Rory Culkin is an actor from the United States.

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Best Rory Culkin Quotes

Rory Culkin Quotes
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When I was little, acting opportunities were always proposed to me as ‘a favor.’ ~ Rory Culkin.

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I’m not a solid enough actor to have techniques. ~ Rory Culkin.

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Just live life. That’s the best way to learn how to act. Just live. ~ Rory Culkin.

I think we all miss our childhood. ~ Rory Culkin.

I only work once or twice a year for about a month, so I have a lot of free time. But I’m good at being alone, which helps. ~ Rory Culkin.

I did this movie called ‘Lymelife’ when I was 18, and you know, it was the first time I was working as an adult, a legal adult, and that was a huge growing experience for me. ~ Rory Culkin.

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I was the ghost-faced killer for Halloween in the third or fourth grade. ~ Rory Culkin.

Top Rory Culkin Quotes

When I was younger, I actually had a ghost face mask, and I stood in my sister’s room in the corner for, like, half an hour until she saw in the reflection, me behind her, and she freaked out and started slapping me. ~ Rory Culkin.

I grew up on a set and saw my family doing it and thought, ‘I can do that too.’ ~ Rory Culkin.

If I’m reading a script, and I’m not buying it, I need to be able to relate to the character on some level, and they need to have more than one dimension. I need to have an idea of what this guy’s thinking about when he’s taking a shower not on camera. And if I can’t picture him taking a shower and getting dressed, then he’s not a real person. ~ Rory Culkin.

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