87 Pro Choice Quotes That Are Thought-Provoking and Powerful

These Pro Choice Quotes Are Thought-Provoking and Powerful.

An individual who supports the pro-choice stance upholds the core principle that women have the inalienable right to determine if they want to give birth to a child they have conceived.

They promote the availability of abortion as an option for women who decide against continuing a pregnancy.

This viewpoint stresses the significance of honoring a woman’s bodily autonomy and her right to make choices regarding her reproductive well-being.


Pro-choice advocates contend that women must be empowered to make knowledgeable decisions about their bodies and futures, encompassing the choice of accessing safe and legal abortion services when required.

Best Pro Choice Quotes


No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body. ~ Margaret Sanger.


Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response. ~ Mildred Barthel.

Pro-life feminists believe in women and their ability. Pro-choice feminists only see women as weak and something to be exploited. ~ Abby Johnson.

I’m pro-choice and those things, but I typically vote Republican. ~ James Denton.

God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please – you can never have both. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson.

When we consider that women are treated as property it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

Too many women are forced to abort by poverty, by their menfolk, by their parents… A choice is only possible if there are genuine alternatives. ~ Germaine Greer.

What is this ban on abortion – it is a survival of the veiled face, of the barred window and the locked door, burning, branding, mutilation, stoning, of all the grip of ownership and superstition come down on woman, thousands of years ago. ~ Stella Brown.

I have worked for three decades as a staunch advocate of building a ‘big tent’ party that includes both pro-choice and pro-life Republicans. ~ Olympia Snowe.

We’re always going to argue about abortion. It’s a hard choice and it’s controversial, and that’s why I’m pro-choice, because I want people to make their own choices. ~ Hillary Clinton.

I support religious liberty, but I also think it is very important as a Republican Party that we bring a compassionate tone when talking about women’s health care issues, when we talk about pro-life and pro-choice. ~ Elise Stefanik.

Being pro-choice was not just a movement to me; it was a lifestyle. I wholeheartedly embraced that lifestyle and loved being a part of it. ~ Abby Johnson.


Life must be lived personally, making your own choices, making your own successes and failures. ~ Vincenzo Berghella.

I am pro-choice, but I don’t consider that inconsistent at all with pro-life – there’s no way that having an abortion, ever, is an easy decision, and it more often errs on the side of absolutely wrenching, not to mention physically debilitating. ~ Rachel Sklar.

I think the Republican Party should be a pro-life party. I am pro-life. I do not apologize for that. On the flip side of that coin, the Republican Party has been big enough to allow pro-choice advocates to be heard. ~ J. C. Watts.

I won the leadership of the Conservative Party as a pro-choice Conservative MP, one with a strong mandate. ~ Erin O’Toole.

Famous Pro Choice Quotes

Abortion is not the lesser of two evils. Abortion is profamily, prolife, moral, and good. For many millions of women, abortion has meant getting on with their lives and continuing to meet their responsibilities to themselves, their families, and society. ~ Patricia Lunneborg.

If we lived in a culture that valued women’s autonomy and in which men and women practiced cooperative birth control, the abortion issue would be moot. ~ Christiane Northrup.


The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice. ~ George Eliot.

The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control. ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I should have known better. Pro-life arguments are now based on scientific evidence and the pro-choice arguments are not. That is a cultural, historical fact. ~ Stanley Fish.

To forbid birth is only quicker murder. He is a man, who is to be a man; the fruit is always present in the seed. ~ Tertullian.

Margaret Thatcher was pro-choice. She voted to decriminalize homosexuality. Was not profoundly religious. She was very liberal on social issues. ~ Phyllida Lloyd.

Listen to the pregnant woman. Value her. She values the life growing inside her. Listen to the pregnant woman, and you cannot help but defend her right to abortion. ~ Ayelet Waldman.


No woman has an abortion for fun. ~ Elizabeth Joan Smith.

As a member of the House Pro-Choice Caucus and a strong defender of a woman’s right to choose, my bottom line here is this: women have a constitutional right to access abortion. ~ Seth Moulton.

I wasn’t just pro-choice, I was pro-everything, until I started taking everything off the table and began looking at things and asking if this view was consistent with that view. ~ Glenn Beck.

Can you be a progressive if you’re anti-immigrant but pro-choice? No. ~ Pramila Jayapal.

You can take two people in exactly opposite situations and one of them will end up being a leader; the other washes out because of the choices he makes. ~ Pat Williams.

You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion. ~ Hillary Clinton.


Abortion is the insurance against that fate worse than death which is called a family. ~ Peter Kreeft.

If every woman who’s had an abortion took tomorrow off in protest, America would grind to a halt. And that would be symbolic: because women grind to a halt if they are not in control of their fertility. ~ Caitlin Moran.

You’ve got a movie where the pro-choice family gives their daughter no choice. The pro-life family murders. What seems to be the good mother, the kind of hippie painter, sweet and cute mother has no love for her daughter really. ~ Ellen Barkin.

If we lived in a culture that valued women’s autonomy and in which men and women practiced cooperative birth control, the abortion issue would be moot. ~ Christiane Northrup.

I consider abortion to be a deeply personal and intimate issue for women and I don’t believe male legislators should even vote on the issue. ~ Alan K. Simpson.


I am a big pro-choice guy. ~ Charles Barkley.

Being pro-choice is trusting the individual to make the right decision for herself and her family, and not entrusting that decision to anyone wearing the authority of government in any regard. ~ Hillary Clinton.

Abortion should not only be safe and legal, it should be rare. ~ Bill Clinton.

Abortion is the insurance against that fate worse than death which is called a family. ~ Peter Kreeft.

One method of destroying a concept is by diluting its meaning. Observe that by ascribing rights to the unborn, the nonliving, the anti-abortionists obliterate the rights of the living. ~ Ayn Rand.

Character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you make that gradually turn who you are at any given moment. ~ David Deford.

If the anti-abortion movement took a tenth of the energy they put into noisy theatrics and devoted it to improving the lives of children who have been born into lives of poverty, violence, and neglect, they could make a world shine. ~ Michael Jay Tucker.


After listening to Rick Santorum, I’m now for late-term abortions. ~ Quentin R. Bufogle.

I’m a pro-choice candidate and I support marriage equality – my brother is actually gay and married. But I’m a pretty hard-headed guy when it comes to the budget and whether you’re getting a bang for your buck. ~ Charlie Baker.

Every one of my positions cuts – out half the country. I’m pro-choice, I’m pro-gay rights, I’m pro-immigration, I’m against guns, I believe in Darwin. ~ Michael Bloomberg.

Whether you are pro-choice or strongly pro-life, as I am, there should be common ground that abortion ceases to be an option when a baby can live outside the mother’s womb or experience excruciating pain from a procedure. ~ Kevin Brady.

If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. ~ Florynce Kennedy.

I’m one-hundred percent pro-choice. I align with everything Emily’s List aligns with. ~ Amy McGrath.

The line between lawful and unlawful abortion will be marked by the fact of having sensation and being alive. ~ Aristotle.

Powerful Pro Choice Quotes

Your moral stance depends on what you think is being aborted. If you don’t believe it to be a person but part of a woman’s body, of course you will be pro-choice. I would be virulently pro-choice if I didn’t believe it to be a person. ~ Louise Mensch.

This pro-choice issue is a legal issue that should be decided by the courts. ~ Michael T. Flynn.

I don’t think there is a libertarian position on abortion. Maybe if you took a poll of libertarians, it might be that a majority would be pro-choice, but, the libertarian position is to protect the rights of individuals against the use of force and fraud. ~ Charles Murray.

Earlier feminists were almost universally pro-choice and have dominated political debate until now. Having access to abortion was viewed as the only way women could have full equality with men, who, until recently, couldn’t get pregnant. ~ Kathleen Parker.

There is no such thing as illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents. ~ J.Adam Snyder.

If the American people – pro-choice and pro-life – cannot agree with the basic concept that the life of a baby born alive following a botched abortion should be protected, then when do the rights of these babies begin?. ~ Mercedes Schlapp.

Most of my fellow citizens are the sorry consequences of uncommitted abortions. ~ Karl Kraus.

I don’t like telling people where I stand on this, although I’m surprised anybody wonders. I suppose if I say I’m pro-choice, if I make that clear, it let’s the audience off the hook, then they can sort of relax. Okay, it’s alright he’s pro-choice then I can enjoy this. ~ Todd Solondz.


I’m very much a humanist. I’m very much pro-choice. I’m very much politically correct. ~ Sandra Bernhard.

The issue is not abortion. The issue is whether women can make up their own mind instead of some right-wing pastor, some right-wing politician telling them what to do. ~ Howard Dean.

Electing pro-choice Republican women can help foster a discussion that reflects the full spectrum of views and can lead to a more balanced and responsible public dialogue. ~ Linda Lingle.

A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies. ~ Oscar Wilde.

Top Pro Choice Quotes

No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg. ~ Frederica Mathewes-Green.

How come when it’s us, it’s an abortion, and when it’s a chicken, it’s an omelet. ~ George Carlin

Adoption was such a positive alternative to abortion, a way to save one life and brighten two more: those of the adoptive parents. ~ George W. Bush.

All I’m asking for is the law that’s been on the books for the last 33 years, no public funding for abortion. We are both saying the same thing, pro-life, pro-choice. Let’s find the language that works for both of us so we can pass health care. ~ Bart Stupak.

When you have to make a choice and don’t make it, that in itself is a choice. ~ William James.

To say that I am pro life is just wrong. I am personally pro-choice and legislatively pro-choice. ~ Harold Ford, Jr.

I won’t use abortion as a litmus test with a pro-choice individual. Someone that is an activist on the abortion issue, I think, goes outside the pale, and I cannot support an activist on the abortion issue. ~ Ken Buck.


Choice precedes action as day precedes night. ~ John A. Andrews.

No Republican presidential candidate is a viable option for pro-choice voters of any political philosophy – Democrat, Republican or otherwise. ~ Christine Pelosi.

I implore my Democratic colleagues to disregard the extreme voices of the abortion industry and radical pro-choice activists in favor of the loud, clear voice of the American people: Late-term abortion is a step too far, and post-birth abortion is horrifying. ~ Mike Braun.

Militant feminists are pro-choice because it’s their ultimate avenue of power over men. And believe me, to them it is a question of power. It is their attempt to impose their will on the rest of society, particularly on men. ~ Rush Limbaugh.

Life is the sum of all your choices. ~ Albert Camus.

Obviously, I have been a pro-choice candidate for my entire political career, and obviously there is controversy always surrounding this issue. ~ Claire McCaskill.


My pro-choice activism keeps me busy. ~ Margot Kidder.

Look, I am as pro-choice as anybody. ~ Michael Capuano.

When I came to faith, I was on pro-choice boards, and I dropped off of those because you couldn’t read the Bible and be pro-choice. ~ Bob Beckel.

In eating corn on the cob or watermelon, you have a choice: you can be fastidious, or you can enjoy it. ~ Olin Miller.

Pro-choice supporters are often heard using the cool language of the courts and the vocabulary of rights. Americans who are deeply ambivalent about abortion often miss tthe sound of caring. ~ Ellen Goodman.

The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control. ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body. No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother. ~ Margaret Sanger.

We really need to get over this love affair with the fetus and start worrying about children. ~ Joycelyn Elders.

No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg. ~ Frederica Mathewes-Green.

It is always the moralists who do the most harm. Abortion is the logical outcome of civilization, only the jungle gives birth and molders away as nature decrees. Man plans. ~ Max Frisch.

Here is a video that differentiates between Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.

So these were the top 87 Pro Choice Quotes.

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