo Quotes


This is my real life. This is like, without music I feel I’m nothing. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


When I’m in public they say I act like an animal. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


I had to live. I had to go through things. I had to keep experiencing like, I’m human, too. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


In life, I’ma go when it’s crunch time. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


I had to force my music on people for me to get to this point. I came up with my own little strategies, but I did it. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


I was lazy, just cut you off, blocked you on all my pages. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

When things are going great it’s only a matter of time before some bad happens ‘cause when you are on top it’s only one other way to go. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I feel like I waited 9, 10 months to put music together because I had to experience things, I had to live life, I had to go through the pain and overcome. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


I need to be careful ’bout energy I feed you. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

As soon as you stop chasing wrong things, I promise the right things gonna catch you. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Man, I come straight out of the jungle, having nothing makes me humble. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


Only thing free in life is options. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Everybody don’t see your vision, they don’t get where you’re going. You’ve got to force it on them, make them believe in you, and just keep doing you because you’re the only one that can see where you want to go. You feel me? ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I gotta slick mouth. I swear that’s why I’m so quiet. I be tryna spare feelings. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

You got to, first of all, you got to listen. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Just don’t let anyone judge you. Move at your own pace. Do things the way you want, and if people don’t get it immediately, then make them understand. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


Only thing worse than being broke is being comfortable with staying broke. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Famous Moneybagg Yo Quotes

Once you start making money, everyone starts becoming your friend. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I ain’t dealing with nothing if it don’t make sense to me. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


I have reasons for my actions. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Putting old habits behind me and moving forward at this point. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Growing up, before I took rap seriously, the dope boys and the top kingpins in the streets were my role models. But then when I started developing a passion for music, people like Boosie, Juvenile, Gotti, Future, Wayne became them. Everything about their life, I just fell in love with. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I’ll go guard for anyone’s life, but I’ll go 10 times harder for someone showing me they’ll do the same for me. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Top Moneybagg Yo Quotes

So if she a stallion but musty all the time, do that make her a mustang. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


You building up, you gotta start from somewhere. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I’m stuck in CEO-mode right now. I was looking to just put my brothers on, but it put me in a crazy position. So now that I’m doing that. When I ain’t focused on me, I’m focused on their music. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I love my kids, and you know what you are supposed to do. You know your responsibilities. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

In my head, I wasn’t average. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I’m at that point. ’Cause, you gotta give your family the time. You gotta try to fit it in some kind of way and find that balance. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


They do anything for clout. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

You chase your dreams and you’re gonna be able to count all the money that’s gonna come to you. That stuck with me. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I still did have half gangster, half pain, but I mixed them all together, so you get different vibes. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Well, I ain’t even gonna lie, I used to wear fake jewelry when I was coming up, like trying to get on. But I just understood that you had to have that image as a rapper, as an artist, just to have the attention. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I done turned another one up knowing I’m careless. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


I just wanna see everything blossom. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Gotta keep it in their face, they don’t take much. I’m the boss, I’ll never take a pay cut. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Stay focused. No matter what, keep pressing and pushing. They are not gonna understand and accept you when you first start but you gonna force it on ‘em! ~ Moneybagg Yo.

You had to just blank out, you had to just go into the studio and close your eyes and think about everything you’ve done. That’s what I did, just close my eyes and reflect back on everything. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Just because you took longer than others, doesn’t mean you failed. Remember that. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


Mindset so different now. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I’m not wild, no more I done calmed my life, people won’t even get a reaction out of me. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I prefer loneliness than fake company. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I listen to R&B when I ain’t rapping. It’s soothing, it relaxes my mind, it takes me to different places, and it just opens up my brain. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

When it’s time to ride you loading up, ‘cause you’re a reflection of me shawty. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I know the end goal, so I’m not really tripping on the outside noise. I’m looking past that at this point. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Don’t lose your focus. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


Don’t know how I talked ’bout money back when I was poor. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

It’s not selfish to do what’s best for you, sometimes you need to put yourself first. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I got 99 problems but 100 blessings. Took 99 L’s but learned 100 lessons. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Inspirational Moneybagg Yo Quotes

Some people only trying to make this amount of money, get in there and do that to do that. Some people trying to really go there, and some people just really have a passion for this situation and accept everything that comes with it. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

You can have the talent. It’s cool, everybody has the talent, but it’s more than that to be a successful star. You gotta be able to listen and take constructive criticism and different stuff like that, you know what I’m saying? And you just gotta be on time. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I got a real passion for this game and it’s just drive. I’ll keep that drive. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

You don’t even know what you are talking about, and then you got people in the world that really believe this stuff. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Don’t hit my phone when my life starts to progress. ‘Cause all I wanted was a little support and y’all ignored me. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


You gotta be stronger than your situation. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I ain’t gonna bug, bother, or annoy anyone, so I feel my attention isn’t appreciated or being returned. I’m out ain’t gonna overstay my welcome. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I just wanted to be more disciplined with the lifestyle and just. Oh, is this affecting me in this way? I’m gonna eliminate this. I’m gonna stop with this ’cause this does that. I want to do something. I wanna be like this so I have to strive for it. That’s what it is, discipline. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Just because a brother from the hood doesn’t mean he lacks knowledge. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Problem with me is… I was raised to care and never cross people that you genuinely got love for… but everybody ain’t raised the same. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I’m staying focused and positive no matter what can’t nothing throw me off. ~ Moneybagg Yo.


Once you start making money everyone starts becoming your friend. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

I just use it to the best of my ability. I don’t dog it out. I don’t do anything like that. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

Never liked to play the game on easy. ~ Moneybagg Yo.

So these were the 73 top Moneybagg Yo quotes about love, life and money.

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