12 Raymond Ablack Quotes from the Canadian Actor

Canadian actor and comedian Raymond Ablack launched his acting career as a child performer, most notably in The Lion King stage show.

He came to prominence with his role in the teen drama, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

His successful career continued in web series Teenagers, earning him accolades including an Indie Series Award.


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Ablack’s talent shines through in his supporting roles in TV series like Orphan Black, Narcos, Shadowhunters, Burden of Truth, Maid, and Ginny & Georgia. Ablack’s journey reflects his versatility and commitment to his craft.

I have outlined the top quotes from Raymond Ablack for you.

Best Raymond Ablack Quotes

My mom and I love Celine Dion. She was my first concert ever. Then I saw Titanic’ when I was really young and at my grade three talent show, I sang ‘My Heart Will Go On.’ ~ Raymond Ablack.


I’m a one-woman man, for sure. I can’t even handle one girl very well. ~ Raymond Ablack.

My worst habit is taking too long in the shower. ~ Raymond Ablack.

Raymond Ablack Quotes

I love that brown people are being more and more represented on screen. ~ Raymond Ablack.

A lot of Canadians don’t like Celine Dion, but I love her. ~ Raymond Ablack.


ABC’s Lost’ consumes me. Everything about it is phenomenal. ~ Raymond Ablack.

Top Raymond Ablack Quotes

I saw the kid playing Simba on stage and I thought, ‘I can do that, nothing special there,’ and then two weeks later, I saw auditions in the newspaper and I asked if I could go, and I lucked out and got it. ~ Raymond Ablack.

The new, retro pants that are pulled up very high confuse me. I feel like I’m in the eighties. I wasn’t even alive in the ’80s, but if these pants are any indication of what it was like, I’m sure I wouldn’t like that era. ~ Raymond Ablack.


I went to an art school, so I was a choir boy. ~ Raymond Ablack.

A leading role as a POC young man in a series on Netflix – to me personally it’s more important than just getting a job. ~ Raymond Ablack.


I crush on a different person everyday, but my longest lasting celebrity crush would have to be Paula Brancati. ~ Raymond Ablack.

I really do think (and likely I’m a bit delusional) that if I still had time, with the drive and love for the game that I have now, I could’ve maybe made a legitimate run at the NHL – or at least that’s what I tell myself. ~ Raymond Ablack.

So these were the 12 quotes by Raymond Ablack for you.

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