73 Take Me As I Am Quotes and Sayings You Must Read

“Take Me As I Am” represents a call for self-acceptance and authenticity.

This sentiment underscores the idea that perfection is an illusion and one must acknowledge their unique traits and flaws.

It’s a common desire for individuals to be accepted as they are by their loved ones, despite certain characteristics that might not be universally admired.

Authenticity, expressing genuine feelings and acting according to one’s inclinations are critical elements of comfort and self-realization.


Attempts to change or judge others can often lead to damaged relationships, as it undermines a person’s core essence.

Therefore, these quotes inspire embracing individuality and promote understanding and acceptance of others, providing a positive outlook towards interpersonal relationships.

Top 10 Take Me As I Am Quotes


I am what I am, so take me as I am! ~ Unknown.


Take me as I am, or watch me as I go. ~ Unknown.


I just want to be myself. ~ Unknown.


I think you have to take me for me. I am who I am. ~ Harry Styles.


I am a scientist. I go where the facts take me. ~ Willie Soon.


I am who I am. your approval is not needed. ~ Unknown.


I wish they would take me as I am. ~ Vincent Van Gogh.


I really am pretty boring. There’s no reason to take pictures of me. ~ Kat Dennings.


I am what I am, so take me as I am!. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


I am intelligent enough to be critical towards the West and take what I need and reject what is bad for me. ~ Fatema Mernissi.

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Deep Take Me As I Am Quotes

I’ve got no idea when I am going to retire. Whenever they pick me up and take me to the funeral home, I guess. ~ Colonel Sanders.


When I’m tired and therefore indecisive, it can take half an hour to choose the book I am going to have with me while I brush my teeth. ~ Francis Spufford.

God, Private Enterprise and government have made me what I am, and now they have to take some of the blame. ~ Joy Baluch.


Take me as I am, or don’t take me at all. ~ Unknown.

What I like are films that take me seriously, that don’t treat me as more stupid than I am. ~ Michael Haneke.


Either kill me or take me as I am, because I’ll be damned if I ever change. ~ Marquis de Sade.

I don’t trust anybody. Not anybody. And the more that I care about someone, the more sure I am they’re going to get tired of me and take off. ~ Rainbow Rowell.


Unfortunately, I am not like a snail or a turtle, and I can’t take my houses with me when I move. ~ Brigitte Bardot.

Real freedom is creative, proactive, and will take me into new territories. I am not free if my freedom is predicated on reacting to my past. ~ Kenny Loggins.


If I read in a paper that somebody has said something about me, I’m going to take it with a pinch of salt; I really am! ~ Kajol.

Take all away from me, but leave me Ecstasy, And I am richer then than all my Fellow Men. ~ Emily Dickinson.

Thoughtful Take Me As I Am Quotes


If you want to hurt me, fine. Take my books. Burn down my house. Shave my head while I am sleeping. But nobody, nobody screws with my dog. ~ Molly Harper.

I have absolutely no desire to fit in. ~ Unknown.


I take care of myself, because I learned early on that I am the only person in life who’s responsible for me. ~ Halle Berry.


Backward, flow backward, O tide of the years! I am so weary of toil and of tears,-Toil without recompense, tears all in vain! Take them, and give me my childhood again! ~ Elizabeth Chase Allen.

Here I am at these crossroads again,wondering what will never become of me. Now and then, I’ll take one on the chin. Because I wear my heart upon my sleeve. ~ Jerod Mankin.

I am a stranger. I come in peace. Take me to your leader and there will be a massive reward for you in eternity. ~ John Glenn.

Profound Take Me As I Am Quotes


Take time as it comes, the wind as it blows, woman as she is. ~ Alfred de Musset.

I am me. I have to define myself. I’m going to stand up at the back of the train and take control of my future. ~ Kelly Masterson.


I am in terror of the infinity before me, having come through the one behind bringing no knowledge I can take on. ~ Samuel R. Delany.

Take me as I am. Not as you wish me to be. ~ Unknown.

I am a proud Montrealer. Jobs will take me where they take me, but nothing will ever be able to convince me to leave my home. ~ Jay Baruchel.

Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me. ~ Colin Farrell.


I take with me Kentucky, embedded in my brain and heart, in my flesh and bone and blood. Since I am Kentucky, and Kentucky is part of me. ~ Jesse Stuart.

This year I am choosing to live beyond my wildest dreams. I wonder where they’ll take me. ~ Oprah Winfrey.

My friend is one… who take me for what I am. ~ Henry David Thoreau.

I am who I am. Will you accept me for who I am? ~ Unknown.

I am me! ~ Unknown.


I love you more than I could ever promise because you take me the way I am. ~ Ingrid Michaelson.

Will what I am about to do, bring me closer to, or take me further from my goals? ~ Zig Ziglar.

I am building a stairway to the stars. I have the authority to take the whole of mankind up there with me. That is why I write. ~ Bessie Head.

Take me with you. I want a doomed love. I want streets at night, wind and rain, no one wondering where I am. ~ Michael Cunningham.

I am who I’M supposed to be. ~ Unknown.

I am on fire within. There comes no murmur of reply. What is it that will take away my sin, And save me lest I die? ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Thought-Provoking Take Me As I Am Quotes

It doesn’t matter. You are what you are. I am what I am. We are the same-when you take the time to remember me. ~ Christopher Pike.

I am responsible for me. I can kind of take care of what I need to do and should do what I like to do. ~ Vince Gill.


Your opinion is not my reality. ~ Unknown.

Are you the new person drawn toward me? To begin with, take warning, I am surely far different from what you suppose. ~ Walt Whitman.

The Degree to which I am blessed staggers me… the degree to which I take that for granted shames me. ~ John Green.

I am through with baseball forever. I have my farm and my home and enough to take care of me, so why should I work and worry any longer? ~ Eddie Plank.

But do not ask me where I am going, As I travel in this limitless world, Where every step I take is my home. ~ Dogen.

I am the one rich thing that morn Leaves for the ardent noon to win; Grasp me not, I have a thorn, But bend and take my being in. ~ Harriet Elizabeth Prescott Spofford.

Nothing that ever happens in life can take away the fact that I am me. So I have to go on being me. ~ Monica Dickens.

Famous Take Me As I Am Quotes

Will you take me as I am? Strung out on another man…California, I’m comin’ home. ~ Joni Mitchell.

If you want me to give you a two-hour presentation, I am ready today. If you want only a five-minute speech, it will take me two weeks to prepare. ~ Mark Twain.


Take me as I am…or leave me the way you found me… ~ Unknown.

I am a great fan of the universe, which I take literally: as one. All of it interests me, and it interests me in detail. ~ Diane Ackerman.

Death should take me while I am in the mood. ~ Nathaniel Hawthorne.

I always take photographs when I attend a funeral. Most people there know who I am and expect me to be there with my camera. ~ Martin Parr.

Sometimes acting and politics make a very bad combination. I think that sometimes people take me less seriously in my work for the UN because I am an actor. ~ Angelina Jolie.

Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell, and kill me again or take me as I am, for I shall not change. ~ Marquis de Sade.

Great Take Me As I Am Quotes

He has to take me as I am, broken bits and all. ~ Ann Aguirre.

I would much prefer that they take me as I am, that way the experience is genuine between the both of us. ~ George Duke.

The Degree to which I am blessed staggers methe degree to which I take that for granted shames me. ~ John Green.

It’s hard for me to take care of myself, let’s put it that way. I am my last priority. ~ Rachel Zoe.

If I am going somewhere exotic, I take an empty suitcase with me to bring back the objects I fall in love with. ~ Alain Ducasse.


I can’t help it if the ladies take note of me; I am not going to protest. ~ Nelson Mandela.

I may not be perfect but I’m always me. ~ Unknown.

I am now trying to trust the universe to take care of me and not necessarily rely on other people to make me happy. ~ John Magaro.

So these were the 73 top quotes about Take Me As I Am.

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