53 Best Rick Grimes Quotes from The Walking Dead Series

Rick Grimes is a fictional character and the primary protagonist in the post-apocalyptic comic book series ‘The Walking Dead’.

Rick reunites with his family in a survivor camp and becomes their leader, grappling with moral dilemmas while navigating threats in a post-apocalyptic world.

I have curated the best quotes by Rick Grimes in this article.

Best Rick Grimes Quotes

God damn it!, don’t you start too. ~ Rick Grimes.

Is this a joke? ~ Rick Grimes.


I didn’t ask for this. I killed my best friend for you people. ~ Rick Grimes.

Ought to be polite to a man with a gun. Only common sense. ~ Rick Grimes.


If you wanna kill me, you’re gonna have to do better than a wrench. ~ Rick Grimes.

They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out. ~ Rick Grimes.


I don’t take chances anymore. ~ Rick Grimes.

We can lose our friends, people we love. It’s not about us anymore. It’s about a future. ~ Rick Grimes.


You want to make today your last day on Earth? ~ Rick Grimes.

What I think Leon is you need to stay focused. Make sure you got a round in your chamber and the safety off. ~ Rick Grimes.


Either way, I don’t pretend to be a governor. ~ Rick Grimes.

Everything we’ve done, we’ve done together. We got here together and we’re still here. ~ Rick Grimes.


There’s us and the dead. We survive this by pulling together, not apart. ~ Rick Grimes.

We’re not just fighting to survive anymore. We’re making a new beginning. ~ Rick Grimes.

Little girl goes missing, you look for her. Simple. ~ Rick Grimes.


She took four of them down. That woman, she’s a freak of nature. ~ Rick Grimes.

Last time I asked God for a favor and stopped to admire a view, my son got shot. I try not to mix it up with the almighty anymore. ~ Rick Grimes.

Top Rick Grimes Quotes

There’s a compound bow and a machete with a red handle. That’s what I’m gonna use to kill you. ~ Rick Grimes.


That’s right. It’s not a toy. You pull the trigger, you have to mean it. Always remember that, Dwayne. ~ Rick Grimes.

It is pretty stupid of us to go out there, isn’t it? ~ Rick Grimes.

Just because we’re good people does not mean we won’t kill you. ~ Rick Grimes.

The only future is one where you’re dead. ~ Rick Grimes.


It feels like it’s the ending. ~ Rick Grimes.

You’re the town drunk who knocked over my fence and ripped up my yard, nothing more. ~ Rick Grimes.

Maybe we got a second chance. Not many people get that. ~ Rick Grimes.

I’m proud of her. ~ Rick Grimes.


You shot him, in the street, out front, a man. ~ Rick Grimes.

We keep going forward for them. Can’t turn back ’cause we’re afraid. ~ Rick Grimes.

What about a thousand dumb dead bastards. Different story? ~ Rick Grimes.

Popular Rick Grimes Quotes

Is this real? Am I here? Wake, wake up. ~ Rick Grimes.


Do not enter the city. It belongs to the dead now. ~ Rick Grimes.

No matter what happens, it’s human nature to come together. ~ Rick Grimes.

It wasn’t my intention. ~ Rick Grimes.

She gave us a chance. You did, you made the right decision to come. ~ Rick Grimes.

This isn’t about what we believe anymore. It’s about them. ~ Rick Grimes.


It tells me God’s got a strange sense of humor. ~ Rick Grimes.

I know this sounds insane, but this is an insane world. We have to come for them before they come for us. It’s that simple. ~ Rick Grimes.

Confrontation’s never been something we’ve had trouble with. ~ Rick Grimes.

Famous Rick Grimes Quotes

We don’t kill the living. ~ Rick Grimes.


Don’t talk. Think. It’s a good rule of thumb for life. ~ Rick Grimes.

We don’t have to be afraid anymore. We’re safe here. ~ Rick Grimes.

I’m not in charge anymore. Negan is. ~ Rick Grimes.

I’d like to have a calm discussion on this topic. Do you think we can manage that? Do you think we can manage that? ~ Rick Grimes.

Damn you for making me do this, Shane. This was you, not me! You did this to us! This was you, not me, not me! Not me! ~ Rick Grimes.


You keep the windows intact, you keep society intact. ~ Rick Grimes.

I think we need to fix that bridge. ~ Rick Grimes.


Growing up is getting used to the world. ~ Rick Grimes.

Interesting Rick Grimes Quotes

They’re the luckiest damn people I ever met. And they just keep getting luckier. ~ Rick Grimes.

Wasn’t much use without my gun. ~ Rick Grimes.

How you live, how you die, it isn’t up to me. I’m not your Governor. ~ Rick Grimes.


Not today, not tomorrow, but I’m gonna kill you. ~ Rick Grimes.

You touch them again and I’ll kill you. ~ Rick Grimes.

So these were the 53 top Rick Grimes quotes on values, justice and morality.

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Short Biography of Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is the central character of “The Walking Dead” comic and TV series, starting out as a small-town sheriff’s deputy.

After a coma from a serious injury, he awakens to a world overrun by zombies, known as “walkers.”

Determined to find his family, Rick stumbles upon a survivor camp in Atlanta, reuniting with his wife, Lori, and son, Carl, and soon becomes the leader of the group.

Full Name Rick Grimes
Portrayed by Andrew Lincoln
Voiced by Phil LaMarr
Children Judith Grimes, Rick Grimes Jr., Carl Grimes
Adapted by Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead)
Created by Robert Kirkman; Tony Moore
First appearance Comic:”Issue #1″ (2003),
Rick Grimes 2000:”Issue #75″ (2010),
Television:”Days Gone Bye” (2010),
Literature:”The Fall of the Governor – Part One” (2013)
Last appearance Comic:”Issue #192″ (2019),
Rick Grimes 2000:Skybound X (2021),
Literature:”The Fall of the Governor – Part Two” (2014)
Spouse Lori Grimes, Andrea

Rick’s journey is marked by his struggle to maintain his morality amid the chaos of the apocalypse, facing numerous threats from both the dead and the living.

Over time, Rick’s encounters challenge his values, but he strives to protect his group and rebuild society, even as he grapples with the costs to his humanity.

Short Biography of Rick Grimes

Andrew Lincoln, born Andrew James Clutterbuck on September 14, 1973, is an English actor known for his early roles in the BBC drama “This Life,” the sitcom “Teachers,” and the film “Love Actually.”


He rose to fame as Rick Grimes in AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” winning the Saturn Award for Best Actor on Television in 2015 and 2017.

Full Name Andrew James Clutterbuck
Born 14 September 1973 (age 50) London, England
Alma mater Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Occupation(s) Actor, activist
Years active 1994–present
Known for Love Actually (2003),
The Walking Dead (2010–2018, 2022)
Spouse Gael Anderson (m. 2006)
Children 2

Lincoln, who began acting in school and trained at RADA, made his TV debut in “Drop the Dead Donkey” and has appeared in various British TV series, films, and stage plays.

He directed episodes of “Teachers,” earning a BAFTA nomination.

Post-“The Walking Dead,” Lincoln starred in “Penguin Bloom.” He’s married to Gael Anderson, with whom he has two children.

Quick Facts about Rick Grimes

  • Rick Grimes is a fictional character from “The Walking Dead” series.
  • Andrew Lincoln portrayed Rick in the TV adaptation.
  • He debuted in the 2003 comic “The Walking Dead #1”.
  • Rick is a former small-town sheriff’s deputy.
  • He is married to Lori, with a son, Carl, and a daughter, Judith.
  • Rick wakes from a coma to a world overrun by “walkers”.
  • In the comics, Rick is the central figure until his eventual death.
  • His journey begins in search of his family, leading him to become a group leader.
  • Rick grapples with the morality of killing in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • He evolves into a colder character due to survival necessities.
  • Both enemies and potential allies test Rick’s humanity.
  • An alternate cyborg version of Rick appears in “Rick Grimes 2000”.
  • Rick’s portrayal is influenced by iconic characters and series like “High Noon” and “Breaking Bad”.
  • Lincoln’s performance as Rick has been critically acclaimed.
  • Before the apocalypse, Rick was involved in a shootout that led to his coma.
  • Morgan Jones informs Rick about the apocalypse after he wakes up.
  • Lori’s pregnancy adds complexity to Rick’s personal life.
  • The group’s quest for safety leads them to a supposedly secure community and then a prison.
  • Rick’s group faces challenges including leadership tensions and internal betrayals.
  • They encounter the Governor, a ruthless leader, and face significant losses.
  • The prison arc ends tragically with the death of key characters including Lori and Judith.
  • Post-prison, Rick struggles with loss and hallucinations.
  • The journey towards Washington, D.C., introduces new allies and threats.
  • Rick’s leadership is tested in the Alexandria Safe Zone.
  • Conflicts with the Saviors and Negan escalate into war.
  • Rick’s strategy and alliances lead to victory and Negan’s imprisonment.
  • The post-war period shows a rebuilt Alexandria and challenges with the Whisperers.
  • The Commonwealth arc highlights Rick’s influence and tragic end.
  • Rick’s legacy endures as a leader who inspired hope and change.
  • “Skybound X” presents an imaginative alternate reality featuring Rick.

Top Questions about Rick Grimes

Q: Who is the main character in “The Walking Dead” comic book and television series?

A: Rick Grimes is the main character in both the comic book series and the first nine seasons of the television series “The Walking Dead.”

Q: What is Rick Grimes’ profession before the apocalypse?

A: Rick Grimes was a small-town sheriff’s deputy before the apocalypse.

Q: How does Rick Grimes find himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse?

A: Rick Grimes awakens from a coma, caused by a life-threatening gunshot wound, to find the world overrun by zombies, referred to as “walkers.”

Q: What significant event happens to Rick in the town of Woodbury?

A: In Woodbury, Rick is captured and tortured by The Governor, who also severs Rick’s right hand.

Q: How does Rick’s family change during the course of the series?

A: Rick’s family consists of his wife Lori, his son Carl, and later, his daughter Judith, who is born during the series.

Q: What role does Rick Grimes assume within the survivor group?

A: Rick Grimes becomes the group leader, making critical decisions for their safety and well-being.

Q: How does Rick’s moral compass evolve throughout the series?

A: Initially hesitant about killing walkers, Rick’s morality towards the living is tested, and over time he becomes “colder” towards enemies to protect his group, though he struggles to maintain his humanity.

Q: What is the significance of the prison in the storyline?

A: The prison serves as a temporary safe haven for Rick and the group, where they face significant challenges and conflicts, including the death of several characters.

Q: Who is “Rick Grimes 2000,” and how does he differ from the original Rick?

A: “Rick Grimes 2000” is an alternate version of Rick introduced in Issue 75, where he is rebuilt as a cyborg during an alien invasion, differing greatly from the original storyline.

Q: What legacy does Rick Grimes leave behind after his death?

A: Rick Grimes is remembered as a leader and hero in the Commonwealth, demonstrating his lasting impact on rebuilding society and inspiring others.

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