21 Rosa Salazar Quotes from the Canadian-American Actress

Rosa Bianca Salazar, born July 16, 1985, is a French-Canadian and Peruvian descent actress who grew up in Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Active in theatre from a young age, she attended Prince George’s Community College for drama studies before continuing at the Upright Citizens Brigade.

After moving to New York City, she started her acting career with several CollegeHumor sketches.


She relocated to Los Angeles in 2009 and made her film debut in “Jamesy Boy”. She gained prominence through roles in TV series “American Horror Story: Murder House”, “Parenthood” and in the film “Alita: Battle Angel”.

She also starred in “The Divergent Series: Insurgent”, “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials”, “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” and co-produced the series “Brand New Cherry Flavor”.

Salazar also directed and starred in the short film “Good Crazy”, nominated at the Sundance Film Festival.

In this article I have handpicked the best quotes by Rosa Salazar.

Best Rosa Salazar Quotes


I’m sort of a hermit. ~ Rosa Salazar.

Rosa Salazar Quotes

I am not a clique-y person. ~ Rosa Salazar.

I was that kid who was always practicing crying or falling asleep or being angry or being excited. I was that weirdo in my room making faces. ~ Rosa Salazar.

I was just that kid in the family that you put on the table and watch it dance around, and you’re like, ‘Oh, look at that hyper kid!’ ~ Rosa Salazar.


I can fall asleep on a dime. ~ Rosa Salazar.

I think it’s nice to have a set genre because within that field is where you become even more creative. ~ Rosa Salazar.

In my entire life, I have ten people that are the closest people to me. They’re my family, and I really don’t mesh worlds that often. ~ Rosa Salazar.


I like very minimal stuff. I’m a tomboy at heart – and in body! ~ Rosa Salazar.

I was that kid who was always practicing crying or falling asleep or being angry or being excited. I was that weirdo in my room making faces. ~ Rosa Salazar.


I’m not an intensely mystical person. I don’t do numerology. I’m a Cancer, but that’s as far as I go. ~ Rosa Salazar.

I’m actually doing more stunts for ‘Maze Runner’ than I did for ‘Insurgent.’ ~ Rosa Salazar.

I learned how to accept my limitations. Every day you go in and you train, and some days you are really pleased because you can feel the progress that you’re making your everything is working the way that it should. The mechanism is responding. And then other days, you go in and you’re absolute trash; you’re smacked in the face by your own limitations. ~ Rosa Salazar.

There are a couple of genres that I’m drawn to. And two of the top ones are sci-fi and horror. I’m a huge horror fanatic. ~ Rosa Salazar.

Top Rosa Salazar Quotes

I saw lots of concept art even before I got the role, so I knew what she would look like and roughly what they were going for. But watching her ‘Alila’ on screen for the first time was a phenomenal experience that I think myself and only a handful of actors truly understand. ~ Rosa Salazar.


I wear American Apparel jeans every day of my life. ~ Rosa Salazar.

I was emancipated at 15. I went to school and had a full-time job and apartment, and ever since, I’ve been on my own, parenting myself. ~ Rosa Salazar.

I told myself when I was broke and homeless that my biggest goal was just to have a house. That goal was achieved. I’m just really, really lucky. ~ Rosa Salazar.


Everything was an escape for me when I was younger. I had a tumultuous home life thanks to the unsavory characters my mom would marry. My brother just sort of evaded, and my dad lived far away, so I was left alone. ~ Rosa Salazar.

I don’t like the five-person group dynamic. I just never have. It doesn’t make sense to me that six people would just sit in a circle and say, ‘Now I want approval,’ ‘Now I want approval,’ ‘Now I want approval.’ ‘I have something funny to say,’ ‘No, I have something funny to say, me!’ It’s hard to make plans. ~ Rosa Salazar.

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