15 Manny Montana Quotes from the American Actor

Manny Montana is an accomplished American actor. Born and raised in Long Beach, California, he pursued Journalism and Broadcasting at California State University after an injury ended his football scholarship at Sacramento.

He began his career in student films and gained recognition as Johnny “J.T.” Turturro in Graceland.

Montana’s fear of stagnation in procedural roles was mitigated by the dynamic cast and diverse roles in Graceland.

He later played a supporting role in Michael Mann’s Blackhat and became a mainstay in Good Girls from 2018 to 2021.


In 2022, he joined the Mayans M.C. series. Montana is a first generation Mexican-American married to Adelfa Marr and is passionate about his work.

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His journey illustrates the importance of perseverance and adaptability in an ever-changing industry.

Below are the top quotes by Manny Montana.

Best Manny Montana Quotes

Manny Montana Quotes

You can’t always be the jokester and the doormat. ~ Manny Montana.


My friends told me that it’s the hardest thing to separate the personal life from their work. ~ Manny Montana.

I’ve done a lot of TV, but not film. ~ Manny Montana.

If I was to do anything besides acting, I would be a fireman or a beat cop. I’d do a regular job. ~ Manny Montana.

I grew up a really shy kid, but I always surrounded myself with a lot funny people. It depends on the day – if I feel like being quiet, I will be. I’m not a complete goofball, though. ~ Manny Montana.

I come from an area where it’s mostly, like, football and basketball, those are the sports. So my brother started surfing… I used to make fun of him for it, and then he challenged me to do it, and I’m a huge competitor, and I did it, and I got hooked. ~ Manny Montana.


I’m from Long Beach – not the best area in the world – and I had a lot of ghetto friends growing up. ~ Manny Montana.

I grew up in the hood, and I was raised to hate cops. But then, I started to realize that they’re people, and they have lives, too. ~ Manny Montana.


I’m first generation in the country – my family’s Mexican. ~ Manny Montana.

When you’re young, it’s all about the society of school and being cool, but they don’t understand that somebody can be different and live a different lifestyle and still be a regular person. I was the same way when I was a kid. ~ Manny Montana.

Top Manny Montana Quotes

You remember Donnie Brasco? It’s the most notorious undercover movie ever; it’s so street and so real. If you ever imagined yourself doing cop work, you imagined yourself getting pushed to that limit – seeing the furthest you can push yourself while still upholding the law. ~ Manny Montana.


Honestly, with me, as long as I have a park to play basketball in, I’m pretty cool. ~ Manny Montana.

People usually spend the first two months playing themselves up, not really being themselves. You waste those two months – and then they tell you, ‘You’re not who I was dating the first month!’ ~ Manny Montana.


I’m quiet and introverted, and I like to just be by myself a lot. I like to read and just get away and surf. I have a lot of alone time. ~ Manny Montana.

If you’re driving, and a cop is behind you, you automatically think they’re going to pull you over, but cops have so much more going on than to think about pulling you over. The last thing a real cop wants to do is write a ticket. That’s the truth. ~ Manny Montana.

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