27 Nina Arianda Quotes from the American Actress

Nina Arianda Matijcio, born on September 18, 1984, in Manhattan, is an acclaimed American actress with Ukrainian-German roots.

Raised in both New Jersey and Germany, she obtained her Bachelor’s from Eugene Lang College and her MFA from NYU’s Tisch School in 2009.

Making her Broadway debut in 2011 with “Born Yesterday,” she later achieved significant recognition for her role in “Venus in Fur,” earning her a 2012 Tony Award.

Arianda has showcased her talent in films such as “Stan & Ollie,” “Florence Foster Jenkins,” and “Richard Jewell” by Clint Eastwood.


Furthermore, she has starred in TV series like “Goliath” and “Billions.”

Throughout her career, she has worked alongside renowned actors like Sam Rockwell and Hugh Dancy.

I have picked the top quotes by Nina Arianda.

Best Nina Arianda Quotes


I can’t have white roses. They symbolize death. ~ Nina Arianda.


If I’m having a bad day in rehearsal, I’ll sleep with my script. ~ Nina Arianda.

I love all things Queen – their songs are epic storytelling. ~ Nina Arianda.

I had a year at 3 when I wanted to be a conductor in the opera. ~ Nina Arianda.

Nina Arianda Quotes

I’m a real blonde. ~ Nina Arianda.

Film is new for me so I’m so fascinated by it and love it, but I would pass out if I could never do theater again. I’d be physically ill! ~ Nina Arianda.


My favorite place to vacation is anyplace by the ocean. ~ Nina Arianda.

I think if you want to get to know me, you should come and see a show. A person might get to see more sides of me. ~ Nina Arianda.


I try not to put my purse on the floor – demons will get into it. ~ Nina Arianda.

I don’t really know what ‘American’ is. I know what Ukrainian is. We’re happy Slavic people. We’re not Dostoyevsky Slavic people. There’s this sense of ‘pick it up, get your hands dirty, make the best of it, celebrate.’ ~ Nina Arianda.

When I won the Tony, I blacked out. I don’t remember anything. I had bullet points jotted down, but I forgot to read half of them. My hands were shaking. It was an insane honor to be recognized in that way. ~ Nina Arianda.


I never approach a character from a negative place. ~ Nina Arianda.

Before I left for Germany, I had gotten accepted to the performing arts high school in New York, which was a big dream of mine. And having to leave that was very sad for me. ~ Nina Arianda.

I got last-minute rush seats to Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Boheme,’ and my favorite singer, Ekaterina Solovyeva, was playing Mimi that day. My face got burned off when she sang the aria ‘Donde Lieta Usci.’ The woman was technically sobbing and singing opera at the same time. I don’t know how you do that. ~ Nina Arianda.

Top Nina Arianda Quotes

What makes an actor, I think, is a combination of a deep curiosity about life and a case of the crazies. ~ Nina Arianda.


I see something new in ‘Gosford Park’ every time I watch it. ~ Nina Arianda.

I was into opera as a kid – I’d play ‘Carmen’ and sing and dance. My mom signed me up for a theater group before preschool, and I never looked back. ~ Nina Arianda.

When I was 3, I recited a poem at a festival in Passaic, New Jersey. The applause was tremendous, and it hit me that I could affect people positively by performing. ~ Nina Arianda.

I was a hostess, I sold shoes, but I don’t function well in jobs that don’t have to do with what I love. I have cleaned bathrooms in theaters, I have sold wine in theaters, I have sold tickets, because I will do anything, anything, to stay in this world. ~ Nina Arianda.


Going to the theater or having the honor of performing in theater reminds you of your humanity in a very different way. It’s a real release and an incredible challenge. But the stage is a dangerous place. You gotta be trained. Plus, crowds like when things go wrong. I think that’s part of the thrill. Anything can happen. ~ Nina Arianda.

Now that I’m on Broadway, it’s like NASA engineering with the costumes. I was very grateful for the slightly more high-tech ones in my show, ‘Venus in Fur’; our costume designer Anita Yavich is kind of a genius. ~ Nina Arianda.

Every audition is different, but I get incredibly nervous and insecure and worked up for however long I have to prep – that’s when I get to spin. But you’re not allowed to spin once you enter the room. Doubt really can’t enter the room when you’re auditioning – unless it’s part of the character. ~ Nina Arianda.

Famous Nina Arianda Quotes

When I was 13, I moved from New Jersey to Germany with my family. The high school was so supportive of my dream to continue with my theater training; instead of taking PE, I would get credit for dance lessons. ~ Nina Arianda.


You leave part of yourself on every stage you’re on. How could you not live in the air somehow? ~ Nina Arianda.

I would feel ill without theater. It’s kind of a cliche, but every time you make a mistake, you really do have to learn from it to move on. When you’re doing something live, there’s no time to dwell. Hopefully you’ll laugh it off, but if not, you can always take a day to hate yourself. ~ Nina Arianda.

I let steam off by watching ‘Downton Abbey.’ ~ Nina Arianda.

I’m mildly obsessed with skin care. I do a lot of masks at home, like Elisha Coy’s Korean Collagen masks. I also use an embarrassingly wide variety of facial creams. ~ Nina Arianda.

I’ve had a very supportive mother my entire life, so I’ve had strong women around me. ~ Nina Arianda.

So these were the 27 quotes by Nina Arianda for you.

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