33 Best Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes from TV Show ‘Vikings’

Ragnar Lothbrok was a Scandinavian king and a Viking who became a hero and legend.

Played by Travis Fimmel, he’s inspired by the 9th-century raider Ragnar Lodbrok.

Starting as a joyful farmer, Ragnar evolves into a formidable Viking and Jarl in England, eventually rising to Denmark’s King after King Horik’s demise.

His passing pivots the series to his sons’ tales.

I have curated a list of the best quotes by Ragnar Lothbrok below.

Top 10 Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes


No man can walk through life without things happening to him. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


We fight. That is how we win, and that is how we die. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


We should not wash our dirty clothes in front of others. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


I’m not satisfied with this. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


All roads lead to the throne. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


The world is changing and we must change with it. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


We had Thor on our side. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


How the little piggies will grunt when they hear how the old boar suffered. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


It is one thing to use a weapon, but another to kill. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

Famous Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes


I hung from a windy tree for nine long nights, wounded by a spear, dedicated to Odin, from that tree of which no man knows from where its roots run. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

Power is dangerous. It corrupts the best and attracts the worst. Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

I always believed that death is a fate far better than life, for you will be reunited with lost loved ones. But we will never meet again, my friend, for I have a feeling that your God might object to me visiting you in heaven. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


You do not think like other men. You’re unpredictable and that will serve you well. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


But unhappiness is more common than happiness. Who told you you should be happy? ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

Great Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes


When your time comes, you must lead with your head, not with your heart. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


In my world, I am constantly torn between killing myself or everyone around me. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

I don’t believe in the god’s existence. Man is the master of his own fate, not the gods. The gods are man’s creation to give answers that they are too afraid to give themselves. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


I don’t know how I am going to win. I just know I’m not going to lose. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

A man does two things: He fights to conquer and preserve, and he looks after his family. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


In my mind, I wish I had never left the farm. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

Best Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes


Odin gave his eye to acquire knowledge…but I would give far more. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

You and your Gods are wrong. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


You don’t need a title to be a leader. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

Don’t waste your time looking back. You’re not going that way. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

I cannot stop thinking about death. Death intrigues me. The death of children. The death of friends. But my own death continues to elude me. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


You see, I guided my fate. I fashioned the course of my life and death. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

You’re a brave man Athelstan. I always respected you for that. You taught me so much. You saw yourself as weak and conflicted, but to me, you were fearless because you dared to question. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

Powerful Ragnar Lothbrok Quotes

You give the Gods too much credit. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


We live to fight another day. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


I would worry less about the gods and more about the fury of a patient man. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.


Power is only given to those who are prepared to lower themselves to pick it up. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

Use your anger intelligently and I promise you, my son, that one day the whole world will know and fear Ivar the Boneless. ~ Ragnar Lothbrok.

So these were the 33 top Ragnar Lothbrok quotes and sayings.

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Short Biography of Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar “Lothbrok” Sigurdsson, portrayed by Travis Fimmel, is the focal character of “Vikings,” a series by the History channel, inspired by the 9th-century raider Ragnar Lodbrok.

Full Name Ragnar “Lothbrok” Sigurdsson
First Appearance “Rites of Passage” (2013)
Last Appearance “The Last Act” (2020)
Created By Michael Hirst
Based On Ragnar Lodbrok
Portrayed By Travis Fimmel
Alias King of the Northmen
Title Earl of Kattegat, King of Norway
Occupation Farmer
Family Sigurd Hring (father),
Alfhild Gandolfsdatte (mother),
Rollo (brother),
Bjorn Ironside (son),
Gyda (daughter),
Ubbe (son),
Hvitserk (son),
Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye (son),
Ivar the Boneless (son)
Spouses Lagertha, Aslaug
Significant Other Yidu
Religion Norse paganism
Origin Kattegat, Norway

His transformation from a joyous farmer to the King of Denmark forms the core of the first four seasons, with the story later shifting to his sons.

Initially planned as a single season, the series expanded to further explore Ragnar’s life and legacy, especially highlighted in his impactful final speech, designed to influence his sons.

Casting Ragnar was challenging, but Fimmel’s audition sealed the deal.

Short Biography of Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel, an Australian actor and former model born on July 15, 1979, gained fame as Ragnar Lothbrok in “Vikings” and Anduin Lothar in “Warcraft.”


Raised in a small Victorian town, Fimmel initially pursued Australian football and architecture before modeling.

Full Name Travis Fimmel
Born 15 July 1979 (age 44) Echuca, Victoria, Australia
Occupations Actor, Model
Years Active 2002–present

Discovered in a Melbourne gym, he skyrocketed to fame with Calvin Klein, becoming a high-profile model and even causing a stir with his billboards.

Transitioning to acting, he starred in HBO Max’s “Raised by Wolves,” leaving a mark with his diverse roles.

Quick Facts about Ragnar Lothbrok

  • Ragnar Sigurdsson, known as “Lothbrok,” is a main character in the series “Vikings.”
  • Based on the 9th-century Viking, Ragnar was a farmer before becoming a warrior and king.
  • Portrayed by Travis Fimmel, Ragnar’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series.
  • Initially, the series planned for Ragnar to die at the end of season one.
  • Travis Fimmel was cast as Ragnar after some hesitation from the series creator’s wife.
  • Ragnar’s journey from farmer to king of Denmark is central to the first four seasons.
  • The series shifts focus to Ragnar’s sons following his death.
  • Ragnar and his brother Rollo start with a raid in the Baltic, guided by visions of Odin.
  • Ragnar’s unauthorized raid to England starts after he’s inspired by visions of Odin.
  • The raid on the monastery of Lindisfarne marks Ragnar’s first major action in England.
  • Lagertha, Ragnar’s wife, initially objects to being left behind during raids.
  • Ragnar captures Athelstan, a monk, during his raid, who becomes a pivotal character.
  • Ragnar rises to power, becoming Jarl and later king, after defeating Earl Haraldson.
  • Ragnar’s family faces numerous trials, including attacks from Earl Haraldson and disease.
  • The series explores Ragnar’s complex relationships, including his marriage to Aslaug.
  • Ragnar’s alliance with King Horik and conflict with Jarl Borg are key plot points.
  • Lagertha leaves Ragnar due to his affair with Aslaug, deepening the family drama.
  • Ragnar’s ambition to raid and settle in England leads to alliances and conflicts with local kings.
  • King Ecbert of Wessex becomes a significant figure in Ragnar’s story, offering land for settlement.
  • Ragnar’s baptism and dealings with the Franks introduce tension between his Viking beliefs and Christianity.
  • Floki’s loyalty to Ragnar is tested, highlighting the internal struggles within the Viking camp.
  • The series showcases the Viking’s brutal tactics, including the execution of Jarl Borg by Blood Eagle.
  • Ragnar’s sons, particularly Bjorn Ironside, gain prominence as they come of age and partake in raids.
  • Season 3 focuses on Ragnar’s desire to claim land in Wessex and his deteriorating relationship with Aslaug.
  • The siege of Paris is a major event, showcasing Viking determination and strategy against formidable defenses.
  • Ragnar’s health and leadership are questioned due to his injuries and decisions during the Paris raid.
  • Rollo’s betrayal, marrying Princess Gisla to defend Paris, marks a significant turning point.
  • Floki’s conflict with Ragnar over Athelstan’s death adds depth to their characters and their relationship.
  • King Horik’s attempt to overthrow Ragnar ends with Horik’s death, solidifying Ragnar’s rule.
  • Ragnar’s complex character, shaped by his ambitions, relationships, and cultural challenges, drives the narrative of “Vikings.”

Top Questions about Ragnar Lothbrok

Q: Was Ragnar Lothbrok a Viking?

A: Yes, Ragnar Lothbrok was a legendary 9th-century Danish Viking king and warrior known for his daring exploits and his death in a snake pit at the hands of Aella of Northumbria.

Q: Is Ragnar Lothbrok’s bloodline still alive?

A: Indeed, there are living descendants of Ragnar Lothbrok. A lineage can be traced back to him through several generations, including his son Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, leading to Harold Bluetooth.

Q: Who is the most famous Viking in America?

A: Ragnar Lothbrok is likely the most famous Viking in America, primarily due to his portrayal as the main character in the TV series “Vikings,” where his legendary exploits in England and France are depicted.

Q: Why was Ragnar killed?

A: Ragnar Lothbrok was killed as part of his larger strategy to secure a legacy for his sons and his people in England. His death by King Ælle’s hands, via a pit of venomous snakes, was a pivotal and shocking moment in the narrative of his life.

Q: What led to Ragnar Lothbrok’s death?

A: Ragnar Lothbrok met his end after surrendering to King Ecbert of Wessex, who then handed him over to King Ælle. Ælle tortured and ultimately executed Ragnar by throwing him into a pit filled with venomous snakes.

Q: Who is Ragnar Lothbrok’s most famous son?

A: While fame is subjective, Ivar the Boneless and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye are often considered Ragnar Lothbrok’s most renowned sons, with Ivar being particularly noted for his conquests in England.

Q: Who succeeded Ragnar Lothbrok?

A: Ragnar Lothbrok’s legacy was carried on by his sons, including Björn Ironside and Ivar the Boneless, with Ivar gaining particular fame for his military successes in England.

Q: What were Ragnar Lothbrok’s last words?

A: Ragnar Lothbrok’s final words reflected his readiness to join Odin’s feast in Valhalla, expressing joy at the thought of drinking ale from curved horns and not mourning his own death.

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